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Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Parts

westinghouse ceiling fan parts

Getting a replacement part for Westinghouse ceiling fan is necessary when the current part is worn or broken or misplaced, you need a new one. Whether it is remote, blades, or light kit. We have the best Westinghouse ceiling fan parts for replacement in this post.

List of Common Westinghouse Replacement Parts

  • Light Kits
  • Ceiling fan blades
  • Ceiling fan remote
  • Mounting bracket
  • Westinghouse ceiling fan Motor replacement
  • Pull chains
  • Wall controls
  • Ceiling fan medallion
  • Safe T Brace for Ceiling Fans
  • Ceiling fan blade arms

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Light Kits

A light kit adds a traditional style to a ceiling fan regardless of the brand, in addition, they are also energy-efficient. The light kit usually uses LED bulbs to save the cost of energy, the same is the case with Westinghouse light kits. They are available in different finishes including oil rubbed bronze and antique brass. Here are the best Westinghouse ceiling fan light kit replacements:

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Remote

Ceiling fan remote is one of the important accessories of Westinghouse ceiling fans to enjoy the ceiling fans functions easily.

The Remote is wireless to control the fan speed and it comes with a light dimming feature too. The users can operate the Westinghouse ceiling fans conveniently from their seats. Here are our best Westinghouse ceiling fan remote replacements:

Westinghouse Ceiling fan Blades

Blades are also part and parcel of a ceiling fan, they can be worn or get broken, therefore, you may need replacement blades for your Westinghouse ceiling fan. In case, you may want to update your existing unit of Westinghouse, or the existing blades do not match your home décor, you will have to get the replacement. They come in different finishes including white, bleached oak and walnut, etc.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Blade Arms

Ceiling fan blade arms can also get worn or broken like blades, so you may need a replacement for your existing Westinghouse fan to avoid any kind of trouble. They also come with installation instructions and mounting hardware.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Screws

The users of the Westinghouse company also buy ceiling fan screws when they need to replace the blades with blade arms. They buy screws, blades and blade arms together.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Wall Controls

Ceiling fan wall controls are also necessary to control the ceiling fan without reaching the pull chains. The company offers such wall control that can not only control the ceiling fan but also adds four-speed feature to it. Here are our best Westinghouse ceiling fan wall control replacements:

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Pull Chains

Pull chains can add a finishing touch to a ceiling fan or lighting fixture, the given pull chains can be easily used if your pull chains are outdated or broken. They are available in brushed nickel, solid brass and polished brass finishes.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Capacitor

Westinghouse capacitors control the speed of the capacitor, if they stop working or get old, the fan moves slowly. Before you replace the capacitor, you need to know the model number of the Westinghouse fan.

Westinghouse Safe T Brace for Ceiling Fans

It is another Westinghouse ceiling fan replacement part that is used to secure the installation of ceiling fans as well as lighting fixtures. You need to get professional help to install this T Brace.

Westinghouse Sidemount Plus Fan Box

It enables you to make the installation of light kits and ceiling fan easy, it is an ideal option for remodel applications.

Westinghouse Ceiling Fan Medallion

Westinghouse medallion makes the backdrop of a ceiling fan attractive, they are available in white finish, so there is no fear of getting ignored in any kind of home décor.

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