Fanimation Slinger V2 Remote Troubleshooting

fanimation slinger v2 remote troubleshooting

A lot of users are concerned about ceiling fan remotes all over the world. These remotes can stop working as intended without giving any warnings to its users. The case is similar to the Fanimation Ceiling fans.

So, what is the reason that Fanimation Slinger V2 remote not working?

There can be a few reasons why remote control stopped working. The reason can be the range, it is not in the range or the batteries are dead. The issue could be with the frequency incompatibility between the ceiling fan and the remote.

In this article, you will learn an in-depth explanation of these issues and this guide will help you to do the troubleshooting Fanimation Slinger V2 Remote.

How to Troubleshoot a Fanimation Slinger V2 Remote?

There are several reasons that Fanimation Slinger V2 Remote is not working. Every reason has different troubleshooting steps. However, these methods are different from fan to fan.

We are going to list these issues and the process of troubleshooting them below.

1. Slinger V2 Remote is Out of Range

Every remote comes with its own range of operation, and the controller should remain in that range to work at optimum performance. If your remote is not in the range, it will not function properly as the manufacturer wanted it to.

In such cases, the ideal way is to ensure that the remote control is available in the range of ceiling to operate it in a correct manner and without any confusions. The range of various fans is over 40 feet. But still, you need to test it by bringing it close to the control to the unit as possible, suitable is withing 10-20 ft.

2. Discharged Batteries

At times, the issue with the Fanimation Slinger V2 ceiling fan is its discharged batteries. To communicate with fan through signals, every remote needs a power source and this source helps it to command the fan to do what you want.

Nevertheless, the batteries inside the remote, with the passage of time, and continued usage, slowly start to drain and degrade. The remote control will not be functional once the batteries have used all its resources.

In such cases, it can be simply fixed by installing the fresh set of batteries inside the remote and get rid of the depleted ones.

You can get these batteries from any store whenever you want. Your remote will start functioning without any troubles when you remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones.

3. Resetting the Fanimation Slinger V2 Remote

If your Fanimation Slinger V2 remote is not working properly even if you are in its range and using new batteries, the next thing is to reset your ceiling fan remote. You do not have to worry about it as it is simple to do.

How to reset a Fanimation Slinger V2 remote?

  • Use the power button from the remote (if it is working) to turn off the ceiling fan.
  • Press the off button from the remote for about 10 seconds and release it.
  • After that, wait for more 20 seconds and switch on the fan from the remote.

You should be able to reset Fanimation Slinger V2 remote by following the above instructions. But the question is how will you test your Slinger remote?

It can be done by simply pressing the buttons on your Fanimation Slinger V2 fan remote to find out if the fan is responding to the commands you are using or not.

However, if the problems still persist, it might be happening because of the mismatched frequency between the remote and the fan. So, how do I resync my Fanimation remote? Follow the next segment for it.

4. Resyncing the Fanimation Slinger V2 Remote

Fanimation Slinger V2 remote not working? It could be due to the mismatched frequency between the Fanimation fan and the remote.

The dip switches will be located on the ceiling fan remote as well as the fan. in order to function properly, these dip switches must be matched their combinations. The style and the number of the dip switches might be different depending on the fan model.

matched dip switch combination
Matched Dip Switch Combination

You can see the combination of the fan and the remote in the above picture and they should be the same to communicate. Usually, you will see 4 separate dip switches, each with 2 positions, up and down, the combinations will be 16 in total.

It indicates that the same remote controller can be used for 16 different fans when needed just by updating the frequency of the remote to make it compatible with the fan. as we have stated earlier, this entirely depends on that specific model.

Final Words

If you want to know the cause behind a Fanimation Slinger V2 remote not working, this article is the perfect place to discover that. After reading this guide, you will be able to troubleshoot it easily. However, if the problem still persists, the next thing is to get an additional remote to do the job, when you think the previous remote has been damaged.

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