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How to Find Casablanca Fan Model Number – Serial Number

casablanca fan model number

People online find the answer to this question “How to Find Casablanca Fan Model Number” or “How to Locate your Casablanca Fan Serial Number”. These questions are necessary to answer when it comes to getting help from the customer service representative of the company. He/she will ask about the model number of your ceiling fan to resolve your issue.

All Casablanca ceiling fans made within the previous 2 years, the serial number or model number can be located at the top of the body of the fan.

If you have ceiling fan older than this time span, you may find the serial number at the bottom housing of the fan motor unit / on the bottom cap.

Casablanca fan model numbers are found in engraved or stamped shape. The serial number contains 2 letters followed by six numbers. Additionally, it is associated with one of the following letters i,e D-T-R-V.

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After finding the number, the customer can also know about the warranty of the fan.

Still, having trouble finding the model number of your fan?

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