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fanimation ceiling fan reviews

Fanimation is offering ceiling fans that are most famous among the market and people like it. Their ceiling fans designs are not only good enough but also come with cost-efficient features and effective too. If you are willing to buy a fanimation ceiling fan from this brand, you may want to know that which is the best ceiling fan that this company offers or best for you.

Each fanimation ceiling fan is unique from other units in terms of blade size, the number of blades, lighting fixtures, aesthetics, motor function and the type of bulbs. Some of the features depend on your choice, the rest of the matter depends on the location of the fan where you want to use it.

In this guide, we are going to show the best fanimation ceiling fans list that can match your taste and requirements. Whether you are looking a ceiling fan for low ceilings or large rooms to deliver wind, or to add beauty to your home. fanimation is replete with options and choices. Some of them are available with Bluetooth and remote control features.

List of the 5 best Fanimation ceiling fans

Fanimation Studio Collection LP8350BLAZ Vintere Ceiling FanFanimation Studio
Collection LP8350BLAZ
Speed Settings: 3
Airflow: 1,472 CFM
Span: 13 in

Ideal for Small Rooms
Check Price
Fanimation Ascension Brushed Nickel 54 InchFanimation Ascension
Speed Settings: 3
Airflow: 6,659 CFM

Span: 54 in
Ideal for Dry and Damp Places
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Fanimation MAD8152DZW Odyn Custom Ceiling FanFanimation MAD8152DZWSpeed Settings: 31
Airflow: 10742 CFM
Span: 56 in

Ideal for Large Rooms
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Fanimation Studio Collection LP8242SBLCH Victoria Harbor Ceiling FanFanimation Studio
Collection LP8242SBLCH
Speed Settings: 3
Airflow: 5,543 CFM
Span: 52 in

Ideal for Medium Rooms
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Fanimation Studio Collection LP8577LBL Upright Ceiling FanFanimation Studio
Collection LP8577LBL
Speed Settings: 3
Airflow: 4,720 CFM

Span: 48 in
Ideal for Bedrooms
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These are the best 5 Fanimation ceiling fans:

1. Fanimation MAD8152DZW Odyn Custom Ceiling Fan

Fanimation MAD8152DZW Odyn fan is a 56-inch ceiling fan that can deliver airflow of about 10742 CFM. It is a ceiling fan that is rated as an energy star due to its 70% less energy consumption, so this unit saves you enough electricity when you get it.

Additionally, it supports different fan speeds in order to change the speed of the air. This fanimation fan can be installed in indoor as well as outdoor.

  • The reversible feature is available and can be reversed with a remote.
  • Set a timer on it and it will turn off the unit automatically
  • You can also customize this fan by choosing different sizes of blades such as 56, 64, or 72 inches depends on your requirement
  • It is designed with fanSync technology so you can control it with the help of a smart device or voice assistant.
  • This Fanimation unit is costly as compared with other models

A number of users reviewed this unit, Odyn ceiling fan as a high-end device due to its price. It is useful for those houseowners who want to save energy bills and their demand is to get a custom fan with simple to use.

2. Fanimation Studio Collection LP8350BLAZ Vintere Ceiling Fan

The Vintere LP8350BLAZ model is one of the top ceiling fans from Fanimation studio collection. It contains three-speed settings to adjust the speed levels whenever you want according to your choice and airflow.

Fanimation Studio collection Vintere fan has built-in 4 watts LED vintage bulbs that can enlighten the mood as well as the room. Additionally, the package also contains a 4.5-inch downrod for mounting.

  • The remote control feature of the unit enables you to control the unit from any room.
  • The damp rating of the unit displays that it can be installed indoors only.
  • Quiet operation.
  • The design of the ceiling fan is suitable for any home décor, so you do not need to worry about the matching.
  • Generates more or less 1472 CFM airflow
  • The direction of the ceiling fan cannot be changed with the help of a remote control.

Fanimation Vintere ceiling fan has positive reviews from its customers and it has 4.7 star ratings out of 5 star ratings which is impressive. It is an ideal choice for your home when it comes to ceiling fan and it is not only stylish but also a quiet unit. It is beneficial for both bedrooms as well as for living rooms.

3. Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN is a 54-inch ceiling fan that is a high power unit suitable for indoor and outdoor. The ceiling fan is designed with 4 blades that have 54-inch diameter. The wall control feature allows you to adjust the speed from its 3-speed levels.

The reverse switch of the fan enables you to change the direction of the unit to get the airflow you want. Additionally, the other features are three forward and reverse speed levels and AC motor.

  • Fanimation Ascension can be installed in indoor locations and outdoor locations when covered.
  • It is compatible with Bluetooth technology, so you can also control it from it.
  • It delivers more or less 6629 CFM airflow when operating.
  • Quiet operation.
  • The remote control is not available in the package.
  • It lacks a lighting fixture.

Fanimation Ascension FP6717BN ceiling fan has 4.5 star ratings out of 5 stars and it can also fit in any home, another unit to consider for your home décor.

4. Fanimation Studio Collection LP8242SBLCH Victoria Harbor Ceiling Fan

Fanimation LP8242SBLCH Victoria Harbor model is another ceiling fan in this top list which is designed for indoor usage. It features five reversible blades and the light kit is also installed with three 4-watt LED bulbs. Furthermore, the Fanimation remote control is also available to make the operation smooth.

It is a 52-inch ceiling fan that can generate more or less 5543 CFM airflow, even if it is installed with 6-inch down rod.

  • Remote control feature to operate it with ease
  • It can add beauty to your transitional décor due to its classy chrome finish to complement your place
  • You can reverse it to get the ideal airflow
  • It is cheaper unit as compared with other models in this list
  • You cannot increase the 6-inch downrod mount installation

When you go through the customer reviews for this Fanimation fan, you will come to know that it is perfect for house owners who want to install an easy to control fan, cheap price and deliver ideal airflow.

5. Fanimation Studio Collection LP8577LBL Upright Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Upright ceiling fan is another unit from Fanimation Studio collection suitable for contemporary areas. The sleek design of the unit features three blades. It has an LED lighting fixture with 13 watts dimmable up light and 18 watts dimmable downlight.

The blade span is 48-inch in size which delivers almost 4720 CFM airflow. It means that you can also opt for this unit in a large room in order to cool down your room in summer and warm up the room in the winter.

  • The dimmable feature allows you to maintain the ideal lighting ambiance in your space
  • The lights can also be controlled with the help of a handheld remote, so the remote does two jobs
  • The upright ceiling fan by Fanimation offers 3-speed settings that help you to get the comfort you desire
  • It is reversible so you can use it in the winter as well as in summer
  • The installation of the unit is hard that is why it takes much time

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, you need to buy this unit that will help you to study due to its ample lights and peaceful air. Wherever you install it, you will get what you want.

Is Fanimation a good ceiling fan?

Fanimation ceiling fans are a mixture of creativity and functionality to serve the customers and that is why people like it. The ceiling fans are equipped with latest technologies to enhance the control with its energy saving capabilities. The company designs units which are unique and stylish that is why they can be integrated into any space.

Most ceiling fans from Fanimation are wet rated. It means that you can install the units in indoors and outdoors with their latest technologies. They are easy to control.

The latest technology enables the customers to control the unit using smart device or voice assistant to send signals or commands. Additionally, the customers can also select a fan that either comes with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for their ease of operation.

Who Makes Fanimation fans?

Fanimation is replete with engineers and designers that design concepts for their ceiling fans in United States. They get the electrical parts from Japan to guarantee quality. After doing so, the company joins its team of mechanical engineers and designers in Taiwan to manufacture the fans.

Fanimation company asks the American employees to inspect all new products for the sake of quality assurance and get their views on samples before the final product becomes available for sale in the marketplace.

Points to Consider Before Choosing a Fanimation Ceiling Fan

When you want to buy the best unit from Fanimation ceiling fans, you need to consider these things:

  • Size: firstly, you need to determine the size of the room to figure out the size of the fan, as determined by the blade span. The first thing is to measure the floor to the ceiling height to determine the mount type. This way, you will be able to figure out the standard, sloped, flush-mount or longer down rod.
  • Location: Whether you want to install a Fanimation ceiling fan in indoor or outdoor. Fanimation has fans that are dry, damp, and wet rated. Some of the units can be installed in dry and high humidity spaces and also in locations that have direct contact with water.
  • Light output: Figure out whether you want a Fanimation ceiling fan with a light kit or not. If so, you can select from LED, Fluorescent, and halogen lights installed in the units, we prefer LED lights.
  • Airflow: A ceiling fan that generates high airflow is perfect for outdoor spaces such as patio and garages. They are also perfect for indoor use to generate excessive airflow.
  • Energy-Star rating: You can select a fan that comes with a DC motor or energy-star rating, either way, the fans will save the energy bills and acts as energy efficient appliances.

Lastly, the finish of the fan should be another concern for you so it can integrate with your home décor with ease.

Features to Consider Before Buying Fanimation Ceiling fans

There are some features that everyone should consider before purchasing a Fanimation fan unit from company:

  • Remote control: A handheld remote control is the main feature that adds a touch of convenience. It enables you to operate the unit and change its settings from a range of over 30 feet. In addition, it is the best addition for high and bedroom fans.
  • Reversible motor: A reversible motor functions in both directions, manages the direction of the unit at the beginning of winter and summer season. This feature helps the unit to improve the cooling and heating experience in your place and keeps the bills to bare minimum.
  • Speed settings: The speed settings feature of a ceiling fan helps you to control the airflow in your space. Fans designed with a higher speed setting are more efficient in terms of airflow and cost.

Final Words

If you have gone through all the best fanimation ceiling fan reviews and still unable to figure out, we recommend Fanimation, Odyn Custom ceiling fan Fanimation Vintere ceiling fan. We have picked these units due to their sleek design and they can compliment almost any home décor. Apart from design, they are also energy efficient and easy to control.

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