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westinghouse ceiling fan remote

Do you want to get a Westinghouse ceiling fan remote control replacement?

If yes, you are in the right place. We have added the best Westinghouse ceiling fan replacement remotes and it is one of the ceiling fan accessories from this brand.

People buy a remote control to control the ceiling fan without changing the position or getting up. You can change the fan speed and use the lighting options conveniently with the help of this tool.

1. Westinghouse 7787000 Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control

It is one of the recommended remote control replacement for Westinghouse ceiling fan. This remote control features 3-speed control and light dimmer that makes the speed control and light dimming convenient for you. 3-speeds mean change the speed (high, medium and low). It can be used handheld or you can also mount it on the wall. It has a range of 40-feet from the fan and it does it wirelessly.


3-fan speeds

Remote is wireless

Can be operated from more or less 50 feet

2. Westinghouse 7787500 Wireless Ceiling Fan and Light Wall Control

This white Westinghouse ceiling fan remote enables you to adjust the speed of a ceiling fan and lighting without using a pull chain. This Westinghouse Lighting 7787500 Wireless remote can replace the wall switch and the receiver of the remote can be fit and install in a number of ceiling fans. A 3-speed feature allows you to maximize your comfort zone. In addition, it also saves electricity cost as well. It is also recommended by Amazon and we also recommend it due to its high ratings.


Can replace the existing wall switch

Full range dimmer for optimum performance

Receiver can be fit and install with most of the ceiling fans

Matching wall plate is also offered

People who buy this remote control also buy this remote control with it

3. Westinghouse Lighting 7787200 Ceiling Fan Wall Control

This wall control by Westinghouse can make any 3-speed ceiling fan to 4-speed. It includes high, medium-high, medium and low speed to get the appropriate amount of air in your place. Wallplate is also included in the package.


This Westinghouse ceiling fan wall control is highly recommended by Amazon

Four fan speeds feature

Two wire installation

Wall plate is also in the package

Compatible with most of the brands of ceiling fans

Turns any 3-speed fan into 4-speed

4. Westinghouse Thermostat Ceiling Fan Remote and Light Control

It is an energy-saving device provided by Westinghouse because it automatically turns on and off your ceiling fan and sets the speed according to the temperature of the room. Apart from Westinghouse, this remote control is compatible with most of the ceiling fan brands. The operating distance of the remote is 40-foot.


Thermostat ceiling fan remote

Compatible with most of the brands of ceiling fans

Automatically turns on and off the fan and sets the speed according to the room temperature

Full range dimmer Room exit feature for lights

5. Westinghouse 7787100 Ceiling Fan Remote Control

This Westinghouse ceiling fan remote control replacement allows you to access the fan speed without leaving your seat. Three-speed feature (high, medium and low) to maximize the comfort zone. It can be handheld as well as wall-mounted and turns non-dimmable light bulbs on and off. It is also compatible with most fans and they use AAA batteries (included).


Quiet 3-speed fan control features

Convenient to use from 40-feet distance

Wall bracket is also included with AAA batteries Universal receiver

Final Words

We hope that you have found the Westinghouse ceiling fan replacement remote from our buying guide. Westinghouse ceiling fan remote is an accessory that everyone wants to control the fan without leaving the bed or sofa. This list of Westinghouse fan remote is ideal and they are universal and can be used with most of the ceiling fans of Westinghouse as well as other famous brands like Hampton Bay and Harbor Breeze.

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