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Hunter Indoor Low Profile IV Ceiling fan

Hunter Indoor Low Profile IV Ceiling Fan

Hunter Indoor Low Profile IV Ceiling fan 42-Inch Ceiling Fan Review

Summer season is obviously hot, and you need a ceiling fan for this purpose to ease the discomfort right? This can be an easy task by operating a Hunter Indoor low profile IV ceiling fan. This ceiling fan by Hunter can do the job without putting a load on your pocket.

This hunter 42-inch indoor low profile ceiling fan is an ideal choice for flush mount ceilings when the installation needs to be done nearer to the ceiling. This ceiling fan unit is highly recommended for rooms and places that have low ceilings.

Hunter low profile IV ceiling fan is also ideal for small offices and apartments. To know about this ceiling fan unit, you need to read the full review first.

Features of the Hunter 51061 Low Profile IV 42-Inch Ceiling Fan

  • Generates excellent amount of air without making a noise
  • Comes with 42-inch fan blades
  • Hunter has designed the motor in such a way so it guarantees silent and wobble-free operation
  • Blades are designed with the patented brand Dust Armor nanotechnology, it decreases the dust accumulation up to 58 percent
  • Designed for low-profile/flush mount installation, or for rooms that have low ceilings
  • The brand offers a limited lifetime motor warranty
  • This classic ceiling fan measures 42 x 42 x 7.53 inches
  • Uses 120 volts/57 watts
  • Has airflow capacity of 2902 CFM
  • Features ETL certification


A flush mount or low profile ceiling fan from any brand offers a cooling breeze in spaces that have low ceilings. Hunter 51061 ceiling fan features five blades and they are built to be mounted on the ceiling.

This classic design ceiling fan by Hunter is an energy-efficient model that works well for dropped ceilings. It is an ideal choice for playrooms and bedrooms of children where children perform physical activities.

Hunter 51061 low profile IV ceiling fan is designed for low profile collection of the brand and it is available in new bronze color. Although it is designed as a low profile the impact of the model is similar to the standard electric fan.

This Indoor ceiling fan model is designed for indoor use, these types of models are installed in 6 to 9 inches down from the ceiling of the room to ensure the safety of the people. It is also beautiful enough to add beauty and style to the décor of any place.

The majority of the ceiling fans from this brand offer whisper wind motor and it is one of them. It acts as an ornamental piece for your place.

The default package does not contain any light kit, so this unit is without a light kit but it supports a light kit and you can purchase it separately.

Ceiling fans can be different in terms of colors and designs, this unit has a bronze color that can fit most of the home décor.

Hunter low profile IV ceiling fan is recommended for indoor use and it can be installed in small to medium-sized rooms that have low ceilings. The ceiling fan will lose its efficiency if it is not placed where it is required and designed for.

It has a unique feature that is a multi-speed reversible motor, this feature enables the unit to generate ultra-powerful airflow along with quiet operation. The reversible feature allows you to change the downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter season.

A pull chain is also included in the package to change the speeds, it makes the ceiling fan unit easier to use.

Overall, this ceiling fan unit from the brand works decently for its price.


The ceiling fan is an ideal choice for most aspects, however, it does have a disadvantage. The only problem you can experience is that it does not have a light kit included in the package.

However, if you will buy it and you also want a light kit, you should consider buying a light kit separately for it. You need to make sure that the light kit is easily accessible and you can buy it with ease.

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You can also order online or search from our ceiling fan parts category, we have added some universal ceiling fan light kits for our customers. Check the compatibility first before buying any light kit for this model.

Hunter 51061 Indoor Low Profile IV Ceiling Fan Manual

Hunter indoor low profile IV ceiling fan installation is only possible if you have a manual. We are going to provide the manual here to make the installation a bit easier for you, if you already have a manual, you can get started.

Click Here to Download Manual

Final Words

Hunter 51061 Low Profile IV 42-inch Ceiling fan performed decently and provides the most considerable factors.

It rotates without making noise so it will not disturb anyone while functioning. It is one of the best selections from Hunter low profile fans for low ceilings. If you are looking for a ceiling fan for the bedrooms of your children or playrooms, it can be considered an ideal choice. Additionally, if you are looking for low energy cost ceiling fan, it will also fulfill this need as well. It will provide AC like performance but will charge you an affordable price, which means you can afford it and enjoy the air of AC.

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