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Savoy House ceiling fans are one of the ceiling fans companies which are in business more than a decade.

Savoy House Ceiling Fans

The company of Savoy house was born in Atlanta. Savoy House ceiling fans have been in business for more than 50 years. In the 1930s, It began with a field of farmlands of South Georgia. A young man was plowing in the field and the name of the farmer was Robert Lee. In the meanwhile, he saw a train and thought that anything would be better than plowing in the hot sun. He jumped on the train and had carried clothes with a little pocket change. He rode the train from North to the East point and reached the main street. Lee spent that pocket change on cookies and bread, he had nothing but was hoping for better future. In 1965, Robert Lee and his son established progressive Savoy lighting. They started this business after going through Atlanta’s lighting showrooms and came to the conclusion that they had unimpressive selections.

Robert Lee was also thinking about importing lighting fixtures so that he would assemble them. He would do it in the back of the shop. It also went well and he succeeded in this mission. This is how Savoy house ceiling fans were born. Over the past several years, Savoy house fans are going with the wind. They have been evolving and giving it a traditional array of styles including urban structural, soft contemporary and nostalgic restoration look. These fashion-forward looks are making Savoy house ceiling fans and Savoy house lighting famous among the design conscious professionals.

Savoy House Fans

Savoy house fans give you comfort, light and style all in one pack. The Savoy house fans encompass every size and decor style including traditional looks and cutting-edge contemporary styles. The Savoy House ceiling fans are also available for small rooms as well as large rooms.

Savoy Lighting

Savoy house not only gives indoor lighting but also serve us with outdoor lighting too. If you want to illuminate your outdoors, you should choose Savoy lighting. There are four types of outdoor Savoy lighting including outdoor ceiling lights, outdoor wall lights, outdoor hanging lights and outdoor post lights. Additionally, Savoy outdoor chandeliers and pendants are also available. You can use the combination of these outdoor lighting styles to give ideal light.