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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Not Working? Definitive Troubleshooting Guide & Replacements

harbor breeze remote not working

If your harbor breeze ceiling fan remote control is not working then this article will help you to fix your remote or replace it with a similar or universal model. It will work just as same as the original ones. After doing a lot of research we have found common problems with their best solutions and replacements. We have added all of them in this definitive guide and you will get to know how to fix your harbor breeze remote or replace it so get started.

When it comes to Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote troubleshooting, the most common issue is a surge of power that may have killed the batteries of the remote or cleared its memory. To fix the issue, you need a remote battery replacement for the remote or re-sync your remote to the receiver.

It was the shortest version of your problems but to know how to resync your harbor breeze remote to the receiver with other possible problems that can become the cause of your harbor breeze remote control is not working then go through this article. We are going to give you the best replacement for the best price too. To do the resyncing process, you should know that where the learn button is on the remote and how to use it properly.

We have also added some pictures to give you the helpful ideas to identify the issue with your remote and also how to fix the issue as well.

Where is The Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Learn Button & How To Resync the remote?

Harbor breeze ceiling fan remote learn button is located at the back of the remote near or beside the battery. To approach the learn button, you need to remove the back cover of the remote. The learn button can sync the remote control to the fan.

harbor breeze ceiling fan remote learn button
harbor breeze ceiling fan remote learn button

The newer versions of Harbor Breeze remotes come with a learn button instead of multiple dip switches. The newer model may have 1 dipswitch that can be switched to 0 or 1. The remote control can be operational with any ceiling fan within the range of 40 feet if it is switched to 0.

If you set the Harbor Breeze remote dipswitch to 1 and press “learn” then it will find a unique code for this remote and the nearby ceiling fan. We recommend that you switch off all the ceiling fans, otherwise, they will also be considered in the unique code and they will also be operated from this remote.

You can do the same for another ceiling fan, switch on the fan, and switch off all the other fans that are close by. Use another remote and press the ‘learn’ button and then it will find a unique code specifically for this fan.

Just keep in mind while using the ‘learn’ button, make sure that you have turned off the main power to the fan, then turn it back on again. Within 30 seconds, use a screw driver or similar tool to press and hold the “learn” button on the remote for at least 3 seconds. Harbor Breeze ceiling fan will turn on and the lights of the unit will blink three times (if the light kit is installed), this shows that the synchronization is successful.

There is another point you need to know the ‘learn’ button is the reset button.

If your harbor breeze ceiling fan is not syncing with the remote, hold the ‘learn’ button while pressing the fan speed and light button at the same time located on the front of the remote.

How Do I Reset My Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote?

Turn off the power then turn it back on and then push the ‘reset’ or ‘learn’ button under the back cover of your remote control to reset your Harbor Breeze fan remote. You need to hold the reset button until the light comes on and the fan speed goes to medium.

If you have a newer remote control that has a ‘learn’ button then follow the above instructions to sync your remote and fan if required. if your ceiling fan remote is older then make sure you select the same dip switch settings on your remote as well as on your fan. Usually, the newer ceiling fan units do not have dip switches on the fan, which shows that you need to ensure that every remote is set on different dip switch settings before you press the “Learn” button. For instance, if your remote contains four dip switches numbered 1 to 4 and you set it all of them to 0 position, then you turn on the light if it has one and turn on your ceiling fan, and press the ‘learn’ button. When the remote and fan are synced the ceiling fan light will blink thrice.

After that, when it comes to the next ceiling fan remote, I would prefer unique combination of dip switch settings, for instance, dip switch 1 I would set to 1 and the rest to 0.  Use the ‘learn’ button to sync the following, which means using the same method.

Just keep in mind it is only for remotes that contain dip switches. Some do not come with dip switches or some contain only one dip switch so you need to set to 1 and after that you need to generate a unique code by holding the ‘learn’ button and it will be for each fan.

If you have any confusion go through the manual that came with your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan.

You can also check our guide on the different possible dip switch setting combinations: Dip Switch Settings for Your Ceiling Fan

Common Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Problems & How To Fix Them

Below we have discussed common issues with Harbor Breeze remote with the best fixes that we were able to find as a solution. We have not listed the solutions in any particular order so you need to go through this article to find out the problems and solutions relevant to your situation.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Light Stays On

Your Harbor Breeze remote’s light will stay on if the remote’s button is stuck in the pressed position. You need to press the button again lightly to free them from the previous condition (pressed).

If this does not turn off the light of the remote, you should access the remote control compartment by opening it and check the rubber buttons to ensure that the rubber contact of the switches on contact is not stuck. To do that, you have to go through them one by one and try to free them if they are stuck. You may have to use some alcohol to clean its connecting points to prevent the grime or dirt resulting the switch to stay stuck with the switch. After completing it, reassemble the remote to check if the light turned off on it.

If the above solution failed to fix your remote, it will be wise to get a replacement remote. You can also find out our suggestions on this post as well as on other posts on our website to find a replacement Harbor Breeze remote.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Not Responding To Remote Control

If your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan is not responding to the remote, it might be happening because of a loose wire inside the receiver, a burnt-out receiver, or your remote may need to be resynced or reprogrammed with the fan.

The receiver will be found within the ceiling fan housing near the ceiling. Turn of the power to the fan if you are willing to change the receiver unit. It should be done before dismantling and reinstalling the new receiver on the unit. even if you are inspecting the wiring and making sure everything is in proper connection, then you have to switch off the electricity to the fan before you do that, otherwise, our recommendation is to hire a electrician to do this job.

If your remote needs resetting or resyncing then go through the portion above with the heading of ‘How Do I Reset My Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote’ where we have explained it in detail.

How Do You Program a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote?

To program a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote, you will have to set the dip switches on the remote to make it compatible with the ceiling fan or use the ‘learn’ button on the remote.

The process is very easy and straightforward and is discussed in depth above under the resetting the ceiling fan.

If your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan contains dip switches then your task is to ensure that dip switch settings on the ceiling fan should be similar to the remote. You can find the ceiling fan dip switch settings on the remote receiver available on the ceiling fans housing near the ceiling.

Just keep in mind that electrical work should be performed by a certified electrician.

What Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Battery Size Do You Need for Your Remote?

Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control’s battery size is an A23 12-volt battery.

The battery size will be different if you will use a Universal Remote. Some universal remotes that are compatible with Harbor Breeze ceiling fans use AAAA batteries and others may accept a 9-volt battery, so it is ideal to go through the manual that came with your remote or fan.

Will a Harbor Breeze Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Work Fine?

A Harbor Breeze Universal ceiling fan remote can work fine with your unit if you are using the right model remote.

Many users get universal remotes as a replacement that can function properly. We have also got remotes in this guide on ‘Harbor Breeze Remote’.

Go through the listing of the remote before you make the decision of buying it as the manufacturer may have described the limitations of the remote and what requirements your ceiling fan will need. After doing a little research, you will be able to land on the matching remote control that is compatible with your fan.

For instance, if you were to buy this: Eogifee 35T Ceiling Fan Remote Control Replacement, though it is a Universal Remote but it is made for Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, your task is to make sure that the original remote contains FCCID: L3HFAN35T1 or L3HFAN35T written on the back of the remote or the original model of remote is either FAN-35T, FAN53T, KUJCE9103, FAN-11T or FAN-HD5.

How to Get a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Replacement

The first place to find a Harbor Breeze replacement remote is our website and the second one is Lowes because they are the main distributor and Litex Industries makes Harbor Breeze ceiling fans.

We have covered the subject in detail of how to contact Lowes and Litex Industries in our article: Who Makes Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

We would suggest that check our website first to find the remote for your fan as a replacement that is compatible with your unit. we have listed a wide range of remotes on our website. Alternatively, Lowes’ website contains limited replacement remotes.

To look on our website, we would suggest our article on ‘Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote’. This guide contains a lot of options, especially the universal remotes.

Before you get it, it is imperative to go through the description of the sellers to ensure that remote is compatible with your specific model. They are available at reasonable price and there is another benefit of that is the reviews of other users. They will tell their experience how the remote is working with any specific/particular model.

After going through our guide, if you are not able to locate the appropriate remote control, it will be ideal to contact Litex Industries. We have mentioned the details above how to contact them and you can also check other details here: Harbor Breeze Replacement Parts

What Is a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote app?

The remote app for a ceiling fan is available at the app store to download which helps your ceiling fan to be controlled via your smartphone.

You need to get a Bluetooth remote to make it happen or get a universal remote that is compatible and helps you to connect to android.

To do that, check these Universal Remotes here.

The smartphone and remote will be paired so you can control and adjust your fan. You will also find the Universal remote in our article that is Wifi and Smart enabled.

To make your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan wifi enabled and fully remote operatable, you have to add a smart fan controller to it. It will allow you to alter the speed of your fan and lighting settings via your smartphone.

What Is a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Kit?

A Harbour Breeze ceiling fan remote kit comes with a handheld remote and a receiver that will fit into the housing of the ceiling fan so the user can control it using a remote.

You have to go through the descriptions of the seller to find out which remote kit is suitable and compatible with your ceiling fan. These kits are also capable of turning a ceiling fan into remote controlled which are generally are not controlled by a remote. But to do that, you have to get the right kit for this job, and read the requirements of the seller.

How To Install a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Three colored wires are available in the ceiling fan canopy and you will be able to locate them after opening it. the black wire is for power to the fan and blue wire will power the light and the white is the neutral one. To install remote control, you need to attach the receiver to these wires.

Safety Measures Before You Begin

A piece of advice, if you are not familiar with the electric work, it is highly recommended to get a certified electrician to do the wire connections.

Before you begin, you need to ensure that electricity is switched off to the fan. Just keep in mind that the breaker should be turned off to restrict the power supply.

Let’s Get Started

Use the screwdriver to remove the screws that are holding the canopy of the fan. after removal, you have to confidently identify the ceiling fan wiring with the associated hanging bracket that is fixed to the fan’s electrical box.

Next, You Will Have To Recognize the Wires

Find the white wires that connect the electrical box to the fan. pull those two white wires and separate them by pulling. Untwist the white wire from the electrical box and disconnect it. the procedure will be followed for the blue wire and black wire. You will also locate the green wire, do not disconnect that one.

The new receiver will contain the same black, blue and white wires which are similar to the wires inside the fan’s canopy. A ceiling fan side will be available in the receiver and it will be market, the receiver also shows the labels to identify the motor wire, light kit wire and the neutral wire.

You will also see a black, white and blue wire on the opposite side of the remote receiver that you will have to connect to the corresponding color on the electrical box of fan.

Connect The Wires

Match the wires of the receiver to the wires of an electrical box. Match all the wire colors and ensure it and then, on each pair of connected wires, use a wire connector. The last thing is to connect the white and black wires on the remote receiver to the similar colored wires on the fan’s electrical box. After matching and making connection to all the wires, you can place put the remote receiver behind the bracket of fan.

Test the Ceiling Fan and Remote

Secure the canopy using the screws. Switch on the power to inspect that the ceiling fan is working. If the ceiling fan is functioning properly, then test the remote.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Are Harbor Breeze Fan Remotes Universal?

If the ceiling fan unit contains a receiver, Harbor Breeze fan remotes are universal. To upgrade your non-remote ceiling fan, you can also get remote control receiver kits.

Where is the Model Number on Harbor Breeze Fan?

The Harbor Breeze model number is available on the ceiling fan motor. You can also locate the model number on the inside cover where the battery is found of the included remote.

How Do I Turn My Fan On Without a Remote?

To turn on your ceiling fan without a remote, you need to use a pull chain. You can also get them easily online as well as at local hardware stores.

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