Harbor Breeze

Harbor Breeze Replacement Blade Arms

harbor breeze blade arms

Harbor breeze blade arms are another accessory you may need for your ceiling fan. The function of the blade arm is to hold the blade onto the ceiling fan. It stands between the fan blade and a ceiling fan. They have the ability to fasten the fan blades in one place. If the blades of the fan become loose or damaged, it is possible that the fan blade falls off and it can cause injury to someone in your home and even it can also trouble you.

We have gone through about a fan named Santa Ana, it came with this problem. After going through the complaints, they found out the blades would fly off, after doing the investigation, the manufacturer of the fans came to know that the item has faulty blade arms.

If your fan is making a wobbling noise and you think that the alignment of the blades is not correct, you must stop the fan and identify the problem.

The disassembling of the blades is not as difficult as the rest of the fan. When you will remove the blade holder from the fan or blade arm, you will have to remove the blade from the ceiling fan too. This is not a difficult task to perform, one can do this task using a simple screwdriver. We have listed Harbor Breeze replacement blade arms for your Harbor Breeze. You can buy them and you need to find the similar blade arms which you have now to hold the blades. If you will get the unmatching blade arms, it will not match your décor as well as your fan.

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