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Harbor breeze ceiling fan remote is one of the replacement parts of Harbor Breeze people search for. Ceiling fan remote is not only an important part for Harbor Breeze but also important for every brand like Hampton Bay. The ceiling fan remote suddenly stop working and they are also easy to lose. However, if you are looking for a Harbor Breeze remote, you should go through Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote troubleshooting first.

The remote control comes with 3-speed settings, and two directions such as reverse and forward. These are the most basic features that every remote control has, the same rule applies to the wall remotes, the same basic features come with all the remotes.

Harbor Breeze remote replacement can be used when you have lost your remote or your remote control is not working anymore even after doing the troubleshooting.

Hold the light button on the remote to operate the dimmer on the remote. The light kit will be dim up or down and the ceiling fan remote may have a reset button within the remote, it depends on the remote control. If you have got a new fan, turn the power on and press the reset button. Hold it until the light turns on and the fan goes to medium speed.

One can buy multiple ceiling fans for its home, it is also possible that there is a conflict develop with the remote. The user needs to reprogram each fan until he removes the conflict.

Benefits of Using a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote

The remote control of this brand is getting popular by and by, the users want to buy it due to its easy installation process, ability to control the temperature of the room, low maintenance and it is also inexpensive in respect of its cost and energy consumption.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote instruction manual allows the users to install it with ease, if you are unable to do it, you can also hire a professional to do the task.

You need to know some basic facts regarding remote control before we dive into the merits of Harbor Breeze remote:

  • One should not use the remote under damp conditions as it is a strictly indoors item.
  • Make sure that the green or bare colored wire is in its place and that the outlet box is well-grounded.
  • The remote control is made for the purpose of controlling a fan with an electrical source of AC 110/120V, 60Hz.

A Remote control can be used to control the fan using these buttons:

  1. On/Off: This button on remote enables you to turn on and off the fan. Long press the button to turn on or off.
  2. Speed Control: This feature of remote allows you to set the desired speed of your fan from 1-6.
  3. Light On/Off: This feature of remote control is for those ceiling fans that come with light kits feature, you can turn on or off the lights.
  4. Sleep Timer: Set the timer to turn off the fan after 2, 4 or 8 hours.
  5. Delayed Light Off: Another feature of remote that can delay the turning off lights by a minute to make sure you exit the room safely.
  6. Seasonal Slide Switch: It is a very helpful feature to enable you to change the direction of the blade according to the season. Slide the switch to the right during the cold and to the left in summer.

If you remove the lid of the battery compartment, you will come across two options:

Dip Switch: It is to change the frequency of the signals, if the remote control is having difficulty in catching signals.

Learn: With this option, you can sync the remote control to the receiver.

You can also troubleshoot your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote to fix the problem. Troubleshooting guide will enable you to determine the reason and you will be able to fix the issue.

Universal Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remotes

If you are unable to find the relevant ceiling fan remote for your ceiling fan, we also have a Universal ceiling fan remote that will match your fan.

It can happen to older ceiling fans, regardless of the brand, it means that not only Harbor Breeze but also other brands like Hampton Bay and Hunter can also be affected. After going through all the procedures of finding a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote by going through the manual, going through this post, searching online, you have this last option of getting a universal remote.

All you need to do is to program the remote with your ceiling fan, also match the dip switch settings on the remote. Usually, a universal remote will work if it is from the same manufacturer.

Final Words:

With technology advancement, everyone wants to use the home appliances with ease and comfort, therefore, they search for the remote control to control the fan from their bed and couches. Don’t worry we have got your back.

Top Universal Ceiling Fan Remotes

I hope that you have found the best Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote for your ceiling fan. You may want to buy a new ceiling fan from this brand as well.

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