Category - Matthews Ceiling Fans

History of Matthews Ceiling Fans:

Chuck Matthews is the founder of this fan company and the location of the company is in Chicago. His ambition was to build attracting and fully functioning ceiling as well as wall fans. The brand names of his products are Atlas, Matthew Geber and Matthews. The brand products of Matthew are hand made and they are in both the United States and Brazil. WPT design makers of eco-friendly suspensions and wall lighting, the company of Matthews is the parent company of WPT design.

Why People Love Matthews Ceiling Fans:

They give us a fantastic decorative elements. It includes brushed nickel, polished chrome and black nickel finishes to contemporary metal work designs. These fans can establish a theme in old buildings and they are also cracking for new houses.

About Matthew Fans:

The motors of the fans are creating angular momentum therefore, Matthews rotational ceiling fans rotate. In order to create the axial rotation there is no motor in the central housing.