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Best Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control – (Buying Guide 2024)

universal ceiling fan remote


Ceiling fans from any brands can keep your room cooler in summer, on the contrary, they also keep your room warm in the winter. The users save energy bills not only in summer but also in winter. It provides rest to your AC in hot weather and heater in cold weather. Most ceiling fans come with lights to add illumination in your place.

Pull chains of a ceiling fan can be an irritating experience, they are either too long or too short. They also move slowly and you cannot separate them in the dark. The pull chains fail you as early as possible and leave your ceiling fan and lights on wall switch control.

Don’t worry you can install a remote control on your existing ceiling fan, this way you can get rid of the pull chain soon. Our article on top universal ceiling fan remote will cover everything you need to know about a ceiling fan remote and also the best selling remote control as well.

KEY Points to Consider


The remote control by ceiling fans are designed with remote pad and a receiver. The remote pad makes the remote fit in your hand while using it. It is not like small buttons of TV remote, they are comparatively larger as compared with a TV remote. It is a helpful feature when you want to use it in dark.

The size of the receiver is also of more importance, it is due to the fact it has to fit inside the ceiling fan mount housing of the fan or in the ceiling itself. If the receiver is too big to fit inside the fan ne has to remove the electrical box, push the receiver through and reattach the electric box again. It will be an additional step for installation.

Before you make a decision of buying a remote control, go through the manual to see if your ceiling fan has a room inside the housing for the receiver. If it doesn’t have or mention anything, you need to contact the manufacturer or support to know about it. universal ceiling fan remotes are getting popular, therefore, you will get an answer with ease from the customer support.

Universal vs. brand-specific

Ceiling fan remotes are available in brands as well as universal. Most of the ceiling fans mention the name of the brands for your ease of use in their product description. It will make it an easy task to determine whether the receiver will fit inside the fan housing or not. The best way to get a ceiling fan remote is to get a remote of your brand, universal kits are cheaper but they are more likely to work if they are from the same brands. For example, if you need a Hampton bay ceiling fan remote and you are not getting the matching remote, you will get a Hampton Bay Universal ceiling fan remote for your ceiling fan. There is a great chance that it will be compatible.


The receiver is associated with the fan, it runs off the electricity in the home. However, the remote control needs batteries so ceiling fan remote control come with AA or AAA batteries. Every kit does not have batteries so you need to keep some on hand.

FEATURES Of Remote Controls


Ceiling fans remote control should come with certain functions but they should be easy and convenient for the users to use it. some of the remotes are made in a complicated manner, so users are too confuse while using it. The best remote controls can separate the controls of the lights and fans. If the buttons of the remote are too close, there is a great chance of a mix-up and it can be frustrating sometimes.


A number of ceiling fan remote offers a dimmer switch. This type of remote is compatible with incandescent bulbs. If your ceiling fan has LED bulbs, the dimmer will not work.

Fan speed

The best ceiling fan remote control will keep the controls of the fan speed and controls for the lights separate in order to avoid confusion. Ceiling fans come with 3-speeds and the remote control should have three different buttons, one for each speed.


A few ceiling fans remote controls come with reverse the direction of the blades and you do not need to use the selector switch on the fan. It is a nice feature but not imperative. It also needs additional wiring inside the fan housing in order to connect the receiver to the selector.


There are some manufacturers of remote who claim that the remote control made by them can range up to 100 feet, but if you go through the manual, you will come to know they are talking about the open air. The range of the remote control is comparatively less inside a house as compared with open air, it is because the walls block the signals. As long as you are in 40 feet area, you are good to go.

Wall mount

A wall mount feature is also offered by the makers for a few ceiling fan remote control kit. You can mount it next to the wall switch where you used to turn on/off the fan, you will be able to locate the remote whenever you want to access it.


Ceiling fan remote control price starts from under $20. Universal ceiling fan remotes are supposed to work with almost every ceiling fan company’s fans.

The low-end price is under $20. Mid-range ceiling fan remote controls start from $20 to $25. This type of remotes are generally brand-specific and offer better quality features.

Lastly, the most expensive ceiling fan remotes, they start from $25 and go on. This type of remote are also brand-specific and offers smaller receivers to fit inside the fans with ease and boast the remote control range.

TIPS for Installation

  • Firstly, turn off the breaker of the room where you want to install the receiver or you can say your ceiling fan is located.
  • Secondly, go through the instructions thoroughly before you start the installation. If there are videos available from the manufacturer, make sure you watch them understand the process easily.
  • Installing the receiver in your ceiling fan is a two-person job so get a helper for your help. Caution! Don’t try to do it alone.
  • Lastly, double-check all the electrical connections before reattaching the fan to the ceiling.

Best Selling Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

1. Universal Thermostatic Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control Conversion Kit

This universal ceiling fan remote offers to control your ceiling fan speed and light separately. The screen shows HI, MED and LOW, OFF features to control the fan speed and you can also turn it off.

The timer button of the remote allows you to set the timer for both ceiling fan and light.


The buttons of the remote are easy to reach and even you can press it using a thumb.

Cons: It has a limited use for two brands including Hampton Bay ceiling fans and Harbor Breeze.

2. Harbor Breeze Universal Ceiling Fan Remote

This ceiling fan remote control by Harbor Breeze can operate the ceiling fan from a distance of 40 feet. It is compatible with a number of ceiling fan brands. A light dimmer is also included and it can only be used with incandescent bulbs.

After going through reviews, we have come to know that it is also compatible with Hunter Fan and Light Control Model 27185.

3. YUKIHALU 3-in-1 Small Size Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit with Light and Timing

It is another universal ceiling fan remote by Yukihalu brand and compatible with most of the ceiling fans including Hampton Bay, Harbor Breeze, Hunter, Westinghouse and Honeywell ceiling fans.


  • Super small size
  • Compatible with most of the famous brands
  • No time delay, instant-on feature
  • Beep on/off settings
  • Controls speed/ timing/ light
  • One of the best sellers in ceiling fan remote controls on Amazon

4. Fnado F2-U 3-in-1 Universal Ceiling Fan Lamp Remote Controller Kit & Timing Wireless Remote Control

It is made by Fnado brand and it is compatible with famous brands like Hunter, Westinghouse, Honeywell, Harbor Breeze and other ceiling fans.

It is also top rated and top reviewed product by Amazon as well.


  • It is universal suits 99.99% of the ceiling fans
  • Easy to install, can be installed in 15 minutes
  • High quality and made with the latest technology
  • One year replacement is also offered
  • Fan speed control
  • Fan on/off feature
  • Timing control

5. Hampton Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

This remote control is not universal but it is compatible with many ceiling fans. After going through the reviews we have come to know that it is compatible with:

It worked for 18 years old models of Hampton Bay even for 20 years old models.

It is a replacement for Crafmade 7066TX

Replacement for Hampton Bay remote C7052T and 7067 for Hampton Bay Altura ceiling fan.

6. EOGIFEE Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control and Receiver Kit

This universal remote control is specifically designed for Hampton Bay fans and Harbor Breeze fans items. It should be compatible with a number of brands as well.

The package of this remote offers:

  • 1 remote control
  • 1 wall mount
  • 2 screws
  • 1 receiver
  • 6 wire nuts
  • 1 paper description

Features of EOGIFEE Universal Ceiling Fan Remote

  • Ideal for Hampton Bay and Harbor Breeze ceiling fans
  • 3-speed control buttons
  • The power of the receiver is 250W to access more lightbulbs
  • Set a pin code in order to control multiple ceiling fans

7. LPHUMEX Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit

Universal ceiling fan remote by LPHUMEX is compatible with almost 95% of the ceiling fans and supports famous brands like Hampton Bay and Harbor Breeze.


  • Compatible with 95 percent of the fans
  • Fan remote control installation instructions are also given in the description
  • 3-speed fan mode (Hi, Med and Low)
  • 4 timing control (1/2/4/8 H)
  • Compatible with LED bulbs as well as with incandescent bulbs


Dimmer function is not available for the light kit

8. Litex Universal Ceiling Fan Remote

Litex universal ceiling fan remote control offers quick on/off feature and it has 3-speed and dimmer options too.

9. Hunter Universal Ceiling Fan Remote

This Hunter universal ceiling fan remote is a handheld remote that enables you to control the fan speed as well dim the lights. It is available in white finish.

10. Casablanca Universal Ceiling Fan Remote

Casablanca fan company also offers a universal ceiling fan remote. It has a 4-speed function.

11. Breeze Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

This ceiling fan remote control comes with a receiver, it can control any Hampton Bay, Harbor Breeze and Hunter ceiling fan, In addition, it is also available for all normal fans too.

The installation is very easy and also comes with a product manual, it can be installed without any technical knowledge. The average life of this unit is more than 10,000 hours.

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