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Hampton Bay St Regis Ceiling Fan

hampton bay st regis ceiling fan

Hampton Bay St. Regis ceiling fan comes with an antique bronze finish and the looks of this fan are also antique.

It is antique that is why it is an ideal choice for older home décor styles, the alabaster glass dome that is Spanish style does the job.

Hampton bay St Regis ceiling fan has 5 blades that are reversible with options of Dark Teak/Cherry that can add beauty to any décor color schemes you want to use.

The 14 degree blade pitch enables the fan to generate good amount of air, especially with the 60-inch blades.

Hampton Bay St Regis 60-Inch ceiling fan hugs the ceiling with 4.5 inch downrod. We also recommend another unit, have a look at another unit Glendale ceiling fan due to its airflow efficiency and ease of use.

This particular ceiling fan also has two integrated light kits. The light is integrated in the Spanish alabaster glass dome that gets candelabra lights of 15W, a downlight uses T4 Halogen lightbulb.

This beautifully designed ceiling fan comes with a remote control feature to allow you to control the fan speeds as well as the lights.

Hampton Bay St. Regis Ceiling Fan Features:

  • The blades have the pitch of 14-degree.
  • The fan provides super airflow with 5 Blades of 60 inches
  • It has 4 1/2 inch downrod that is easy to install
  • Spanish style Alabaster Glass
  • It also has an integrated Candelabra Uplight using 16 – 15W Bulbs
  • Integrated Halogen Downlight using 1 – 50W T4 Bulb
  • Handheld remote control feature to make it Easy-To-Use
  • Powerful Motor 189 x 25

Hampton Bay St Regis Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts & Repairs

If you want to repair your Hampton Bay Regis fan or want its replacement parts, go through the diagram to know which part you need before making a call to anyone.

When you figure out the part, we recommend our helpful guide on replacement parts to find Hampton Bay St Regis ceiling fan parts.

Ceiling Fan Turns Slowly

There are some problems we have found while writing this review that Hampton Bay St Regis ceiling fan turns the blades so slowly when operating.

The beautiful 60-inch blades are beautiful and it will be hard on this unit to not use it for this issue.

You need to ensure the voltage and the wiring to check whether they are fine or not.

St Regis ceiling fan comes with a handheld and wall remote control, so hold the speed on the remote down on high and see if it rotates any faster.

If the above steps do not fix the problem, it means that your unit’s capacitor is bad or the ceiling fan receiver is bad, so you may need a replacement for it.

How to Install the St Regis Ceiling Fan without the Light Kit

The St Regis ceiling fan by Hampton Bay can be installed with or without light kit, it can be installed without the light kit if you prefer it.

The ceiling fan is compatible with a beautiful light kit, however, the company also offers a decorative cover if you do not want to install the light kit. The manual is available in this post and you can download it below, comes with all the instructions if you prefer this kind of installation.

Here is a quick overview:

  1. Loosen the centre screw that is present on the light plate
  2. Attach the decorative cover to the light plate gently but firmly now secure it using a screw.
  3. Lastly, ensure that there is no lightbulb inside the light plate when you start installation of the decorative cover.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to ensure that there are no light bulbs in the light plate before you start the assembly procedure mentioned above.

Download the Hampton Bay St. Regis Ceiling Fan Manual

Click the link below to download St Regis ceiling Fan Manual in PDF. You need an adobe PDF reader or Google Chrome browser to view the PDF manual.

Please Click Here to Download Hampton Bay St Regis 60 Ceiling Fan Manual

Note: Although it is one of Hampton Bay discontinued ceiling fans but you can still get St Regis fan parts and repairs done. The manual is also shared above.

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Please note: Hampton Bay has discontinued the St Regis Ceiling Fan but you can still get replacement parts and repairs done. The manual is also still available in this post.

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