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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

hampton bay ceiling fan remote

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

Have you lost your Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote? Is your remote damaged or finding a replacement remote? If yes, this guide is for you.

Hampton Bay Remote control enables you to control the fan and make it easy for you to enjoy all the functions without any extra effort.

You cannot control a Hampton Bay fan without a remote, you will not be able to change the settings of your lights as well as a fan. Fortunately, there are a number of remotes available to use as Hampton bay remote replacement.

It is a hard nut to crack to find the best replacement remote for your ceiling fan. Don’t worry, we are here to help you to get the top Hampton bay remote.

Things to Consider when buying a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

It is a daunting experience to select a replacement remote from so many options. However, you can get the desired remote by going through these factors:

1. Quality

Considering a quality product is a wise decision while purchasing a ceiling fan remote. You do not want it to malfunction after a few days of usage. That is why everyone pays attention to quality products rather than poor quality products.

2. Ease of use

It is another factor to look out for while buying a ceiling fan remote. Do not buy any replacement remote for Hampton Bay fan that offers too many functions as compared with the original one. The remote you choose should be easy to use, install and program.

3. Affordability

Cost is an essential point to consider while purchasing any product or item. Therefore, one should not buy something too cheap that the quality of the product remains poor, or too expensive that leads you to lose money.

Best Replacement Remotes for Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

Here is a list of best Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remotes:

1. Hampton Bay Remote Control UC7078T with Reverse and Hampton Bay Logo

This remote is one of the best replacements for Hampton Bay Remotes. It is an ideal choice to replace UC7078T model ceiling fan as well. The product provides a number of functions and buttons including the light on and dimmer, fan on/off and you can also control the speed of fans such as (low, medium and fast). Additionally, it also has a reverse button to change the direction of airflow.

There is one thing you need to know about this Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote control is that it is not a universal remote control. However, it is a wonderful and reasonable option for you that saves you money if you were thinking about buying a new remote from Home Depot.

2. Hampton Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Remote

This is an ideal choice if you are not finding the appropriate remote for your Hampton bay Fan. Try using this Hampton Bay universal ceiling fan remote control. The company has manufactured it to enable you to on/off your fan conveniently. This remote control not only on/off the fan but also on/off the lights of the ceiling fan. In addition, it also provides dimming options and compatible with LED, incandescent and CFL light bulbs.

3. Hampton Bay Premier Universal Ceiling Fan Remote 68131

It is another Hampton Bay universal ceiling fan remote control for your ceiling fan. The model number of this remote is 68131.

It is easy to install and it is compatible with other major brands like Hunter fans, Home Decorators Collection and many more. It is not recommended for flush mount ceiling fans.

4. Hampton BAY Ceiling FAN LCD Thermostatic Remote Control

Hampton bay LCD thermostatic universal remote is an ideal choice to turn on/off the temperature that you set.

This remote will reduce the speed of the fan automatically when the room reaches the set temperature.

It does not offer a reverse blades button feature which is a helping feature during the winter season. It has a positive rating and 85% of the buyers are recommending it.

5. Hampton Bay Universal Wink Enabled White Ceiling Fan Premier Remote Control

This wink enabled universal ceiling fan remote control offers a wink automation system to allow you to control your ceiling fan using a tablet or android phone. It also comes with a comforting breeze setting to create a breeze effect for you randomly.

6. Hampton Bay Universal Ceiling Fan Thermostatic Remote

This thermostatic remote of Hampton Bay is universal, therefore, it is compatible with other brands of ceiling fans. It is easy to install. Almost 90 % of the buying customers are recommending it.

7. Hampton Bay UC7078T Remote with up down light Control

This is a genuine Hampton Bay replacement remote that has the logo of Hampton Bay on it. The logo is stamped on the front side and the model number UC7078T is on the backside. In order to control the fan, it comes with a three fan speed control; low, medium and high, power button. In addition, it also features two light control buttons to up and down the light.

It does not have a reverse button. It is also devoid of a designated light dimmer button. However, it offers two light control button. Holding or pressing any of the buttons can also dim the lights.

8. Hampton Bay Remote Control Replacement for UC7083T Model

This Hampton Bay Remote is a replacement for Hampton Bay UC7083T model. It can also control the dual light functions including upper light and the lower light with separate buttons. It is functional on models that have one light to adjust the brightness. It features 4 dip switches and the consumer has to adjust the dip switches according to the receiver of a ceiling fan.

9. Eogifee Ceiling Fan Remote Control to Replace Hampton Bay UC7078T

Eogifee offers a ceiling fan remote control which is a replacement remote for Hampton Bay UC7078T. This remote is not only compatible with Hampton Bay ceiling fans but also with Harbor Breeze fans too.

It features two options or buttons to control the power of the fan (on/off) and speed of the fan (low, medium, high). The light system can also be controlled with the help of this device.

10. Anderic Replacement Universal Remote Control

It is a high-quality original anderic which is similar to the Hampton Bay UC7078T model. It comes with universal qualities, it means that it can be used for a number of ceiling fans with up and downlights. It features light (on/off), fan (off/low/med/high) and downlights (on/off/dim) options. The manufacturer of this product offers a 1-year warranty. The installation instructions are also simple and easy.

11. Ecoobay Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Ecoobay ceiling fan remote is another option to consider while finding a Hampton Bay ceiling fan replacement remote for your fan. It is another universal ceiling fan remote that is compatible with a number of ceiling fans model including Hunter fans, Harbor Breeze and Hampton Bay.

The company also offers a 1-year replacement warranty and they guarantee high-quality products. It can control all 3 speeds of the fan (low, medium and high). The light dimmer button is also available to control or dim the lights.

Are Hampton Bay remotes universal?

Yes, there are some Hampton Bay remotes that are universal and add exceptional functionality to your ceiling fan. Hampton Bay universal remote can control the speed of the ceiling fan, the light of the ceiling fans and they also have dimming options to adjust the light. They are compatible with LED, CFL and incandescent light bulbs. Comfort breeze setting is also offered by such models and they alternate the breeze effect randomly and also suitable for other major brands like Harbor Breeze and Hunter.

How to program a Hampton Bay remote?

Programming a Hampton Bay Remote can be another task to consider while changing a remote. It means that you have to program your remote control in order to control your ceiling fan even if it is not made for the model. This is how you will do it:

  • Remove the battery cover of the remote and find the dip switches (usually labeled No 1-4 in most remotes)
  • Using a screwdriver or a pointed object, slide the dip switch to match the combination of your ceiling fan receiver
  • Insert the battery into the compartment and replace the cover.


We hope that you have found a replacement remote for your Hampton Bay ceiling fan. If you are looking for a remote replacement for any other companies then you can also see the above options which are not only compatible with this brand but also compatible with other major brands as well. The models are easy to install, easy to use, durable and affordable. Some of the models offer up light and down light control features. So pick the best Hampton Bay Remote for your ceiling fan.

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