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What is a Flush Mount Ceiling Fan?

Flush mount ceiling fans are the alternative name of hugger fans or low profile. They neither have down rod nor canopy like other ceiling fans. These fans are for those people who have low ceiling rooms. There is a disadvantage of this fan that is, the air movement is not sufficient because the blades are so close to the ceiling. If you have ceilings between 7 1/2 to 8 feet high then it is a perfect match for you. Most of the hugger fans have blades between 6 to 10 inches which are different from normal fans. If you will install it then it will give you more headroom. It is a perfect choice for low ceiling rooms that have finite overhead space. We call them hugger ceiling fans because they hug the ceiling. You can use them in home offices, small bedrooms, utility and small storage rooms.

The performance of Flush Mounted Ceiling Fans:

Low profile or flush mount ceiling fans are infamous for insufficient airflow. It is because of their shorter distance from the blades that stops the air from flowing properly. We are of the view that low ceiling fans should be better than typical fans. There are a number of hugger fans that costs less than 100 USD will give you little air. Therefore, you should choose those fans which have the highest quality and CFM ratings. Additionally, flush mount ceiling fans are compatible for any space because they can fit everywhere. You can also add a lighting kit if you need lighting.

Flush mount ceiling fans with remote are also beneficial. It will help you to control the breeze speed according to your own choice.

Provide Style to your home with Hugger Fans:

As we know that they are also known as low profile ceiling fans. These fans are without down rod which allows you to hang it seven feet above the floor. They have the ability to create a cooling effect in the summer and give heat during the winter. There are a number of brands that make similar to low profile ceiling fans and they are excellent for bedrooms and attic.

Advantages of Flush Mounted Fans:

Before the arrival of proper heating systems and insulation, several houses were built with low profile ceilings. Nowadays, the owners of the houses are living in older houses and facing the rise of temperatures. It looks like the heat is also living there in living places. The residents are of the view that they have to bear this heat because they have no choice.

Hugger ceiling fans are replete with the same features as traditional ceiling fans. They lie flush against the mounting and making them useful for rooms that have low ceilings.

Flush Mount Ceiling Fans With Lights: When you add a low profile ceiling fan with lights which make your room cool and illuminate. Flush mounted ceiling fans are available with or without lights.

Sizes: These fans are available in a variety of sizes and you can select them according to your choice.

Outdoor: They also have the ability to resist moisture which is designed for damp and wet areas. We can say that they are also ideal for porches and patios.

Styles and Finishes: Hugger ceiling fans are available in a range of finishes and styles. It ranges from contemporary to traditional.

Pros and Cons of Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

If the homeowners have a low roof and need ventilation for small places, it does not mean they do not have enough options. Brushed Nickel fans are suitable for your decor if you have low ceilings. They fit flat against the ceiling which is ideal for you. It adds style and design to your living place and it also allows to illuminate your area. If you install hugger ceiling fans with a light kit then it will be an effective way to cool and shine your room.

How to select a perfect flush mount ceiling fans:

As we know that flush mount ceiling fans are the same fans as low profile and hugger fans. The only difference between them is their names. Their placement is entirely opposite to normal ceiling fans. There are a number of companies that are making these fans. The main reason of making these fans is to serve those rooves which are 8 feet or lower. If you need a hugger ceiling fan then you have to communicate with different fan companies that are making this sort of fans. There is another thing you need to remember you should have a fan of high quality. It is because there is a short distance between the ceiling and the blades. And it will be difficult to get proper air circulation if you do not own a good low profile ceiling fan.

Hampton Bay flush mount ceiling fans:

Hampton Bay is a ceiling fan company that not only manufactures simple ceiling fans but flush-mount ceiling fans as well. Apart from other companies, Hampton Bay is also fulfilling the needs of low ceiling fans. These fans have a high quality therefore, you can pay a bit extra for this reason. Almost all the hugger ceiling fans in this category are under a hundred dollar price. Additionally, they are also suitable for your room because they provide adequate cooling. These fans are available in different sizes including 42, 44, 48 and 52 inches. We can say that Hampton Bay low profile ceiling fans are the best answer to small and narrow areas. When you attach them to the ceiling then they provide you great air without using extra space. Additionally, some of the Hampton Bay ceiling fans are with lights too.

Matthews Flush Mount Ceiling Fans:

The company is situated in Chicago and the owner Chuck Matthews is the founder of this ceiling company. They are not only making normal ceiling fans but also producing flush mount ceiling fans and wall fans as well. There are three brands of Matthews ceiling fans that is, Matthews, Matthew Geber and Atlas etc. These brands are located in Brazil and the United States of America. Unlike Hampton Bay flush mount ceiling fans, these fans are costly but they provide proper CFM rating and assurance. It also offers LED light and you can consider it as an additional bonus that has a lighting option. It also offers flush mount ceiling fans without lights too.

Casa Vieja Flush Mount Ceiling Fans:

Lamps plus is dealing or retailer of these hugger ceiling fans. They are not only providing good quality but they also have a reasonable price so that everyone can afford it. The user can easily find and buy these fans from the market because they are available in a wide range. Casa Vieja low profile ceiling fans are made to give you cool experience during the summer time. Apart from Lamps plus, you can also find these fans in different online stores including Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Hunter Flush Mount Ceiling Fans:

Hunter flush mount ceiling fans consider their customers everything, therefore, they want to serve them the best quality. The godown or warehouse of the company is somewhere in Memphis. They produce their fans in Memphis and try to mix the old and modern features. Hunter low profile ceiling fans are also offering a lighting option. Hunter low profile III fan has five-star ratings and 52-inch blades and the price is also under 100USD. The point is you can get these qualities at such a low price and it is also popular.

Minka Aire Ceiling Fans:

Minka Aire hugger ceiling fans are changing the meaning of ceiling fans upside down. They are merging function, design and form in their low profile ceiling fans. Minka Aire ceiling fans have a vast variety of blades as well as finishes. These fans give you a feeling of luxury, style and quality, therefore, it is all in one package. Minka Aire concept II is one of the eminent fans of this company which is available in white color. This fan is one of those flush mount ceiling fans which has a remote control.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans:

Harbor Breeze hugger ceiling fans are becoming popular among the masses and in tropical areas. The customers buy these fans if they have small rooms and hall ways. Firstly, these fans do not have rods and if there is one then you barely see it. There are several flush mount fans in this category which offer contemporary, transitional, traditional, wooden design and stainless steel designs. If you have low ceilings and looking for a flush mounted ceiling fans then Harbor Breeze fans will fulfill your high expectations. In addition, you will also get various designs and styles at affordable prices. Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are devoid of wobbling because they are closer to the roof. Flush Mount ceiling fans are perfectly fit in small areas and also small in size. It does not mean that they will give you less cooling.

Emerson Flush Mounted Ceiling Fans:

Emerson ceiling fans are making superlative fans whether they are indoor or outdoor. It was established in 1890, after making its first fan they introduce us with quality. You can easily find Emerson flush mount ceiling fans replacement parts including fan glass, light kit, ornaments, adapter and blades. Though they are small in dimensions yet they circulate air like simple ceiling fans without taking an extra space. The customer has to make sure that the blades of the ceiling fan are in tough shape. It is imperative to ensure the safety of your kith and kin and property as well. The customer has to make sure that the blades are of high quality and check them on regular basis. If it will remain in a perfect shape then you will not face its wobbing sound.

Kichler Flush Mount Ceiling Fans:

Kichler ceiling fans also provide a wide range of low profile ceiling fans with cool touch control system. They are providing those hugger ceiling fans which are a blend of modern and traditional style. You can also find Kichler ceiling fans replacement parts at its official website. The replacement parts of Kichler ceiling fans are light fitters, fan glass, fan blades and other accessories. Therefore, if you do not get ideal coolness then you can also replace its blades. The customer has to make sure that these flush mounted ceiling fans should be mounted at their ideal place. If you will not do it then you will regret and will not purchase it again. You cannot install normal ceiling fans in low ceilings because the place does not allow you. Kichler ceiling fans are affordable, therefore, every tom, dick and harry can purchase it.

Hardware House Flush Mount Ceiling Fans:

Hardware house is not only offering ceiling fans but also has a variety of hugger ceiling fans. Hardware house has over 1400 items in the showroom and you have to pick your ideal one. The customer can use hardware house fans in small-sized areas including bedrooms and hallways. Like Emerson ceiling fans, it also has several types of lighting fixtures. It adds design to your decor but you can also save space by omitting them. The customers choose these low profile ceiling fans because they have low ceilings or they have exceptionally tall people. If the person is a family member then it is obvious they will buy a flush mount ceiling fan in order to save his head. You can get different types of flush mounted ceiling fans in this category to match this situation.

Quorum Flush Mounted Ceiling Fans:

Quorum not only produces hugger ceiling fans but also produce light fixtures and accessories. It is an international company with experience of 30 years. The year of its establishment is 1981 and they are giving a guarantee of long lasting beauty. Apart from quorum ceiling fans, there are several companies that do not offer good circulation of air. It is happening because of the small distance between the blades. Most of the companies are looking into these issues in order to make the performance better. Therefore, you should try quorum flush mount ceiling fans if you want to make a worth of your money. One thing you should know that is, they consume more wattage than regular ceiling fans. It means that they will a little bit costly than other ceiling fans.

Monte Carlo Flush Mounted Ceiling Fans:

There are two owners of Monte Carlo hugger ceiling fans company and it was made in 1996. The owners are making the trend of attractive fans rather than simple functional fans. These low profile ceiling fans are available in 40 styles and the customers are rating 5 stars for their products. The customer loves their designs and their fans give appealing look to their decor.

Casablanca Flush Mounted Ceiling Fans:

Casablanca is said to be one of the prominent hugger ceiling fans of the market. Casablanca ceiling fans are designing attractive and inspiring fans and it is their motive to make the beautiful. Their fans are overrated and the ratings of the customers are 4 and their airflow is not up to the mark. One cannot deny that it has a quality and the brand name is also popular.

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Flush Mount Ceiling Fans

After going through several hugger ceiling fans we cannot forget Possini Euro Design flush mount ceiling fans. Westinghouse flush mount ceiling fans are also quite famous among the masses. Buy these flush mounted ceiling fans at our website and you will also get full instructions about these fans.