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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Light Replacement

Looking for Harbor Breeze light replacement? We need to ask you three questions first:

  1. Do you want a replacement for a burnt out bulb?
  2. Do you want a replacement for a glass globe or light dome?
  3. Are you working on changing the actual light that attaches to the fan?

1. Changing a burnt out light bulb

Let’s go through the process of replacing a burnt-out light bulb, these are the steps you need to follow. The easiest way to know about the issue is – the light was functional and it just burnt out. So its time to change the light bulb of your fan.

How to Change a Burnt Light Bulb?

Here is a step by step guide to perform the task:

Turn off the fan as well as the light – so you prevent the possibility of electrocute yourself!

Find a step ladder and place it underneath the fan – unless you are super tall, we mean that 7 feet taller in height. There are some exceptional people who have this height.

Put the step ladder a little to side of the fan to prevent your head from hitting on it. At times, your light kit comes with a globe that also attach to the fan.

Generally, where the globe attaches to the fan, it has two screws to snug it, at times more than that but generally it comes with two screws. Unscrewing will result in removing the globe. To perform this task, you need to make sure that you keep one hand on the globe and one hand on the screwdriver when you do this task. If you need an extra pair of hands, ask someone to help you to prevent any loss.

If there are no screws on the globe, it means it is already unscrewed. Do not too much energy or pressure on the globe, apply less pressure to see whether it can be turned or not.

If you have turned the globe and remove it, now you can also remove the blub by unscrewing it and replace it with ease. After changing it, put the globe back in the same way you removed it.

2. Replacing a Broken Light Dome or Glass Globe

If a glass globe or light dome is broken, it can be a frustrating thing to know. It could have been broken by accident, it is because no one wants to broke it willingly right? It can also be broken if you were screwing the globe back and it fell out and broke. It can happen to anyone.

Do you want to replace a Harbor Breeze light dome or glass globe?

If yes, you need to follow the same process we discussed above. In this case, you don’t need to unscrew anything because it is already broken. You will have to find a Harbor breeze replacement globe or you can try to glue it to fix it. some super glue can help you in this if the globe is not badly broken.

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