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Honeywell Xerxes Ceiling Fan: Manual, Reviews, Pricing

Honeywell Xerxes Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50609-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan Review

Product Overview

Honeywell xerxes ceiling fan is a Honeywell eight blade ceiling fan that offers high capacity of air, ideal for large rooms and buildings. The appearance of the ceiling fan is bold that enables it to get the attraction, 62-inch reversible blades with two finishes including rough pine and dark elm to match your décor. The components of the fan are oil-rubbed bronze that makes it a rustic charm.

Honeywell 50609-01 Xerxes ceiling fan has a built-in LED fixture that provides you beautiful light and it is energy efficient. It comes with a dimmable feature, the light temperature is 2700k specific that is cool, clean and calming. With the help of this unit, you can save the money on energy not only with air but with lighting too. It is a stylish ceiling fan from Honeywell that provides powerful ventilation for larger rooms.


Easy to Install and Use

Honeywell Xerxes is easy to install despite its grand size, in addition, it also comes with a manual we are going to share a download link below to download the manual to read the instructions. We prefer you get a professional installer when it comes to install a ceiling fan, in this way, the installation will be smooth and your ceiling fan parts will remain undamaged. This ceiling fan unit comes with a remote control, it means you can control it with a remote, it offers multiple speed features with reversible function.

In addition, Honeywell Xerxes fan is also super modern and high tech because it is compatible with Google home, Alex and other modern systems.

Honeywell Xerxes can be installed as a low profile if you have a low ceiling situation in your home and people walk beneath the fan. It comes with a 4-inch downrod to enable you to install it on an angle. Angle bracket of this unit (sold separately).

Stylish Contemporary Large Fan

This ceiling fan from Honeywell has a bold appearance due to its eight reversible wooden blades and a huge span. The components have an oil-rubbed bronze finish, it is an ideal choice for rustic-inspired home, building, farmhouse and event center. It is a mixture of modern and timeless with capabilities of more than an average ceiling fan.

Integrated LED Lighting

This large contemporary ceiling fan comes with a fully integrated LED light kit. When it comes to lighting kits, LED lighting is preferable as compared with traditional lighting. It saves you from the tension of constant replacement of light bulbs and LED also works well for the environment and lighting. The lighting fixture offers a fully dimmable feature and it has a 2700K cool light lens covered in frosted glass that provides peaceful light. This integrated light kit in the ceiling fan enables you to get rid of the need for additional light fixtures and also increases your space.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

This Honeywell ceiling fan comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer that ensures that the item is free of defects and parts defects for a lifetime. So you need to make sure while purchasing this high tech ceiling fan that offers exactly as stated and promised with high performance.

Not Good

“Oil Rubbed Bronze” Finishes May Vary

The oil-rubbed bronze finish is a prominent finish when it comes to deal with accessories and goods due to its warm and vintage appeal. The dark color offers contrast against a light fixture with style. So the only issue with oil rubbed bronze fixture is the actual process and look may be different from brand to brand and product to product.

The method of applying layers of black finish or oil over a bronze finish base is used when it comes to traditional oil rubbed bronze appliances. However, in some cases, like this fan, the base of the finish is bronze and black highlights are painted on to give the illusion of the former process, therefore, we cannot say that all oil rubbed appliances are the same effect.

Honeywell Xerxes 62-inch Ceiling Fan Manual

Honeywell Xerxes 62” manual is necessary for installation instructions and parts details, download the manual below free:

Download Manual

Honeywell Xerxes 50609 Ceiling Fan Reviews

It is one of the best-selling items of Honeywell and it has 4.4-star ratings from 5 stars from 3676 customers, it makes it one of the highly rated and well-priced products.

Final words

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50609-01 Xerxes ceiling fan with remote is a high tech and super modern ceiling fan with its rustic charm effects. It is an ideal ceiling fan for large rooms, buildings due to its wide span and eight blades to provide powerful air circulation. A built-in LED lighting fixture provides a cool and frosted light.

Honeywell Xerxes ceiling fan installation is also easy and the manual also helps the process. You may need professional help to install this large size ceiling fan unit to prevent damage to parts.

In addition, with the help of a friend or family member, and some basic tools like a ladder and screwdriver, you can also do it yourself by following the instructions in the manual. The limited lifetime warranty protects the Xerxes parts defects for life.

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