Category - Regency ceiling fans

Regency ceiling fans have been in this business since 1946 and they are offering fans, light kits, remote control and replacement parts.

Regency ceiling fans

We can say that Regency fans are in business for more than sixty-four years. The manufacturer of Regency ceiling fans is Tacony corporation. They are made on the basis of quality. Most of the Regency ceiling fans are simple but replete with quality including Marquis and MX. The range of Tacony corporation encompasses simple and functional to elegant and practical. They are also the creators of awe-striking fans. Regency company is maintaining its balance by combining durability, efficiency, quality and uniqueness to design. Additionally, they produce a diverse selection fans for their customers.

Regency Fans Prices

There is always a ceiling fan which is available for everyone from the selection of Regency fans. Regency ceiling fans prices are budget friendly as well as expensive too. Therefore, we can say that Regency ceiling fans prices depend on the features and styles. Some of the Regency fans prices are high in comparison to other brands but you will find the difference in quality.

Regency Ceiling Fans Replacement Parts

The company is generating quality parts. In addition, Regency ceiling fans replacement parts are also full of quality. The motors of Regency are made of high-grade copper wiring which is dynamically balanced. Regency ceiling fans replacement parts include blades, remote control and light kits.

Regency Ceiling Fan Blades

Blades are one of the Regency fans replacement parts. It is also possible that you want to buy Regency ceiling fan blades. Regency ceiling fan blades are set at an optimum pitch between 13 and 16 degrees. Therefore, they give best air circulation and efficiency. There are ten different types of blades which lie in different categories available for you.

Regency Ceiling Fans Remote Control

If you are having a problem with Regency ceiling fans remote control, you need to troubleshoot it. If you have done the necessary troubleshooting and it is not working. You may need Regency ceiling fan remote control which is another replacement part.

Regency Ceiling Fan Light Kit

Regency ceiling fan light kits are also available for your home or place. They are available for damp and wet locations. You can also use Regency ceiling fan light kit to save energy and they are also available in LED.

Regency Fans

Regency fans are available in different types including Regency Décor-Match. The decor match fans have lights, blades and controls which you can purchase separately. It means that you can customize your fan. You can make infinite models out of it. Regency ceiling fans are also available in tropical and traditional designs.

The Regency Outdoor Fans

Regency outdoor fans are approved by Underwriters Labs with the ratings of wet and damp. The damp rating of Regency outdoor fans shows that they are suitable for covered outdoor areas. It includes gazebos and enclosed porches. Those Regency outdoor fans which are rated as wet suitable for every weather including rain and water.