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History of Monte Carlo Fans and collection of Monte Carlo Flush mount Ceiling Fans

History of Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans:

In 1996, there were two persons, Hub Markwardt and Mike who established the company Encon. They started Monte Carlo ceiling fans in 1996 as its division. They were trying to change the ideology of ceiling fans from simple functional appliance to an attractive functional accessory and succeeded. Monte Carlo company is at home in trends, fashion forward ceiling fans and their accessories with style and sizes.

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans Reviews:

The masses are providing positive reviews because of its range of styles, looks and curved blades. Monte Carlo fans are available in different sizes and can make a perfect room decor. It offers 40 different styles and the customer can choose out of them. They also guarantee you that you will find that product which will attract you.

Monte Carlo Ceiling Fans Customer Service:

Monto Carlo Ceiling fans are trying to serve you with the highest quality. The customer can contact them if they want to get any technical help about their products. Customer care hours 8:00 am – 6:30 pm (EST), Toll-free 800.519.4092, Fax: 800.557.2930, Email [email protected] Additionally, you can get job there too by sending an email to [email protected]