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9 Best Litex Ceiling Fan Reviews – (Budget Price)

litex ceiling fan reviews

When looking for a new ceiling fan, one should not buy something that is cheap and stop working after a while, or start creating a lot of noise. That is where a brand product is helpful that ensures the quality, it includes brands like Hampton Bay, Hunter and Litex ceiling fans. In this guide, we are going to give you the best Litex ceiling fans. After going through this guide, you will be able to select and decide the ceiling fan for your home with ease. So read the full post to get the idea.

1. Litex BRC30WW6L Vortex 30-Inch Ceiling Fan

This Litex 30-inch ceiling fan has become one of the best selling ceiling fans of this brand and it is specifically designed for small indoor use. Litex BRC30WW6l is a flush mount ceiling fan, it means it can be installed in your room if you have low ceilings. We rank this white finish ceiling fan at top of this list due to its reviews and it is a well-priced and highly rated product from Litex.

Features of Litex Vortex 30 Inch Ceiling Fan:

  • Blades: This fan comes with six reversible blades in white/whitewash finishes which are beautifully designed and crafted.
  • Light Kit: A light kit is also placed at the center of the unit with opal mushroom glass, uses 6.5 watt LED Medium base bulbs (available in the package).
  • High Performance Motor: The high performance motor of Vortex fan by Litex delivers powerful air movement and provides quiet performance, it means you can get the cooling air without any noise.
  • Warranty: This beautiful white finish ceiling fan offers 15 years limited warranty on the unit, it means that it is a long-lasting ceiling fan.
  • Beautiful white finish
  • 15 years warranty
  • Flush mount ceiling fan
  • Light kit is in the package
  • High quality motor with quiet performance
  • No remote control
  • Only for low ceilings

2. Litex CC42WW4L Celeste Collection 42-Inch Ceiling Fan

This white ceiling fan is handpicked from the Litex Celeste collection, it is one of the well-priced ceiling fans from this brand. This 42-inch Litex ceiling fan features four reversible blades with white/whitewash blades finishes. Litex Celeste ceiling fans are designed to offer traditional as well as contemporary style to the users.

Features of Litex CC42WW4L Celeste Ceiling Fan 42”

  • Dimensions: After installation, the fan measures 6.5 inches from ceiling to blade, and 12.5 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the light kit.
  • Reversible Blades: The beautifully made and carefully crafted white/whitewash blades add more beauty to the white body of this fan. This feature of this 42-inch fan makes it an elegant match for almost any décor.
  • Light Kit: It has a simple light fixture with a white opal glass dome with LED bulbs, the bulbs use 6.5 watts electricity (bulbs are not in the package).
  • High-Performance Motor: The motor provides powerful performance with maximum airflow, in addition, its performance is very quiet to make it a peaceful unit for the bedroom. The reverse feature enables you to circulate the warm as well as cool air throughout the year.
  • Warranty: This Celeste unit carries 15 years limited warranty
  • A lighting fixture (LED bulbs sold separately)
  • Only flush mount installation
  • Elegant white finish body
  • Limited 15-year warranty
  • High-quality motor with powerful performance
  • N/A

3. Litex UT56WW3M Utility Collection 56-Inch Ceiling Fan

Litex utility collection ceiling fan is a 56-inches ceiling fan that offers wall control. The blades are five in number and they have a white finish. The motor of the ceiling fan functions quietly along with wall mount five speeds option. The measurement from the ceiling fan to the bottom of the fan is about 19 inches and it offers a limited warranty of 15 years.


Litex utitlity collection ceiling fan offers a maximum airflow and efficiency. It is not only ideal for utility areas but also for commercial areas, the design of the fan is attractive enough for your home décor. The modern feel and look of the fan offer plenty of cooling, airflow and heating to save your energy cost. The features of this fan are:

  • Five Blades – This fan comes with three blades design that adds beauty to the white finish, and the modern appearance makes it perfect. The blades are made in such a way to give maximum airflow, and measurement of the blades is 56 inches across from blade end to blade end.
  • Performance – The performance of the fan is that good that you will not be able to find with such performance. The rule can be changed for other ceiling fans from Litex. It generates more airflow as compared with many other fans, and it is easy to use due to its five-speed wall control.
  • Down-Rod – This ceiling fan has a 12-inch down-rod, and it will fit to most of the ceiling slopes. The minimum height from floor to fan blades is almost 10 feet. The ceiling fan does not have a light kit, so it will be suitable for spaces where you just need more air circulation.
  • Price – The fan has a reasonable price as compared with other brands. The fan is plain looking but the function of the fan is great. Therefore, most of the customers are happy with its overall performance and conclude that it is well worth the cost.
  • Warranty: It offers 15 year warranty.
  • This Litex ceiling fan does not have a remote control


4. Litex E-WOD52ABZ5C 52-Inch Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan

This ceiling fan is suitable for all weathers and it comes with five weathered oak fan blades, single light kit with frosted glass. Litex Aged Bronze ceiling fan is a mixture of style and durability. It is an ideal choice for your living room. The body of the ceiling fan is made of aged bronze that can match the elements and add beauty to your home décor. Aged Bronze ceiling fan comes with dual mounting capabilities, suitable for low profile ceilings and also does not wobble at all.

Features of Litex E-WOD52ABZ5C 52-Inch Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan

  • 5 stars ratings out of 5 stars
  • Dual mounting capabilities
  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • Aged bronze body with quiet motor performance
  • 6-inch downrod is also included
  • One light fixture, uses 2 60-watts
  • Candelabra bulbs are also included
  • 30 years limited warranty
  • It does not have a remote control

5. Litex TLEII52BNK5L Brushed Nickel 52-inch Ceiling Fan

This 52-inch ceiling fan from Litex comes with five reversible blades, a single light kit with alabaster glass. They have crafted this brushed nickel ceiling fan beautifully and its performance is unmatchable. This Litex ceiling fan has quick connect feature that allows you the ease of installation. Its brushed nickel finish can match any interior décor of your home. It has a dual mount function, it means that you can use the fan as a hugger ceiling fan if your room is small. It also comes with a lighting fixture and you can remove it if you do not want to use it. Whether you want to cool the room or warm the room, it will save the energy cost.

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This ceiling fan has 4.4 ratings out of 5 stars.

Features of Litex TLEII52BNK5L Brushed Nickel 52-inch Ceiling Fan

  • Five reversible blades to generate cool and warm air
  • Blades with two finishes including light maple and driftwood
  • Can be controlled with a remote control
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Twist and click technology to install the fan without tools
  • Motor provides wobble free and quiet operation
  • 2 LED bulbs of 60 watts
  • N/A

6. Litex MLV36BNK4LK1 Brushed Nickel 36-Inch Ceiling Fan

This Litex 36-inch ceiling fan comes with five wench wood blades, additionally, it also has a ceiling fan light kit with opal frosted glass. The body of the fan has brushed nickel finish and the motor performs its function quietly. It also offers a limited lifetime warranty to make sure that there are no manufacturer defects by the brand.


The installation comes with a dual mount feature including flush mount or down-rod. Installation of this Makism collection ceiling fan is very easy and we prefer hiring a professional if you do not have experience of electrical work.

  • Dimensions – After installation, this Litex ceiling fan measures 11.5 inches from ceiling to blade, and 15.5 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the light kit. It measures 48 inches across, so the ceiling fan unit is good enough to provide you great amount of air circulation.
  • Motor – This ceiling fan also comes with a high-performance motor that provides you plenty of air circulation, but it is almost whisper-quiet so this is not going to disturb you. You can use it to get the cool air.
  • Warranty – This ceiling fan unit from Litex offers a 15-year limited warranty. If you encounter any problems that are a result of any manufacturer defects, or other manufacturing problems (not regular wear and tear), the manufacturer will repair or replace the unit free of charge.


  • Appearance – It comes with a beautiful design, and the appearance of the ceiling fan is modern and unique. The brushed nickel elegant finish makes it suitable for any room, and the blades have a wench wood appearance. The single light with opal frosted glass makes it more beautiful, and it uses an LED bulb (included).
  • Sturdy Construction – With all its features, If you grab one of the blades, it isn’t going to bend or break due to its sturdy construction. Most users review that they are very happy with the sturdy construction of this ceiling fan from Maksim collection. Keeping in view this feature, this unit is going to last for years without any issues.
  • Wobble free operation
  • Reversible direction enables you to enjoy the cool and warm breeze in both seasons.
  • The unit comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • No remote control is included 

7. Litex MLV36MWW4LK1 Maksim Collection Matte White 36-Inch Ceiling Fan

It is another beautiful ceiling fan from the Litex Maksim collection measuring 36-inch fan blades which are four in number. This modern style Maksim ceiling fan from Litex has a captivating and sophisticated style, a single light also comes in the package with opal frosted glass. It has a beautiful design with 36-inch blade span with a matte white finish.

Features of Litex MLV36WW4L

  • Dual mount installation: The great seamless look offers dual mount installation feature, flush mount installation is ideal for low ceiling heights, down rod mounting installation is also possible with 6-inch length down rod (included).
  • Dimensions: With this Litex ceiling fan installation, it measures 11.5 inches from ceiling to blade, and 15.5 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the light kit.
  • Motor: The motor provides powerful performance with maximum airflow, in addition, its performance is very quiet to make it a peaceful unit for the bedroom. The reverse feature enables you to circulate the warm as well as cool air throughout the year.
  • Warranty: This unit from Litex industries ceiling fans offers limited lifetime warranty.


  • Integrated LED bulbs
  • Dual mount installation
  • Beautiful matte white finish body
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • High-quality motor with powerful performance


  • No Remote control (Sold Separately)

8. Litex E-KM52ABZ5CMR Knightsbridge Collection 52-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan with Remote

This Litex ceiling fan belongs to the Litex Knightsbridge collection, it is not only ideal for indoor use but also for outdoor use. It features Litex ceiling fan remote control that can dim the lights. This 52-inch Litex ceiling fan has five dark aged bronze ABS blades. A single Litex ceiling fan light kit is also available in hammered glass. It uses three 40 watt maximum with candelabra bulbs (included in the package). This 52-inch Litex fan from the Knightsbridge collection is a mixture of style and durability.

Features of Litex E-KM52ABZ5CMR Knightsbridge Ceiling Fan:

This ceiling fan from this brand is suitable for indoor/outdoor use, combines style and durability, it will match any type of home décor. With its quiet performance, it is available in your budget, it save the cost of energy bills in summer as well as in winter.

  • Unique Appearance – Due to its unique appearance, it is can be a suitable addition to your living room and patios. The dark aged bronze body of the ceiling fan enables it to withstand the elements with its unmatched performance.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use – This Litex ceiling fan will work perfectly and look beautiful in both inside your home in any room, or outside in your enclosed patio. It is also an ideal choice for areas where there is high humidity.
  • Durability – Apart from other Litex Industries ceiling fans, this unit is crafted from quality, durable materials and is meant to stand the test of time, no matter how much you use it. It is powerful enough to circulate cool air in any area, without making noise.


  • Remote – In this list of best Litex ceiling fans, this unit comes with a handheld remote control that enables you to control the fan as well as the light dimming feature, so you don’t have to get up from bed or couch and pull on a chain to make any changes such as turn it on or off.
  • Compatible with Alexa for voice control
  • Down rod mounting installation only
  • Beautiful dark aged bronze finish
  • Quiet motor performance
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Generate airflow of 5512 CFM

9. Litex Industries UBW48FB4L Wakefield LED Ceiling Fan

Note: This Ceiling Fan is Discontinued By the Company

This 48-inch ceiling fan comes with a flat black finish to complement your modern home décor. The size and shape of the ceiling fan are suitable for most of the places. This ceiling fan adds a sophisticated look to your décor and the performance is unmatchable. A light kit is integrated with the fan to give you energy-efficient illumination. The motor provides quiet performance along with cooling breeze and warm air feature.

Features of Litex Industries UBW48FB4L Wakefield LED Ceiling Fan

  • It has 5 stars ratings out of 5 stars
  • Flat black color matches the modern style
  • The dimensions 48 x 48 x 19 Inches
  • A Light kit is also included
  • Ideal for small and medium rooms
  • 6-inch down rod is also included in the package
  • Offers downrod and flush mount profile
  • It has a limited 15 years warranty
  • The fan is without a remote control

Final Words

If you are looking for the top quality ceiling fans from this brand, go through these best Litex ceiling fans reviews to get what you need. These all models of Litex offer high-quality motors with maximum airflow capacity, they can be used indoor as well as outdoors. Some of them have 15-year limited warranty and some items have a lifetime limited warranty.

After getting a fan from Litex, check our guide on how to install a Litex ceiling fan.

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