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harbor breeze remote app

With the technology advancements, now you can get an app to control your fan. Harbor Breeze remote app can be used as a remote control to control your ceiling fan. It does not require any additional hardware for that purpose.

It is possible with the help of the latest technology to control your ceiling fan using an android or smartphone. If you possess a smartphone of any good company including Samsung Galaxy, apple’s iPhone, etc, you can also control the ceiling fan. In addition, the phone app will not only control a single ceiling fan, but it will also control a number of ceiling fans. The play store is replete with such apps to control different types of electronics, media centre using your phone.

This new evolution in the field of digital field is known as IOT that stands for “the Internet of Things”. This is changing the way of dealing with electronics upside down in your daily routine.

This Harbor Breeze app will allow you to connect your ceiling fan with it using your Bluetooth. The problem is “but my fan does not have Bluetooth”. You do not need to worry about it, it is because ceiling fans are not designed with Bluetooth, you need to get a Home Depot Bluetooth remote to make it work.

After getting the remote, you can pair the remote control with application to control the settings of your ceiling fan.

It will allow you to control the power settings – on/off the fan, change the speed, change the lights – dimmable etc. The app supports all the functions that you can access with the help of a Bluetooth remote.

A number of universal remotes are available to do this function. You need to get a Bluetooth remote in order to make this idea work for your ceiling fan too.

The main purpose of using this application is to get rid of the hardware. One can lose a remote control, you may need to buy a replacement remote for your ceiling fan. It can be an expensive thing to do.

Want a replacement remote for your Harbor Breeze?

Once you sync the remote app for your Harbor breeze ceiling fan, it will be an easy task for you to handle your ceiling fan as well as talk with the phone at the same time.

Lastly, it is also possible to connect these features using a home automation system.

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