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What is Flush Mount Ceiling Fans or Introduction of Hugger Fans or Low profile Ceiling Fans:

Flush mount ceiling fans are the alternative name of hugger fans or low profile. They neither have down rod nor canopy like other ceiling fans. These fans are for those people who have low ceiling rooms. There is a disadvantage of this fan that is, the air movement is not sufficient because the blades are so close to the ceiling. If you have ceilings between 7 1/2 to 8 feet high then it is a perfect match for you. Most of the hugger fans have blades between 6 to 10 inches which are different from normal fans. If you will install it then it will give you more headroom. It is a perfect choice for low ceiling rooms which have finite overhead space. We call them hugger ceiling fans because they hug the ceiling. You can use them in home offices, small bedrooms, utility and small storage rooms.

The performance of Hugger or Flush Mount Ceiling Fans:

Low profile or flush mount ceiling fans are infamous for insufficient airflow. It is because of their shorter distance from the blades that stops the air from flowing properly. We are of the view that low ceiling fans should be better than typical fans. There are a number of hugger fans which costs less than 100 USD will give you little air. Therefore, you should choose those fans which have the highest quality and CFM ratings. Additionally, flush mount ceiling fans are compatible for any space because they can fit everywhere. You can also add a lighting kit if you need lighting.

Provide Style to your home with Hugger Fans:

As we know that they are also known as low profile ceiling fans. These fans are without down rod which allows you to hang it seven feet above the floor. They have the ability to create a cooling effect in the summer and give heat during the winter. There are a number of brands which make similar to low profile ceiling fans and they are excellent for bedrooms and attic.

Advantages of Flush Mounted Fans:

Before the arrival of proper heating systems and insulation, several houses were built with low profile ceilings. Nowadays, the owners of the houses are living in older houses and facing the rise of temperatures. It looks like the heat is also living there in living places. The residents are of the view that they have to bear this heat because they have no choice.

Hugger ceiling fans are replete with same features like traditional ceiling fans. They lie flush against the mounting and making them useful for rooms which have low ceilings.

With Lights: When you add a low profile ceiling fan with lights which make your room cool and illuminate.

Sizes: These fans are available in a variety of sizes and you can select them according to your choice.

Outdoor: They also have the ability to resist moisture which is designed for damp and wet areas. We can say that they are also ideal for porches and patios.

Styles and Finishes: Hugger ceiling fans are available in a range of finishes and styles. It ranges from contemporary to traditional.

Additional Benefits of Flush Mount Ceiling Fans:

If the homeowners have a low roof and need ventilation for small places, it does not mean they do not have enough options. Brushed Nickel fans are suitable for your decor if you have low ceilings. They fit flat against the ceiling which is ideal for you. It adds style and design to your living place and it also allows to illuminate your area. If you install hugger ceiling fans with a light kit then it will be an effective way to cool and shine your room.