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Litex Ceiling Fan Remote Control

litex ceiling fan remote

A remote control is one of the useful accessories that come with your ceiling fan, if you are here it means that you need a Litex remote control replacement or your Litex ceiling fan remote control not working right?

Don’t worry we have listed the best Litex ceiling fan remotes for you.

With the growing technology, people want to control everything with technology without leaving their comfort zone. That is why, every popular brand of ceiling fan offers remote control now, so you can control your ceiling fan speed and light with the help of a button.

What are the features of Litex Ceiling Fan Remote?

  • It changes the speed or you can say control the speed of a ceiling fan (low, medium and high)
  • Secondly, it also switch on/off the ceiling fan without leaving your bed.
  • Thirdly, it controls the lighting fixtures with dimmable features
  • It can be operated from anywhere in the room.

Litex Ceiling Fan Remotes

1. Litex RC-103 Universal Remote Control

This Litex remote is a universal remote control, it means it is compatible with most of the units from this company. If you are unable to find the remote for your ceiling fan model, you can get this Universal Litex ceiling fan remote. We are optimistic that it will work fine with your ceiling fan.

Features of Litex RC-103 Universal Remote

  • Three speed levels (high, medium and low)
  • Light dimmer button to control the illumination/brightness of the lights
  • It comes with a transmitter and receiver
  • Compatible with down rod mounted ceiling fans
  • You can operate it from 40-feet distance

2. Litex RCI-104 Universal Remote Control

This white transitional style remote control comes with display screen, it allows you to control your Litex fan unit without using a pull chain. It means you don’t have to leave your bed to change the fan speed. The display screen enables you to see the fan speed and light dimming. This is another Litex universal ceiling fan remote so it will be compatible with most of the units of Litex Industries.

Features of Litex RCI-104 Universal Remote Control

  • 3-speed control buttons (low, medium and high)
  • Light dimmer button features brightness control of the light
  • Comes with a fan canopy receiver
  • Transmitter is also included
  • This device operates to a distance of up to 40-feet

Final Words

I hope that you have liked our collection of Litex ceiling fan remotes, we have listed the universal ceiling fan remote replacement by Litex so you can buy them without any problem.

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