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Harbor Breeze Glass Bowls

Harbor breeze glass bowl is a shade that supports the light kit. Many of the glass bowls by Harbor Breeze come with a beautiful design. Some of them are highly reviewed by the customers.

A glass bowl is similar to a glass shade and it can be dropped and smashed on the floor so be careful while handling it. It can happen to anyone who will try to replace the glass shade or glass bowl on their own. It is highly recommended that you get a partner while performing this task. It is because while changing it or removing it, you will need an extra pair of hands. Two pairs of hands will hold the bowl and the other two will secure the bowl to the fan. The same is the case when you try to unfasten it, you need someone to hold it unless you complete the task.

Warning: When you will unfasten the Harbor Breeze glass bowl, it will drop. So get a helper to do this.

Types of Glass Bowls

  1. Frosted Glass Bowls
  2. Mosaic Glass Bowls

Frosted Glass Bowls

This glass bowl comes with a frosty finish and they provide popular designs, people consider it while buying a glass bowl for themselves. A number of lamp shade-makers are making frosted glass lamp shades. It is because it is neither very costly to purchase nor to manufacture. The frosted glass comes with its advantages. It is made of tapered glass and if it breaks or smashes, there is a great chance that it will not smash into small pieces. If your frosted glass bowl is smashed, you need to go through it to make sure if it is in just a few pieces or plenty. If it does not have many cracks, you can glue it to put it in one place. Use super glue because they are considered as strong adhesives. However, if it is in plenty of pieces, it is not worth it to glue it and it is also not doable.

Mosaic Glass Bowl

A mosaic glass bowl is similar to stained glass, it includes a design or pattern that can become the part of it. Each piece of this type of glass bowl comes with design. It can break with ease as compared with other types of glass. Mosaic glass is not stronger than frosted glass, it can break easily, it is also thinner, it can get damaged with ease. Additionally, one cannot repair it as well using the glue or any other adhesives.

Another disadvantage of using a Mosaic glass bowl is that it is heavier than a frosted glass bowl. Again, it is recommended to get a helper before you mount or unmount this type of glass bowl.

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