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hampton bay replacement parts

Do You Need a Hampton Bay Replacement Part or Need a Hampton Bay Item Fixed?

If you are an owner of a Hampton Bay product including Hampton bay ceiling fan, lighting, patio furniture and solar lights, etc, you may be looking for a replacement part for your Hampton bay product. You can also go through Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan troubleshooting guide before you consider buying a part. If you know the right procedure, you can save a lot of time and effort. We have contacted Hampton Bay and come up with a process for you to follow. Follow this step by step guide to get what you want. It is an annoying thing to see your beautiful chandelier installed and you come to know that one of the lamps is broken or you have an umbrella and notice a rip in the fabric.

  • The first thing you need to do is to go through this post and find your Hampton Bay ceiling fan part.
  • Secondly, if you do not find the required part here, call Home Depot on 1-877-527-0313 number and select the number 4 option. After doing so, you need to select from the list of options that describe your product. Lastly, choose if you know UPC# and whether the item is 2 years older or within 2 years age.

This was a simple answer to your needs however, kindly continue reading as you will find the answer to how to get Hampton Bay replacement parts in depth.

Hampton Bay parts that you may need replacement as a result of incidents, wear or redesigning are fan blades, remote controls, switches and glass shades. Keeping in view the patio and garden furniture, the process is different but straightforward for the customers.

More Steps to Get Hampton Bay Replacement Parts

  • First of all, you need to figure out the issue so you can explain it.
  • Secondly, if you want help with your product, you need to find the product name and model number before contacting anyone. For example, if you want to get help for Hampton Bay Littleton fan that has a model #UB42S-WH-SH. This information is available on the original box of the fan, if you have misplaced it, you can locate the UPC code on the top of the actual motor covering. The UPC number is necessary to seek help, if you are failed to get it, try getting a photograph, so they can help you with your product after identifying it.
  • We highly recommend Home Depot, you can find the contact number of them below the post but you may not get the desired part so you can go to www.eceilingfans.com to get the replacement parts for your item or ceiling fans by Hampton Bay.

How To Find Your Hampton Bay Replacement Parts with Home Depot

  • If you want to contact Home Depot for your problem, if you have identified your issue that what is the problem with your Hampton Bay item, after locating the UPC number, you can use online community of Home Depot for support by submitting a message there. It will be helpful for you and you will be able to get the problem or issue fixed with ease and it is a stress free procedure to go through.
  • After collecting the relevant information you need, you can contact the replacement parts department by dialing 1-877-527-0313 and select the 4th option for Hampton Bay items, now you will get 6 options to select from related to what Hampton Bay item replacement you need or looking for. It includes Hampton bay lighting, ceiling fan, patio furniture and remote etc. After this, you will be getting another option to choose that whether you have a warranty or UPC number and if the product was purchased within 2 years span or later.
  • The next thing you need to make sure that you are calling them during operating hours, Monday to Friday. When you will talk to any Hampton bay agent, the agent can ask for the information related to your item to get you the appropriate replacement part for your item.
  • This way, you will be able to order the Hampton bay part you need using your phone. You do not have to visit the store or drive anywhere for locating what you need to solve the issue.

Tips: You have made the list and it is ready before you contact the customer support. This will make the process quick and easy for the support staff while helping you with the various parts.

What Hampton Bay Parts will Home Depot Replace or Have?

We have gone through the website of Home Depot and found that they offer a few replacement parts for the items. It is not a long list to go through but it will give you an idea of the parts you might get from Home Depot stock or store online.

Additional Options for Replacement Parts Including Blades and Glass

There are a number of websites that provide a number of parts, we recommend our website then Amazon.

There are a number of products available on the site and the categories are also available there to select: capacitors, chain switches, blades or blade arms, remote controls, wall switches, brackets, repairs, rod, flywheels, reverse switch, bulbs, rod and extensions etc.

In addition, if you do not get the replacement part, you will get a universal replacement for that specific part for example remote control.  

You can also select the user ratings, and prices from low to high to select the replacement part for your budget.

Hampton Bay Lighting Replacement Glass and Parts

If you need Hampton Bay replacement glass or glass shade, we have added a few. If you are not getting that replacement part, check our ceiling fan parts category. After doing so, if you have not got your part, try checking the Home Depot website. The same procedure is for track lighting parts. We hope that you will find the replacement part for the specific model like Hampton Bay Menage replacement glass.

Outdoor Lighting & Exterior Wall Replacement Parts

The best way to get Hampton bay outdoor lighting accessories is to go to the Home Depot website and search the term “Hampton bay outdoor lighting accessories replacement”, you will find the desired part on their website in the accessories section.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blades Replacement Part

We recommend trying searching the blades on our ceiling fan parts section that matches your brand. In addition, you can also contact other websites that sell and give them the Hampton Bay model number so they can get you what you want.

As you know it is the brand of Home Depot, so they can provide you the part or replacement for your blades. Hampton bay replacement blades are available on different websites too and you may want to search for more parts as well.

Hampton Bay Outdoor Furniture Replacement Parts

Hampton Bay Patio Furniture

Hampton bay outdoor furniture replacement parts include Patio chair, Patio Umbrella, Umbrella base, Canopy, Gazebo, sling chair and Patio Furniture.

To get the replacement part for your Hampton Bay patio furniture, you can contact a local Home Depot store and order it or you can call the parts department to get the part. Check the section of this post on how to contact Home Depot for the Hampton Bay replacement part.

Unluckily, it is another fact that the company makes Hampton Bay outdoor furnishings and accessories are manufactured for one season only, after that season, they are discontinued by Hampton Bay. It means that you cannot get the replacement part even from Home Depot but they can give you suggestions to get the comparable part.

It is because the company that makes Hampton Bay outdoor furnishings and patio gear is JSA Industries.

Many customers who want to buy Hampton Bay ceiling fan parts, in some cases they find similar products that seem to work fine with original Hampton Bay products.

Hampton Bay Heater Replacement Parts

After doing plenty of research, we have come to know that the only way to find heater replacement parts for Hampton Bay, you need to contact Home Depot.  Check the section of the post on how to contact Home Depot for Hampton bay parts.

Hampton Bay Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Parts

We came to know that most of the Hampton bay furniture with the casework is made by a company known as JSA Industries, in Cerritos, CA. They do not sell directly to the customers, you need to contact Home Depot to go through the procedure.

Hampton Bay Blinds Replacement Parts

Whether you want to fix a standard blind or Hampton bay vertical blinds, you need a replacement or want to repair it, we have only one suggestion for you. You have to go to the local Home Depot store or contact their replacement parts department to get support.

Hampton Bay Replacement Remote

The remote control is another necessary accessory for your Hampton bay ceiling fan, the feature of remote control allows you to enjoy all the features effortlessly.

We recommend you read our article on Hampton Bay Remote to get the replacement and it also has universal remotes for your needs.

Hampton Bay Light Kit Replacement

This Hampton Bay light kit is an LED universal light kit, the users can use it to upgrade the existing ceiling fan light kit or add it to the current Hampton bay fan without a light kit. It is made to fit most of the ceiling fans while adding beauty to your room. In addition, it does not need additional light bulbs for illumination. It is a perfect choice for us to upgrade the ceiling fan lighting fixture.

Hampton Bay Light Bulb Replacement

You may need a light bulb as a replacement for your ceiling fan, if they have exceeded the span of their lives or you want to upgrade your ceiling fan to LED lights, you need a Hampton Bay ceiling fan light bulb. Click the link below: Light Bulbs for Hampton Bay

Hampton Bay Remote Wall Holder Replacement

This Hampton Bay wall holder is not only suitable for Hampton Bay products but also suitable for Harbor Breeze. It can be fitted to the models CHQ7078T & UC7078T & CHQ8BT7078T and FAN-HD remotes.

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Receiver Replacement

You may need a replacement for Hampton Bay ceiling fan receiver, we have also added receivers and a universal receiver for your fan. We have also added a universal receiver that matches a number of fans.

This receiver works fine with HD5 and 7078 remotes and it will not work with LCD remotes or others.

This receiver is a replacement for 7067FM-05D(6+5) only. Do not consider it universal.

It is a universal ceiling fan that comes with a universal receiver and it is specially manufactured for brands of Hampton Bay, Harbor Breeze and Hunter ceiling fans. It means that if you are looking for a Harbor Breeze receiver replacement, you can also buy this one.


  • Maximum Power of Applied Light: Less than 250W
  • Input voltage:100-140VA
  • AC Frequency:50/60HzR
  • Relative Humidity: Less than 85%M
  • Maximum Power of applied Motor: Less than 0.6AC
  • Controller Output Gear: According to material objects
  • Properties of Lights in Controller: Relay contact on/offW
  • Wireless Transmission Mode:Radio Frequency (RF) R
  • Radio Frequency Band: 303.9MHzR
  • Remote Control Range:30m

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Blade Screws Replacement

Hampton Bay ceiling fan blade screws are needed to attach the ceiling fan blades to fan blade arms. It has 15 pieces of screws that are suitable for 5 blade ceiling fan and it can be used for almost all brands of ceiling fans.

Hampton Bay Downrods Replacement on Home Depot

You can find the downrods for your Hampton Bay ceiling fans in the Hampton Bay category. We add the names of a few of them.

  • Hampton Bay Gazebo
  • Hampton Bay Glendale ceiling fan
  • Hampton Bay Farmington
  • Hampton Bay Carrington
  • Everstar II
  • Seaport
  • Harper III
  • Brookdale
  • Sinclair
  • Four Winds
  • Trafton
  • Waterton II
  • Oakley
  • Carroloton II
  • Garrison
  • Metarie
  • Tahiti Breeze
  • Brookhurst
  • Langston

Glass Cage Replacement is also available for a number of ceiling fans. It also includes other replacement parts including coupling covers, mounting brackets, switch caps, blade screw bags, canopy sets, light kits, blade arm kits and outdoor patio privacy walls. It is worth taking to go through the Home Depot website so you may find the Hampton Bay replacement part before calling them.

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