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Fanimation Ceiling Fans:

At times, there is a need to set up an unusual or striking fan to add a touching tone to your decor. Usually, the traditional fans are made to fit in and other decoration pieces will become the focus point. Fanimation fans are one of those fans who can easily attract the attention of a visitor who enters the room. Fanimation ceiling fans have the ability to give an astonishing decorative presence. Fanimation fans have different qualities including they are functional, moving sculptures, art forums and your setting will be a gallery.

History of Fanimation Ceiling Fans:

Fanimation ceiling fans were a part and parcel of a famous company that is, Casablanca Ceiling fans. They left Casablanca company in 1984. They have specialization in creative as well as unique fan designs. There are zillions of styles that are eminent such as palm-leaf blades and natural designs. Fanimation fan company has been in business for years now. There are three categories to divide these fans Firstly, inspired by nature, secondly, inspired by fan throughout history, lastly, inspired by the perceptions of future. Fanimation features models which have hand-carved blades housings that are made for designing a resemble log cabin. Additionally, there are fans which are made of canvas, bamboo, oars and stained glass and different imaginable material.

Fanimation Ceiling Fans:

There are some historical fans which are an imitation of early belt-drive fan systems, art deco and ornate designs. They change the trademark of palm leaf designs into antique fan designs which are desk fans. We can quote an example of their creation, a fan which moves palm leaves vertically is from the 1500s. In this age, they are making fans consist of one blade, galvanized steel with halogen lights. There are several Fanimation ceiling fans which are using 18 pole split-capacitor motor. The motor is good enough to put Fanimation in the list of Casablanca and Emerson ceiling fans. Some of the Fanimation fans are offering a lifetime warranty. And rest of the models have 188x25mm motors with 35 years warranty. Some parts of the fans are not in the warranty list like blades.

Fanimation Fans are Innovative:

Fanimation fans are full of quality with unique styles and we cannot compare it to any other company. The company is innovative and you should go through their catalog to get appropriate settings. If you are looking for an accessory to cool your room with style and elegance then select Fanimation ceiling fans. It has a variety of collections such as Palisade and Velon which will provide efficient circulation of air. Their accessories will make sure that they will keep your room, family and friends cool with a low budget. Fanimation ceiling fans are mixing a modern design for the sake of indoor and outdoor areas to reach the surroundings. They try to reach the atmosphere whether it is the contemporary or tropical decor.

Fanimation Overhead Fixtures:

Fanimation ceiling fans have quality fans including Palisade and Levon which you can add to your house. Fanimation also offers overhead fixtures which can add style and design to your house and make it modern. If you are looking for a Brushed Nickel or Bronze finish and whether it is antique or tropical it will fulfill your needs. The company has got a reputation for producing fresh and innovative designs of ceiling fans. They have a great range of antique and tropical fans so the customers can get the ideal ceiling fan. Fanimation also offers Loreto Bay hugger ceiling fans which are perfect for low profile ceilings. Their fans can reverse any direction which the blades of the fan rotate because of their mechanism. This feature can help you to use the fan whether you use it for cooling or heating purpose.

Fanimation Ceiling Fans Price or Range:

The customers who go through the fans for selection will have to go through a massive Fanimation accessories collection. The range of price is from 150$ which is the cheapest and can go up to 2000$ if you want refined models. Fanimation’s customer will buy it for aesthetic style and also it will look perfect in his residence. Those shoppers who are rich and want to decorate their home with costly things will choose Fanimation too. They will be happy to get Bourbon street costs 3000$ to embellish their residence. The item has an antique brass finish with 21-inch height and the blade span is 52-inch. The consumer who has less budget also selects this product and the model is Medford. This item is one of the most attractive fans and has a reasonable price. This company gives you guarantees quality if you choose even a cheap fan model.

An Introduction of Fanimation Ceiling Fans:

As we know after segregating itself from Casablanca it was established in 1984 in Pasadena, California. It is renowned for its indoor and outdoor designs which are innovative such as Fanimation Palisade. Apart from Fanimation fans, there are also many finishes as well designs which you can choose. There are different companies that are making or producing ceiling fans around the globe. If the height of your room is short then you can get a solution by choosing Fanimation hugger ceiling fans.

The story of Fanimation Fans:

Tom Frampton was the person who began Fanimation fans in 1973 under Casablanca ceiling fans. He was working in his garage until the demand of the fan was progressed to outgrow the space. After that, he shifted the company in Indiana in 1994 and added some employees. Now the owner of the company is Nathan Frampton who is the son of Tom Frampton.

Why Do We Love Fanimation Ceiling Fans:

The collection of fans is an inspiration for his traveling around the world. The product Punkah fan is an inspiration of tropics which has a unique multi-fan and single motor design. Frampton got the education of building a fan from one of the best companies in the business or market. In I Robot movie, Fanimation fan was found and you can also read more stories about these fans on their blog. Fansync is an application that allows you to control the settings of your ceiling with your hand and Fanimation is the inspiration for that app.

Fanimation Palisade Ceiling Fan:

Palisade ceiling fan is one of the products of Fanimation ceiling fans. The fan is of superior quality and has an innovative style, therefore, it is the best selling product. Fanimation Palisade fan operates dual fans vertical instead of horizontal rotation which is a unique feature. Palisade has a wide range of palm leaf and bamboo blades which give aesthetic visuals and make it unique from other fans. If you want a traditional look then it gives you Cairo purple and sambel sand finish blades. Palisade fan has ball and bracket hanging system which is designed for tall ceilings.

Fanimation Hugger Ceiling Fans:

In Fanimation flush mount ceiling fans, there is product which is famous and brilliant that is, Embrace. Embrace hugger ceiling fan will add beauty and brilliance to your home. The company is of the view that it will provide everything to your room that it needs. It is suitable for low profile ceilings and for indoor use only and has three-blades that make your living comfortable. It will embrace you and will use 45 watts of electricity excluding lights.

Fanimation Ceiling Fans Reviews:

Fanimation ceiling fans have positive reviews like it is easy to install. Additionally, in flush mount ceiling fans, they are close to the ceiling and give you a lot of headroom. There are customers who were using Hampton Bay ceiling fans at first, now they have replaced it with a Fanimation fan. When you go through different web stores then you will come to know that they have positive reviews about their fans.

Fanimation Zonix Fan:

Fanimation Zonix fan is stylish as well as sophisticated. The customers who use it for a contemporary room then it becomes their apple of the eye. It is simple and smart and the design is intelligent with three blades. Zonix fan is available in two different finishes including Oil-Rubbed bronze and Satin-Nickel finishes. The blades of Zonix are Cherry and Walnut which are also reversible. Fanimation Zonix is one of the best selling products at Lumens and is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor. In addition, it is also available in LED version which makes it the customer’s favorite.

How to Install a Fanimation Zonix Fan:

We are creating this helping guide in order to serve our visitors to overcome these model designs of Fanimation fan. Fanimation Zonix fan can be installed with or without lighting kits and also has pullchain and remote control options. The customer can install them in small areas such as bedrooms, kitchens and family rooms etc.

Tools to Install a Fanimation Zonix Ceiling Fan:

You need Philips head screwdriver, Ladder and Wire strippers. Firstly, turn off the power and make sure that all the parts of the fans are available in the package. Then you need to go through the owner’s manual for instructions.

Start the Installation:

You have to cut the wires six inches longer than the downrod of your choice. But we have it in Fanimation Zonix in a standard size. Keep two sets of screws in order to give support to downrod. Then install the downrod into the coupler use hair pin clip then tighten the screws. After doing it, you need to attach the hanger bracket to the outlet box. Connect the white wires together and blue wire should be capped if you are not installing the optional light kit. Then push the wiring upward in order to fit them in the outlet box. After doing the wiring stuff, you need to tighten the screws of the canopy. You need to fasten the three blades with washer head screws after canopy thing. Then attach the switch cup support plate and then fully tighten all the screws.

Fanimation Zonix Wall control:

Now you are done with ceiling now you need to install the wall control then you are done.

Fanimation Beckwith Ceiling Fan:

Fanimation Beckwith ceiling fan is another product of this company after Zonix ceiling fan. They are raising their standard with the introduction of Beckwith ceiling fan. Fanimation Beckwith has ultra modern finishes which add contemporary style to your decor. It is made for indoor use only and is available in Oil-Rubbed finish and Brushed-Nickel finish with white frosted glass. They use the material of metal and glass with the type of lamps are HALOGEN and INCANDESCENT.

Fanimation Odyn Ceiling Fan:

Fanimation Odyn ceiling fan is one of the noteworthy ceiling fans of Fanimation. It is an outdoor ceiling fan that was produced in 2015 and it is also rated for wet locations. It has DC-165L motor which has the power to consume 70 percent less energy and the blade span is 84-inch. It is because of his huge blade span it can produce a lot of air. It is available in Brushed-Nickel finishes with black and brushed nickel blades. Odyn ceiling fan also has a remote control with a cap and you can use it without light.

Fanimation Spitfire Ceiling Fan:

Fanimation Spitfire ceiling fan has a stunning three-blade design and it is highly sophisticated in function. It is another one of the eminent Fanimation ceiling fans which offer artistry. Spitfire ceiling fans have a contemporary design with cutting-edge technology and the perfect balance of subtle beauty. It is made for indoor and outdoor but it is rated as a damp location that operates on three forward and reverse speeds. It is available in a wide range including Brushed-nickel, black, dark bronze, brushed satin brass, galvanized, driftwood and matte greige.

Fanimation Subtle Ceiling Fan:

The fanimation Subtle ceiling fan is another product of Fanimation ceiling fans which was made in 2016. The subtle ceiling fan has a robust 31-speed DC motor with unique bourbon blades which make it ventilation machine. It is a masterpiece which can handle any ventilation needs because they are made for high performance. Additionally, you can set a timer to turn off the fan and the light with the limit of maximum 6 hours. In addition, we cannot forget Arden Floor fan of Fanimation fans which is functional as well as fashionable.