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Honeywell Glencrest Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Glencrest Ceiling Fan

Honeywell 50615-01 Glencrest 52” Indoor & Outdoor Ceiling Fan Review

Product Overview

Honeywell Glencrest ceiling fan is an indoor and outdoor ceiling fan that is one of the high quality units of this company. It features an LED light kit that makes it more energy conservative as compared with other traditional light bulbs and are available in a clear seeded glass lens.

Honeywell 50615-01 Glencrest 52-inch ceiling fan is vintage inspired with warm, dark colors.

The blade span of this ceiling fan makes it usable in medium or large rooms and also features dampness resistance for outdoor use in patios too.

Honeywell Glencrest ceiling fan installation is easy, if you have its manual. It can be mounted flush with the ceiling, on a slanted ceiling with an angled down rod or using a standard downrod.

This 52-inch Honeywell ceiling fan features long-lasting high-performance ventilation for both indoor as well as outdoor. The timeless style of the fan makes it a beautiful addition to your bedroom or patio.

In short, it is long-lasting, beautiful and easy to install.


Vintage Style

This unique ceiling fan features a beautiful vintage style that makes it attractive for indoor and outdoor locations. It offers oil rubbed bronze metal components which comes with black, warm luxurious finish.

The beautiful wooden blades are available in teak/dark finishes with its unique clear seeded glass light fixture, it provides an elegant experience to your place.

The reversible blades are not provide dual function but they are also high quality made, it allows you to select a lighter or darker wood finish depending on your taste.

The candelabra style LED lighting bulbs offer dimmable feature. It is not like old boring ceiling fan, this fan offers wholesome style with its rich colors.

High Quality Made

Honeywell is a trusted brand that creates best ceiling fans, they create beautiful and long lasting fans with their years of experience in business.

All the ceiling fans are made from top materials that make them durable and safe. The company does not cut corners on quality of construction or materials, offer high-quality ceiling fans to provide lifetime excellent performance.

Quiet Operation

Nobody wants to hear the distracting noise as we hear from old ceiling fans. If you need to talk over the noise of the fan, you should replace the unit.

The latest ceiling fans from Honeywell are super quiet in operation, you don’t have to listen to the bad noises anymore. You will barely even notice that the ceiling fan is running, so your room will be ventilated without making a noise.

Honeywell ceiling fans come with quiet operation.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor

This Honeywell Glencrest ceiling fan is vintage-inspired ceiling fan that offers indoor and outdoor settings for house owners.

It has the ability to tolerate moisture and will not get damaged in outdoor areas. It means that it is an ideal choice for garages, patios, and pergolas.

The rustic appeal of the ceiling fan makes it a beautiful addition to any indoor or outdoor area.

LED Lighting

Glencrest ceiling fan comes with built-in light kit, the dimmable LED bulbs are also in the package. The candelabra style light bulbs are fixed in seeded, clear glass lens globe that adds beauty to the fan.

LED lighting is the modern trend and they also last a lot longer as compared with the traditional bulbs and also energy efficient. It saves money in energy bills as well as in light bulb replacements.

Powerful Motor

It features a super powerful and quiet motor. You can adjust the speed and the direction of the airflow. It features reversible function so you can optimize the ventilation of the area by changing the direction of airflow towards vent, window or draft. It comes with 3-speed settings to provide comfort as well as convenience.

Easy to Install

It is an ideal choice for medium to large rooms both indoors and outdoors. The installation is very easy and comes with versatile installation options to explore different ceilings. It can be installed on the standard downrod, angled for slope ceilings, or a smaller downrod that sits near to the ceiling for flush mount ceilings.

Not so Good

Its Finish May Not Match Your “Oil-Rubbed” Home Appliances

The oil-rubbed bronze finish of the ceiling fan is to provide vintage flair. Every brand has its own definition for “oil-rubbed bronze”. Usually, the oil rubbed bronze stands for the process of layering oil or black color finish over a bronze base, in some cases, it is done with the ceiling fan like this unit.

The black color is the base and the bronze color highlights are painted over to copy the appearance of actual oil-rubbed bronze. Both techniques feature the same effect-classic, vintage style with warm dark tones, but this unit from Honeywell may not be suitable with other oil-rubbed bronze home appliances at your home.

Final Words

Honeywell 50615-01 Glencrest 52 Inch ceiling fan, use it in indoor and outdoor, it is a beautiful vintage inspired ceiling fan that offers reversible dark/teak walnut wooden blades with LED lights.

It is very easy to install in indoor and outdoor places and offers powerful ventilation for medium to large sized rooms. It comes with versatile installation options.

Honeywell company uses top of the line materials when it comes to the manufacturing of the ceiling fans. Each fan is made for both beauty and long-lasting performance, Honeywell Glencrest is vintage inspired ceiling fan that offers a limited lifetime factory warranty. The warranty ensures that the fan and its parts will function flawlessly for years to come and they will give you what they promised.

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