Fanimation Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting – Fix remote and fan issues

fanimation ceiling fan troubleshooting

Do you want to troubleshoot your fanimation ceiling fan?

If yes, you are at the right place. Fanimation ceiling fans offer a great airflow to keep you cool on a hot day. However, if the fanimation ceiling fan is not working properly, it will be useless for you – the fan will be used for decoration only. The good thing is that you can fix most of the problems with ceiling fans easily.

When your fanimation fan is not functioning properly, there are a number of tasks to perform before you try to use your phone to get the customer support from fanimation. You should try troubleshooting it and hopefully, you will be able to make it working without wasting time as well as money.

This Fanimation ceiling fan troubleshooting guide is replete with a number of common issues people face while using this brand. We have given you the troubleshooting tips and solutions for your common problems.

Common Fanimation ceiling fan problems

There is a list of common problems that can occur with your Fanimation ceiling fan:

  • The fan stops working
  • Your fan won’t start or turn off
  • The fan stops working (running) while the lights are working
  • The fan is spinning without any air
  • Some of the fan speed modes stop working

Fanimation ceiling fan troubleshooting and solutions

1. Reset Fanimation ceiling fan remote

Fanimation remote control not working problem is one of the main problems one can experience while using the ceiling fan of this brand.

It includes the remote is not turning on/off or the buttons of remote are not working.

One of the easiest solutions to fix this issue is to reset the remote control. Most of the time, it solves the issue and restores the functionality of the remote control.

To reset your Fanimation remote:

  • Firstly, Turn off the unit from remote (if the power button is still working)
  • Now, press the off button on the fan for about 10 seconds
  • After doing so, wait for about another 20 seconds and then turn the fan on again from the remote

It will reset the remote and provide the smooth operation.

2. Fanimation remote is not working

Even after doing a reset, you may find that remote control is not working. In this case, you will have to do additional troubleshooting for it. The first task you need to do is to check the batteries whether they are working correctly or not.

The second step is to check the remote is sending signals to the receiver or not. This can be done by pointing it towards the camera of smartphone and then pressing & holding the button. If the remote light up on the camera viewfinder, it means that it is functional.

If no light is visible, then it is out of order. So, you have to get a replacement remote for your Fanimation ceiling fan and program it to the fan receiver.

3. How to program a Fanimation remote?

To program your remote:

  • Firstly, turn off the main power supply
  • Unscrew the canopy of the fan and remove the receiver
  • Locate the dip switches on the receiver, then open the battery cover on the new remote and find similar dip switches
  • Now, match the remote dip switches with the receiver
  • Lastly, Screw back the ceiling fan, change the batteries on the remote

Your remote is programmed successfully and now you can test it on the Fanimation ceiling fan

4. Ceiling fan has stopped working but the light still works

If fanimation ceiling fan is not working but the lights are working, it is evident that there is no problem with the power. However, there can be many other issues including malfunctioned motor and loose wiring, etc.

These Fanimation ceiling fan troubleshooting steps can help you to fix the issue:

  • First of all, spin the blades to ensure they are spinning freely
  • Shut down the main power and unscrew the housing cover of the fan. Check on the wiring to ensure there are no loose wires there
  • Now, use an electric tester to ensure that the motor is getting power
  • Check the motor shaft to make sure that it is not caught in dust or foreign objects stopping it to spin. If there are any objects, get rid of them.

If the ceiling fan is still not working, then Fanimation ceiling fan motor or any other part can be the issue. So, you may need an electrician to repair your fanimation ceiling fan.

However, if you have a warranty that is still valid, you should get help from Fanimation support center regarding troubleshooting and how to service your unit.

5. Fanimation ceiling fan won’t start

Has your fanimation fan stopped working suddenly and it is no longer working? Here are the troubleshooting steps to fix the issue:

  • Firstly, make sure that the main power is on, and then check to make sure that the circuit breaker for the unit is not tripped
  • Secondly, you need to find out that the problem is not with the remote (see Fanimation remote not working section above)
  • If the main supply, circuit breaker, and remote are not working properly, then the issue is in the ceiling fan. Troubleshoot it with the steps in the “ceiling fan not working but the light still works” above

If the problem persists, hire a professional to have a look at your ceiling fan or contact Fanimation customer support to get the help.

6. Fanimation ceiling fan won’t turn off

Is your Fanimation ceiling fan not turning off? There could be two sources to perform this task: the remote/receiver or the switch. Simply try tripping the circuit breaker for the switch, if it turns off, it means that the switch is shot and it needs to be replaced.

Start troubleshooting the remote control by using step 1 and step 2 above for receiver and remote problems. If the ceiling fan remote is working fine but the fan still won’t turn off, it means the issue is in the receiver. In such a case, you will have to get a new Fanimation receiver and replace it with the existing receiver.

7. Ceiling fan is spinning but there is no airflow

Is your ceiling fan spinning but there is no cooling effect or airflow? Follow these steps to fix the problem:

  • Firstly, make sure that the unit is spinning in the right direction, not in reverse
  • Make sure that the unit is suspended from the right height (about 7 – 9 feet)
  • Lastly, try to increase the speed to generate more air movement

If the problem persists, the angle of the blades could be at the wrong pitch, or the fanimation capacitor to motor might be weak.

In such case, you should get an electrician to repair the fanimation ceiling fan, or contact the Fanimation support number for advice on how to get it serviced.

8. Ceiling fan is not working on all speeds

Is the Fanimation ceiling fan stuck on one speed? Follow these steps:

  • First of all, check the wiring of the ceiling fan to make sure that it is wired properly and is receiving the full power
  • Check the remote to make sure that it is working perfectly
  • Now, remove the ceiling fan receiver (after turning off the main power) and check to make sure that the dip switches are in the same frequency (set the same way) as those of the remote of the fan

If none of these tactics work, then the problem is in either the motor or the capacity. In either of these situations, you should hire a professional to see the problem.


Are you facing problems with your Fanimation ceiling fan? There is no need to worry, the above Fanimation troubleshooting guide will help you to fix the most of the issues and troubleshooting tips are available to fix them. However, if the problem exists, you can always get a technician or contact the customer support of Fanimation.

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  • These Fanimation remotes are the absolute worst! I have spent the past hour doing everything but stand on my head. I finally got the remote to work again.
    It all started when I wanted to use the overhead light in my fan–something I rarely use. The remote caused the light to fire right up. But when I tried to turn it off, the light stayed on. I did everything–take the back off the remote–fiddle with a couple of things–stood in different areas of the room, holding the remote buttons down for 20 seconds each time I moved around. I turned off the wall switch and turned it back on, hoping that it would reset. Finally, I was on the south side of the fan–holding the remote so that it was almost touching the ceiling–pushed the “off button” for 20 seconds and the light finally turned off.

  • I am trying to wire my new fan. My supply wires are black, white, red and green. I have 2 wall switches. One turns on/off the fan. The other turns on/off the lights. Can you show me a wiring diagram for this?

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