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Westinghouse Ceiling Fans – Parts, Light Kits, Remote, Replacement Parts

Westinghouse ceiling fans provide an extensive range of traditional as well as modern fans. Additionally, they also feature sleek and powerful varieties and most of the products of Westinghouse are available in the USA. Westinghouse has been serving its customers since 1886 and creating electronic products for them. The products of Westinghouse are helpful and improving the lifestyle of their customers. They are consistent in their work in order to improve design and technology. They not only have zillions of private as well as commercial customers too. The customers of Westinghouse are being served from almost 128 different countries and they rely on their products too. The customer can choose a fan from their wide range which suits their individual style. You will have to choose the size of the fan too because they are available in different sizes.

Choose Your Westinghouse Fan Size:


Firstly, 24-inch size fans which are suitable for hallway or laundry room and closet.


Secondly, 30-inch fans which are a perfect choice for small kitchen, bed and bathroom. If you are looking for a larger room then you have to consider two fans in one room.


Thirdly, 36-inch fans which are slightly bigger than 30-inch and you can use them in smaller bedroom and kitchens.


Fourthly, these fans are little bigger than previous sizes and you can use them in bedrooms and kitchens. In addition, you can also use them in smaller offices because they are suitable for them.


The 44-inch size is medium size, therefore, we can use them in medium sized rooms and larger bathrooms too.


There is a marked difference between 44 and 46 that is why we can also use them in medium-sized rooms.


Westinghouse ceiling fans are also available in this size which has two blades and they are also unique.


When we talk about 52-inch then it is the most common size among the masses. The customer uses this size of fans for larger rooms which have different styles and available in both outdoor and indoor.


This size is ideal for larger and average rooms and also perfect for those ceilings which are higher than 10′.


After going through 54-inch size, we cannot segregate this size from larger and average rooms too.


This size is perfect and best choice for larger rooms where ceilings are also higher.


The largest fan available in the collection of Westinghouse ceiling fans and suitable for larger places.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans accessories:

Westinghouse ceiling fans also have their parts and accessories which are functional as well as decorative. When you will use these accessories then it will help you to maintain the performance and beauty of your ceiling fans. It includes replacement fan blades, 3-speed fan switch, 3 in 1 schoolhouse light kit which has three unique fitter finishes.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans Replacement Fan Blades:

The replacement fan blades are 52-inch dark brown ABS outdoor fan blades which have 5 blades in one pack. It means that you can replace your broken or worn blades with this set of blades. If you want to get best results then it is essential to replace all the blades at the same time. They are durable and will restore the balance and it is also suitable for fewer blade fans too. The blades are weatherproof and suitable for several outdoor ceiling fans. There are also pre-holes in them which make it compatible with Westinghouse ceiling fans replacement blades. The customer will also get installation instructions along with these blades and the reference number of the product is 77413. You have to buy it from retailers and they are available in different time zones. Eastern and Central Time Zones use 1-800-999-2226  and Pacific and Mountain Time Zones use 1-800-421-3433.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans 3-Speed Fan Switch Part:

Westinghouse is also serving three-speed fan switch with antique brass pull chain as a replacement part. This part gives control over your fan and its rotation in order to provide you suitable cooling. It has eight-wire switch which gives easy adjustment and the pull chain provides manual operation. This Westinghouse replacement part is suitable for triple-capacitor ceiling fans. You will also find an additional pull string which has a brass connector which extends the length of chain. The package also includes the reference number of the item 77073.

Westinghouse Microfiber Adjustable Brush Duster:

This accessory is made to reach to those place which are hard to reach. This item is helpful in cleaning the baldes of the fan, bookshelves and under furniture. It has an adjustable duster which can bend to any angle according to your need. It also includes a telescopic handle which has the ability to extend to 62 inches. Westinghouse Microfiber adjustable brush duster has the ability to hold dust without using any chemical or spray. The sleeve of the duster is removable so that you can wash it and reuse it. It has light weight and you can easily handle it and the product number is 77000.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans an American Company:

There are a number of original electric companies in USA and Westinghouse is one of them. It features some of the best and first ceiling fans of a nation. It has several fans which have become antiques today. Westinghouse is becoming an eminent American company therefore, some companies are making its duplicates including Casablanca.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans Parts:

We are introducing you with a list of the most common replacement parts of Westinghouse ceiling fans. If a customer has a fan of Westinghouse and it is also old so that it can get damaged with usage. There is a chance, if you have kids then you may need to replace a pull-chain because of rough usage. It is because the children are naughty and they pull it hard or pull it again and again. Resultantly, the pullchain of the fan comes out of its socket and you need to replace it. There are customers who need fan screws too which is used to attach your Westinghouse ceiling fan to the mounting. Westinghouse ceiling fans not only deal with normal ceiling fans but also offer flush mount ceiling fans.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Parts:

It includes canopy kit, ceiling fan switch, Westinghouse ceiling fan screws and Westinghouse replacement pull-chains. Recently, there are some companies are selling fans using the name of Westinghouse. We can quote Angelo Brothers company who get the name and trademark of Westinghouse electric corporation. After getting it, they have established Westinghouse lighting corporation. Angelo Brothers have been making light fixtures and bulbs for several years. Additionally, now they have got ceiling fan manufacturer Encon international. Therefore, the Encon line has become the Westinghouse lighting line of fans. There is another point to note that is, previously, Encon was the owner of Monte Carlo line of ceiling fans. Currently, Sea Gull Lighting is the owner of Monte Carlo Ceiling fans.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans are Inexpensive:

Currently, the present lot of Westinghouse fans are cheap and they are designed to sell at discount stores. They also sell them at hardware stores where they are in competition with Homedepot brands such as Hampton Bay ceiling fans. They provide several features and designs in which we can include the strongest instaLoc assembly system. The instaLoc fans are pre-assembled in the factory with seventy-five percent fewer parts and they install it to snap together. Westinghouse states that they need seventy-five percent less time for installation as compared to other fans. All the models of Westinghouse are not instaLoc, nevertheless, they offer different finishes and styles of 20 types. Westinghouse flush mount ceiling fans are offering you excellent options which are not costly and easy to install.

Westinghouse Fans India:

Westinghouse fans are also available in India and you will also find websites who are selling them. They daily update their list and prices of fans along with their specifications. Additionally, they also add reviews, key points, ratings and pictures of fans. You can also custom search on their websites and reach to their Westinghouse ceiling fans in India 2017.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans With Remote Control:

We also consider it as one of the ceiling fans accessories and Westinghouse offers a light remote control. You will feel comfortable because you do not need to get up and control your fan. All you need to do is use this remote control which has three-speed control and also has a light dimmer. Westinghouse ceiling fans with remote control have three modes of operation including high, medium and low. Westinghouse flush mount ceiling fans also have this remote control feature. The remote control will be functional wirelessly and can reach to the distance of forty feet. The reference number of the product is 77870. It can control your ceiling fan and you can also adjust light levels with this remote. Additionally, you can also use it as remote as well as wall-mounted switch too.

Westinghouse Infrared Remote Control:

Westinghouse not only gives you normal remote but also provides infrared remote. This remote can help you to control your ceiling fan and its lights wirelessly. It covers the distance of almost 12 meters. It is ideal for all Westinghouse models excluding Westinghouse flush mount ceiling fans.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans Reviews:

In Westinghouse ceiling fan reviews, Westinghouse Bendan 72557 is an eminent ceiling fan. It is modern, sleek and has a frosted glass light fixture in a satin chrome finish and wooden blades. It has long blades which give extraordinary level of air circulation to serve you. The circumference of the fan is 52-inch which is ideal for 360 square foot size rooms with 8-foot ceilings. If you install it in suitable location then you will get airflow of 4,739 CFPM. It is an important feature of ceiling fans with lights to give quiet air circulation. Westinghouse Bendan ceiling fan has a dual capacitor with a rolled-steel motor which gives powerful air. The motor has a lifetime warranty so you can use it as long as possible.

Westinghouse Flush Mount ceiling fan Perspective:

Westinghouse Bendan ceiling fan is not a flush mount ceiling fan or low profile ceiling fan because it has a 4-inch downrod. As you know that hugger ceiling fans are designed for less than 8-foot building but it is made for 8-foot tall ceiling. The parts of the fans have a two-year warranty too and installation instructions as a bonus.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Philippines:

When you google the term Westinghouse then you will also go through Philippines stores. They are also selling Westinghouse products online in the Philippines including The Philippines lies in the tropical countries where the people experience sunny days instead of rainy days. There are hardly any clouds in the sky throughout the year, therefore, most of the days are hot. Electric fans are a part and parcel of the country and Westinghouse fans are effective and affordable. If you buy a fan then it will be cheaper than AC and it also needs less energy. Consequently, you get a lower bill to pay and also affordable and uses wind power to give you cooling. Westinghouse has been a trusted company as well as industry leader of fans for years. Their fans are reliable and durable that is why they have a brand reputation.

Westinghouse Philippines High-Quality Fans:

Westinghouse is serving us a good range of electric fans and getting positive reviews from its customers. They make sure that their models meet the highest standards of European quality tests by going through tests. Westinghouse is consistent in working and moving towards betterment and improving its tech and designs. The masses usually place these fans in living rooms because they are larger spaces and their blade span covers it.

Why Do We Choose a Westinghouse Ceiling Fan?

We should choose it because the brand has a reputation and trusted and also has a stylish collection of fans. They offer three types of fans including ceiling fans, floor fans and stand fans. Ceiling fans are usually installed on the ceiling but they also offer flush mount ceiling fans too. Floor fans have short legs and they are made of light material and easy to transport. Stand fans have round head and its blades are covered with cage-like closure and its nech is also adjustable.

Westinghouse Philippines Website:

The customer of the Philippines can buy a Westinghouse fan from which is an online store. We can say that it is another Westinghouse Philippines’ website for their users.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans UK:

If you are a citizen of UK and need a Westinghouse ceiling fan then and can provide you. Additionally, you can also buy it from Amazon store because they are also selling this product in UK.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans Home Depot:

If you want to buy Westinghouse fans from Home Depot website then you can also buy them. Home Depot has a wide range of Westing house ceiling fans and you have to buy it from their selection. Additionally, you can also buy Westing house ceiling fan parts from their shop too.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fans Manual:

If you are looking for Westinghouse ceiling fans manuals for guidance then there are also various website out there. You will get these manuals in PDF formats in which you will get guide and instructions as well as price. The user can get all the fan light kit installation and safety instructions of Westinghouse fans. is one of the website which offers manuals of different brands online.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Light Kit:

There are a number of accessories of Westinghouse including downrods, blades as well as light kits. They have LED light kits which can add touch of style if you upgrade it. Additionally, they also offer LED shop lights which are dependable and durable. You can use these LED lights in garages, workshops and basements. In 2017 Westinghouse ceiling fans accessories, they are introducing these LED light kits with different decorative styles.