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Honeywell Carnegie Ceiling Fan: Manual, Reviews, Pricing

Honeywell Carnegie Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Carnegie Ceiling Fan Review – Manual

Honeywell is another famous and eminent company that has been serving the household owners for years. The headquarters of the company is located in Morris Plains of New Jersey, they have been building trust among the customers with its undeniable best performing ceiling fans, air conditioners, lights, dehumidifiers, thermostats and so on.

Let’s talk about this Honeywell indoor LED ceiling fan that makes it one of the best-selling ceiling fans on Amazon. This ceiling fan offers industrial features, go through the whole review with pros and cons to decide if is it worth buying?

Honeywell Ceiling Fan 50614 Review

This 52-inch ceiling fan by Honeywell is ideal for almost all kinds of rooms whether it is a standard ceiling, low ceiling or sloped ceiling. It can be installed that is the ideal feature of this fan that makes it unique and attractive. After taking into account the design features of this Honeywell 52-inch ceiling fan, let’s go through the technical features. It comes with Edison bulbs that are three in number E26/B10 LED bulbs. The life span of these bulbs is more or less 25,000 hours. Honeywell company has introduced LED bulbs in this Carnegie ceiling fan and they are also dimmable. Honeywell light kits of this ceiling fan make it an attractive choice. Honeywell Carnegie LED ceiling fan has a reversible motor to allow you to use the fan in summer as well as in winter.


  • Industrial Ceiling Fan
  • Reversible Motor
  • Remote Control
  • Alexa Compatible
  • LED Bulbs
  • Tri-Mount Compatible
  • Quiet Performance
  • Bronze Material

Industrial Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Carnegie LED ceiling fan is a multi-purpose ceiling fan, it has an industrial body design. This design allows it to be used in commercial as well as for industrial purposes, it can also be used in homes. This ceiling fan from Honeywell is suitable for indoor use only. The rustic Barnwood blades offer the feel of wood. The bronze finish motor also makes it a modern fan and the looks of the fan are attractive when hanging from the ceiling. Honeywell 52-inch LED ceiling fan comes in dual finishes including chestnut and rough pine color. All the design and finishes of the ceiling fans make it a trendsetting ceiling fan.

LED Bulbs

With the advanced technology, ceiling fans have also become advanced, come with ceiling fan lights to save the extra cost on light bulbs. It means when you will invest in a ceiling fan, the LED bulbs will add illumination as well as save the money. This type of lighting fixture add extra beauty to your bedroom. Honeywell Carnegie LED ceiling fan offers LED bulbs to serve the purpose. The light kit has three Edison bulbs of E26/B10 category. The question arises that are these bulbs match the quality of those bulbs which you buy externally. Well, it will. The LED bulbs come with a lifespan of 25000 hours that is more than an average bulb. In addition, the light kits are dimmable, it means if you do like bright lights, do not worry you can dim them to make them less bright. So it solves the problem of a ceiling fan as well as of light bulb.

Tri-Mount Compatible

Let us explain the meaning of tri-mount, if you do not have any idea about it or you may ask yourself what is tri-mount compatible. Everyone has different kind of interior, some of them may have low ceilings, some of them may have high ceilings, the rest of them will have angled ceiling. Every ceiling settings, a particular mounting for a fan is required. Every ceiling fan does not offer tri mount mounting feature but surprisingly Honeywell Carnegie ceiling fan comes with this feature. With the help of a Honeywell downrod, you can hang it in the high ceiling areas, with angled mount, you can also install the ceiling fan with a sloping roof.

Quiet Performance

Buying a ceiling fan that makes a lot of noise while rotating or running, it can be irritating for your ears. Sleeping under such units of ceiling fans can result in mild headaches to a severe migraine. So you should avoid buying such units. In addition, you need a noiseless fan for your place if you have a baby at home, if he/she will sleep, you will also get some peaceful sleep too. That is why, the makers of Honeywell 50614 Carnegie LED ceiling fan have also made a motor to provide noiseless operation. Now, the users will not have to wake up in the middle of the night due to the noise of a ceiling fan. It can also cause throbbing pain or your baby crying. The size of the ceiling fan is also ideal.

Reversible Motor

Honeywell Carnegie 52” indoor smart ceiling fan has a reversible motor and that makes it adaptable to the seasons, from summer to winter. It will generate the ideal airflow throughout the year. Honeywell ceiling fans 50614 with its reversible motor can change the airflow or direction of the airflow. In summer, you can get the cooling of a fan using the downdraft mode and using an updraft mode will help you to get the warm air in the winter season. So the fan will generate cool as well as hot air and you can change it according to the season.

Honeywell Carnegie Ceiling Fan Remote Control

No one wants to get up to change the speed or switch on/off the fan and leaving the comfort zone, especially in winter season. Honeywell Carnegie remote will help you to dim the lights, turn on/off them and you can do it without leaving the bed or couch. It means that you can change the speed while enjoying the rest/comfort zone. This Honeywell 3 blade ceiling fan also offers 3-speed settings on a remote to change the control whenever you want. The lights can also be controlled using this remote. Dim the lights of this industrial cage light ceiling fan, or can make the room bright as well.

Alexa Compatible

With the advancement of technology, everyone wants to add more and more features in the gadgets such as ceiling fans. Keeping this need in mind, the companies are making the best and up to date items for the customers. That is why, you will not be surprised to see this Alexa compatible feature in this Honeywell 52-inch ceiling fan. Voice control feature is also available to turn it on and off, you don’t have to get the remote control to do this. How good is that?

Bronze Material

Honeywell Carnegie 52-inch fan offers quality material and the fan is up to the standards and will meet your needs and satisfaction level. The company has used A grade metal and steel to increase the durability of the model.


Specification NameValue
Item Dimension23.1 x 14.8 x 9.3 inches
Item Weight20.4 pounds
Power SourceElectric, AC
Blade Size52-Inch
Item Model Number50614-01
ColorMatte Black
Material TypeSteel
Warranty period1 Year
Bulb TypeEdison LED
SizeIndustrial Cage Light
StyleCountry Rustic
Number of Blades5
Light kit IncludedYes
Remote ControlYes

Honeywell Carnegie Ceiling Fan Reviews

Honeywell Carnegie 50614 ceiling fan reviews are positive and it has 4.5 stars ratings out of 5 stars from 1304 customers. It means it is trusted by 1304 consumers, so what are you waiting for? Order it now.

Honeywell Carnegie ceiling fan Manual

Honeywell Carnegie ceiling fan installation is only possible with the help of the manual. Do not worry we have added the manual and you can download it below.



  • Limited lifetime warranty by Honeywell
  • Adequate amount of air flow and high quality product
  • 25,000 hours lifespan
  • Quiet performance for your convenience
  • This unit can also be used for industrial purposes.
  • Ideal for large rooms.
  • Can be used in both seasons.
  • Comes with triple mounting options.
  • Noise free operation.
  • Hard to install.

Final words

To sum up the Honeywell 50614 ceiling fan review, we need to tell you that it has become a popular and best-selling ceiling fan among the users of Amazon. The users trust this company because each ceiling fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This timeless-look ceiling fan offers an adequate amount of air, it means you can rely on this unit for years to come.

This eye-catching industrial ceiling fan has a LED light to make it attractive also offer a 4-inch downrod with a 54-inch lead wire if you want to complete the length. Honeywell Carnegie LED ceiling fan can be installed in large to medium size rooms.

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