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Best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Reviews

harbor breeze ceiling fan reviews

Harbor breeze is one of the reliable brands available in the market and it manufactures great ceiling fans for its customers. If you want to buy a ceiling fan of their brand, go through this post on Harbor Breeze ceiling fan reviews before you get one.

Ceiling fan is a necessity on the hot summer days of the year. They do not consume much electricity unlike AC units but they can cool down the space effectively. Why choosing for only one season? Ceiling fan are also helpful in winters too. They work fine with AC to generate the airflow throughout the space, it enables you to turn up the thermostat a few degrees, they are energy efficient and provides excellent experience.

When you want to purchase a ceiling fan, you consider buying a ceiling fan from a brand. Users should always purchase a product from a reputable and reliable brand in the market. Harbor Breeze is considered one of the reputable brands that made great ceiling fans. Check the reviews of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans before you make a decision to buy one.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Reviews

ImageProductRecommended  Price
Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze Ii 74-in Oil-rubbed Bronze Outdoor Downrod Ceiling FanHarbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74″ Ceiling FanIndoors and OutdoorsCheck Price
harbor breeze mazon ceiling fanHarbor Breeze Mazon 44-Inch Flush Mount Ceiling FanIndoorsCheck Price
Alloy Two-Light 42″ Ceiling FanHarbor Breeze Alloy Two-Light 42″ Ceiling FanIndoorsCheck Price
Harbor Breeze Armitage 52-in White Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling FanHarbor Breeze Armitage 52″ Ceiling FanIndoorsCheck Price
Harbor Breeze 52 Classic Style Matte Black Ceiling FanHarbor Breeze Classic Ceiling Fan 52”IndoorsCheck Price
harbor breeze calera ceiling fanHarbor Breeze Calera 52″ Ceiling FanIndoorsCheck Price
Harbor Breeze Lake Placido 52-in Matte Black Ceiling FanHarbor Breeze Lake Placido 52″ Ceiling FanIndoorsCheck Price

1. Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74″ Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze 74-inch Twin Breeze fan is an award-winning ceiling fan in this list, it features a set of two ceiling fans, that feature makes it unique from other normal ceiling fans.

This ceiling fan is an ideal choice for everyone who wants to add a beautifully designed unit in the room with easy to install features and sufficient airflow for outdoors as well as for big rooms. The metallic casing of the fan covers the motor and the blades contain beautiful handcrafted wood. This combination attracts the users, and makes it a beautiful unit. It is designed in oil-rubbed bronze that is an ideal color to match with any décor. In addition, it also has an integrated light kit located at the center of the fan and it needs two bulbs with Candelabra base type E-12.

Twin Breeze comes with 6 blades (3 on each side of the light kit) of about 74-inch in size and made for large indoors and outdoors spaces of more than 400 sq. ft. What makes it an attractive choice is its energy efficiency feature; it offers the best performance with low power consumption. That is why you do not have to worry about the bills of electricity. The motor has 3-speed settings to make sure the ideal air circulation for your space. In addition, the reversible AC motor can generate the airflow of 4450 CFM. The airflow efficiency of this Harbor Breeze model is 57 CFM per watt.

The ceiling fan hangs 15.3 inches below the ceiling and it does not have a remote control. However, you can use the pull chain to control the ceiling fan including speed and light. It is the best option due to its excellent reputation and its cost.

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2. Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-Inch Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Mazon 44-inch fan is one of the favorite choices of ours and the list of best Harbor breeze ceiling fan reviews cannot be completed without it. The fan offers a mixture of classic and minimal look with a sleek design. In addition, the performance of Mazon fan is efficient as well as powerful too. It comes with a lighting kit to make it an ideal option for interior décor, the fan will be able to add a great sense of beauty to your home as well as office. The lighting kit has the dimmable feature along with an integrated 18 watts LED module that offers ample amount of brightness. The handheld remote comes with a wall cradle that enables you to control the light and speed of the ceiling fan from anywhere and whenever you want. Since it is a flush mount ceiling fan, the cooling effect can be felt in the home or office without even noticing it.

The fan is comparatively small, with its three blades of 42-inch size. The high performance motor offers right amount of cooling in a 100 square feet room. It provides 3-speed levels: low, medium and high, generates a maximum airflow of 4545 CFM. Another interesting feature of this ceiling fan is a reversible motor that enables the fan to shift from downdraft mode to the updraft mode throughout the year. If you want to save the energy cost like us, you should consider buying this fan. The light kit consumes 18 watts, at full speed, the fan only consumes 58 watts of electricity that is pretty impressive isn’t it?

Harbor Breeze Mazon comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor and 2-year warranty on the parts, this deal is the best deal to value the money.

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3. Alloy Two-Light 42″ Ceiling Fan

The look of this ceiling fan is exquisite with effortless design, that is why it is one of the top-selling ceiling fans on Amazon By Harbor Breeze. Alloy Ceiling fan has the ability to improve the aesthetics of any place but it is ideal for indoor use and cannot be used for outdoor use as it would rust. The fan has 3 blades which are 42-inch long blades therefore, it is ideal for rooms measuring up to 144 square feet (12 x 12 feet). The blades can move in both directions, which means that they are reversible. In winter, when the fan runs in the reverse direction, it generates warm air to keep the room warm. The reversible feature of the ceiling fan makes it a handsome investment, it will save money and can be used all year in all seasons.

The measurement of the steel motor is 153 mm by 10mm with a dual capacitor. If you are living in an area that changes the temperature drastically, this is an ideal choice for you. It enables three speeds: high, medium and low which are easy to control. What we consider the important feature of this fan is the energy consumption; the usage of electricity is about 51 watts when the light kit is not on. This energy consumption means 80 CFM per watt. It includes two light fixtures: 78 inches lead wire and ¾ inch by 4 inches downrod. The lighting kit comes with 2 candelabra bases that consume 40 watts G16-1/2 light bulbs.

Harbor Breeze Alloy ceiling fan offers a lifetime warranty on the motor and 2-years warranty on the parts. This fan is certainly worth buying.

4. Harbor Breeze Armitage 52″ Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Armitage is a 52-inch white indoor ceiling fan that is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to get peaceful air circulation along with saving energy cost. The design of this fan is elegant yet simple, the design can improve the beauty of any space where you install it. In addition, it is only made in a white finish that is why it is suitable for any interior décor.

An alabaster light kit is also available with the ceiling fan and it is available on the center of the fan with LED bulbs that use 6.5 watts. It is energy efficient as well as provide ample illumination. It assembles with 5 blades measuring 52-inches in size, that is why it can also create adequate amount of air in large rooms with a size of about 400 sq ft. It is low profile and does not have a downrod, in case you want to cool your room that has a ceiling height of 8 feet, we suggest this ceiling fan by Harbor Breeze.

The reverse airflow feature enables the users to change the blade rotation direction when they want. In winter months, you can get the hot air in the ceiling with the saving of almost 10% of the electricity bills. The motor also works efficiently and runs smoothly, additionally, it is also well-lubricated so it can function without any noise. The 3-speed feature which can be controlled with the help of a pull chain. Another reason to recommend this ceiling fan from this brand is because it works fast and it is easy as well as safe to install it.

You should buy this ceiling fan to get the value for your money, in addition, the lifetime warranty is also available on the motor and 1-year warranty on the parts by Harbor Breeze.

5. Harbor Breeze Classic Ceiling Fan 52”

Harbor Breeze Classic ceiling fan is a unique style fan that has a stylish and minimal design. We have added it to the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan reviews list due to its classic design, if you are looking for a fan with a classic design, this is the unit you need. It is an indoor fan that does not have a light kit, it is compatible with the light kits (sold separately).

Check Harbor Breeze Light Kits to Get one for this unit

Universal light kit can be installed with this ceiling fan and the above link can lead you to your destination. It is in matte black finish, it will add more beauty to your room if it already has bright colors. A high quality metallic casing that covers the motor and it is rust resistant to protect the motor from any damage. Due to its bright color, one can hardly notice the dust on the fan.

Harbor Breeze 52-inch Classic ceiling fan comes with five wooden blades. The 52-inch size blades with high performance motor enable it to provide adequate air in large rooms of up to 400 square feet. It comes with 3-speed levels: low, medium and high, with a capacity of generating 5187 CFM maximum airflow. In addition, the reversible motor also offers mode changing facilities, you can change the downdraft mode to the updraft mode throughout the year. As a result you save money. An additional 4-inch L-down rod enables the users to install it on standard or angle mount level. If you are dealing with angled ceiling, it is an ideal choice for you.

When it rotates at high speed, it consumes only 59 watts of electricity. It does not have a remote control but you can control it with the help of a pull chain. In addition, the installation of this classic ceiling fan is easy and fast.

The seller gives a lifetime warranty on the motor and 1-year warranty on the parts, it is cost effective choice in this list of ceiling fans.

6. Harbor Breeze Calera 52″ Ceiling Fan

The very first look of this artistic and antique Calera ceiling fan attracts you and inspires you. It offers an aged bronze finish that can improve the aesthetics of indoor and outdoor space. The fan contains a durable metallic design that makes it dustproof as well as waterproof, thus it is an ideal choice for outdoor use.

Calera Aged Bronze indoor/outdoor 52-inch ceiling fan comes with 5 blades of 52-inch in size, that makes it provide air circulation in about 400 square feet of large areas. It has the ability to generate 5497 CFM airflow.

The motor of this ceiling fan is of high quality and efficient that offers 3-speed levels: low, medium and high. In addition, the motor also enables you to change the rotation direction according to the weather conditions, thus save you cost. If you are looking for a unit that is noise free, we highly suggest this fan, it functions quietly and smoothly that one hardly notice it.

The ceiling fan neither has a remote control nor a lighting kit, however, you can purchase a light kit separately here and add it to your existing ceiling fan to get the desired brightness or lighting in your area. When it comes to controlling system, it does have a pull-chain but if you need a remote control to control the air, you can get one here.

It can be installed as a flush mount, it means that it can also work as the flush mount ceiling fan from Harbor Breeze. The package contains 4-inch downrod that means it is suitable for areas with 7-10 feet height. We highly suggest this ceiling fan due to its less energy consumption and good quality.

Calera fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the motor and 1-year warranty on the parts.

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7. Harbor Breeze Lake Placido 52″ Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Lake Placido 52-inch fan has astonishing looks when we put it together. A light kit is also placed in the middle of the fan to offer a vintage look that can match any décor. The light kit uses 3 bulbs with a Candelabra base (E-12). The lighting provides a smooth and subtle glow to improve the illumination of the room. In addition, the motor of the fan comes in a metallic casing that is weather resistant while the blades come with handcrafted wood. The blade comes in a black case and two finishes cinnamon/mocha that can add beauty to any room.

This 52-inch Harbor Breeze ceiling fan contains 5 blades that are weather resistant and made for flush mount installation purpose. To improve the air quality for a room with 8-12 feet ceiling height, this ceiling fan from this brand comes handy. An additional downrod of 4-inch is also included to increase the circulation of air significantly. The blades can move in updraft as well as downdraft mode too. Rotating the fan in the reverse direction can save the electricity cost of up to 40% during the winter season.

The motor of the fan is efficient and low noise, it generate the maximum airflow of 5100 CFM. It has an airflow efficiency of 76 CFM per watt, how good is that? It is an ideal choice for outdoors or for large rooms that has more than 400 square feet size. In addition, the fan has a pull-chain that can control the speed of the fan and light. The fan comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor.

Who makes Harbor Breeze ceiling fans?

Harbor Breeze ceiling fan company is a part of Lowe’s, it has been selling the brand of Harbor Breeze since 2019. Lowe’s is another store that has become one of the leading stores in USA and it came into existence in 1946. However, the manufacturer of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fans is the Litex industry located in Texas. The Litex industry has been handling the work of ceiling fans since 2019. They try to offer unique designs to make it suitable for every kind of buyer, they make the design and hand over it to the suppliers.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fan company offers the best in terms of quality regardless of the cost, whether they are expensive ones or cheapest ones. They guarantee to give value to your money no matter which model you purchase.

Final Words

After going through this list of Harbor Breeze ceiling fans reviews, let us know which one is your favorite or which ceiling fan of this company you like in the comment section. This ceiling fan company is becoming one of the best suppliers when it comes to sell best ceiling fans. The units from this brand are high quality and pocket friendly too. Everyone selects the model of its own choice keeping in view the needs and preferences. It is mandatory to note that all outdoor ceiling fans can work as indoor too.

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