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Best Honeywell Ceiling Fan Reviews – (Updated 2024)

honeywell ceiling fan reviews

When it comes to select a ceiling fan brand, Honeywell is famous for its stunning and beautiful looking designed fans that are suitable for every place. If you want to buy the best Honeywell ceiling fan here is a list of top Honeywell fans.

Contemporary ceiling fans are ideal and valuable choices for a office or home due to their energy efficiency and multifunctional features. Honeywell offers top-quality ceiling fans, and little to no maintenance is needed for those units, also, the installation is simple and quick. Whether you want to stay cool or a little warm, Honeywell ceiling fans can do the work.

Ceiling fans do not offer too much cool air in the room like air conditioners. They affect the surroundings around the room occupants by interfering the unmoving layers of air surrounding their bodies. It provides fresh air in the room, consequently, it increases the chances of getting rid of the excess heat available in the room in summer more quickly.

In addition, they are stylish addition to our home. Modern ceiling fans offer a variety of styles including rustic, minimalistic, art deco, ultra modern, and even novelty designs. There is a suitable ceiling fan is available to suit every interior, so lets go through this list of best Honeywell ceiling fan reviews.

Reviews of Top-Rated Honeywell Ceiling Fans of 2024

ImageProductsDetails  Price
Honeywell 50602-01 Ocean Breeze 30-Inch Ceiling FanHoneywell Ocean Breeze 30″ Ceiling Fan
(Best Small Fan)
Rated for: IndoorsCheck Price
Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50614-01 Carnegie LED Ceiling Fan 52Honeywell Carnegie 52″ Ceiling Fan
(Best Rustic Fan)
Rated for: IndoorsCheck Price
Honeywell 50517 Glen Alden 52-Inch Ceiling FanHoneywell Glen Alden 52″ Hugger Ceiling Fan
(Best Flush Mount)
Rated for: IndoorsCheck Price
Honeywell 50500-01 Sabal Palm 52-Inch Ceiling FanHoneywell Sabal Palm 52″ Ceiling Fan
(Best Palm Leaf)
Rated for: IndoorsCheck Price
Honeywell 50513-01 Belmar LED Ceiling FanHoneywell Belmar 52″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan
(Best Outdoor)
Rated for: Indoors and OutdoorsCheck Price
Honeywell 50607-01 Ventnor Ceiling Fan 52Honeywell Ventnor 52″ Farmhouse Ceiling FanRated for: IndoorsCheck Price
Honeywell Glencrest Ceiling FanHoneywell Glencrest 52″ Ceiling Fan
(Best Indoor+Outdoor)
Rated for: Indoors and OutdoorsCheck Price
Honeywell Duvall 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling FanHoneywell Duvall 52″ Tropical Ceiling Fan
(Best Tropical)
Rated for: Indoors and OutdoorsCheck Price
Honeywell Xerxes Ceiling FanHoneywell Xerxes 62″ Large Ceiling Fan
(Best for Large Rooms)
Rated for: IndoorsCheck Price

1. Honeywell Ocean Breeze 30-inch Small Fan

Honeywell Ocean Breeze ceiling fan by Honeywell is a smaller ceiling fans when we compare it with other ceiling fans in this list like Glen Alden and Belmar models. In 30-inch, it has the ability to become a fixture and suitable for smaller bedrooms, dining rooms and lounges. They come with fewer blades – only three blades – comes with a contemporary and angular look.

Ocean Breeze ceiling fan offers 3-speed settings and has two different modes. It includes updraft and downdraft modes, you can switch them whenever you want. Another feature to consider this small ceiling fan is the quiet motor, in comparison, Belmar fan generates more noise as compared with Ocean Breeze ceiling fan.

There is another feature we don’t observe often is the flippable blades of the fan. The bottom of the blades has classic wood style finish and the top sides have black finish on Honeywell Ocean breeze 30-inch fan. The whole look of the fan is changeable by rotating, removing and replacing the Honeywell blades of this unit.

It makes it an ideal option for small bedrooms. The quiet motor has the ability to provide you air without any disturbances. There are other several fans in the market that vibrate or judder loudly, good news! This one doesn’t. In addition, it has a frosted globe to offer a soft, diffused light. It is one of the more stylish fans from this brand, and the small one in the list too. It is not suitable for large or open interiors.

  • Two finishes (flippable) fan blades
  • Motor provides very quiet operation (ideal for bedrooms)
  • Offers two modes (downdraft and updraft)
  • Too small to install in larger rooms

2. Honeywell Carnegie 52″ Rustic Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Carnegie ceiling fan is not only number one in this list, but also favorite of Honeywell fan customers. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa. It allows you to control it using the voice commands, how cool is that? Sounds cool, right?

While rotating, it looks attractive, there is no pull chain for this Carnegie fan by Honeywell. A remote control comes with the package to solve the problems, you can connect it with the internet of the home and it will not stop functioning.

It is an important point to consider because many buyers say that the voice activation set up is difficult and confusing. When it starts working, it enables the ceiling fan to be turned on/off, sped up and slowed down without contact. You can also used “Walk Away Light Delay” function to switch off the light automatically after a pre-decided time.

This ceiling fan offers 3-speed settings (low, medium and high), all of them can be controlled with a remote control. It is also suitable for bedroom, if you do not use the voice commands or functions. To switch off the ceiling fan from the bed is an interesting advantage.

It is beautiful and unique in nature. It is a mixture of classic and distressed wood style with a contemporary black bronze housing. The two styles attract the eyes when put together in one item. It shows rustic and modernity both in one model to make it old world charm for the users.

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  • It has a unique and interesting design
  • Voice activated commands (link to Alexa)
  • A remote control is in the package
  • Voice activation is confusing when you need to set it up

3. Honeywell Glen Alden 52″ Hugger Ceiling Fan

This Glen Alden ceiling fan is one of the ceiling fans from Glen Alden collection by Honeywell. It offers a classic design that mixes the wood with brushed nickel to make a stylish item for your bedroom, lounge or office. It is a simple item with an affordable price tag, if you want to control the temperature with energy efficient item, this is the best option. The reversible motor has three speed feature and it makes it more powerful and quiet. You will hardly notice that the ceiling fan is running even on its highest setting. Honeywell Glen Alden 52-inch ceiling fan is ideal for medium and large rooms, after installation, the distance from the ceiling to the base is just under 8 inches.

It has a plastic pull chain that makes it easy to use, if you have a high ceilings, the length of the chain may feel a little short. In taller rooms, the smaller users will experience issue reaching the cord. But you can extend the existing pull chain or attach a longer one for your convenience.

When you consider buying this Glen Alden at low price, it is an issue that the ceiling fan is not as powerful or impactful as a high powered AC. The unit is not designed for the sake of competing it with HVAC technologies. it has the ability to generate effective cooling air and makes sure the air keeps circulating.

  • Offers 3 Speeds (Adjustable)
  • Medium sized (can be used in larger rooms)
  • Relatively quiet when rotating
  • Pull chain is a little short (on taller ceilings)

4. Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-inch Leaf Fan

If you are looking for palm leaf ceiling fan from this guide on Honeywell ceiling fan reviews, then Honeywell Sabal Palm ceiling fan is the ideal choice. Like Belmar outdoor ceiling fan, it comes with a tri mount system. It means that it can be mounted flush with the ceiling, angled slightly to one side, or positioned as a hanging fan. Unlike Belmar, it comes with a unique design, it is great for house owners who want their fixtures to be flashy due to its basswood carved blades.

Sabal Palm from Honeywell offers four artisanal wooden blades similar to leaves. There is a Tuscan sand bulb holder to complement those leaves. The design is filled with elegant brass highlights and gold tipped pull chain. In addition, the blades of the ceiling fan conceal the ceiling bracket partially to provide maximum style as well as sophistication.

It is bigger ceiling fan than Ocean Breeze model, it offers a moderately powered motor. The unit works well in small and medium spaces. The typical 3-speed settings standardized it and the light cap enables you to change the bulb holder. Don’t want lighting? Just unhook the glass holder and attach the cap in its place, in this way, the fan will look complete.

Keeping in view the modest price, Honeywell Sabal Palm is one of the beautiful ceiling fans. The taste of the fan may not suit everyone but its tropical aesthetic will allow you to be installed in a cabin or vacation lodge.

We hope that this unique ceiling fan from Honeywell will definitely attract you. If you are looking for unique fan designs, check this Minka Aire Artemis model, you will definitely like it.

  • Beautifully crafted with carved wood blades
  • Tri mount installation feature for positioning
  • Offers an elegant brass tipped bulb holder
  • Bulb holder doesn’t provide enough light

5. Honeywell Belmar 52″ Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Belmar ceiling fan offers five ETL rated blades with 3-speed settings feature. The unique feature of this unit is it can be installed outdoors and indoors how good is that? It has the capacity to bear a moderate degree of damp and humidity that makes an ideal choice for your patio or deck usage.

It features ABS blades which are fully weatherproof, they look like wood but they are made from a textured plastic material. In addition, the blades will not destroy over time and they do not need maximum maintenance, minimal maintenance will be sufficient. Like Glen Alden of Honeywell, this unit is suitable for medium to moderately large interior areas.

It features a downward facing light fixture. However, you can remove it or replace it with a conversion cap that can change it into a fan only device. In order to get the frosted illumination, you need to keep the bulb in place, at dusk it provides a charming look.

The tri mount base of the ceiling fan makes it our favorite, it can be installed at angle, hanging on a down rod and flush with the ceiling etc.

When it comes to deal with the design of Honeywell Belmar ceiling fan, it comes with a very simple design. It is available in classic white (base, blades, pull chain) and is fine enough to match any type of décor.

  • Classic white color is matchable with all interiors
  • 3-speed adjustable settings
  • Can be used on a covered patio or deck
  • It makes some noise

6. Honeywell Ventnor 52″ Farmhouse Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Ventnor Farmhouse ceiling fan and Carnegie ceiling fan are alike in design. Both items boast distressed style blades in wood instead of textured plastic.

It comes with five long blades and two pull chains like Carnegie LED ceiling fan by Honeywell. However, Ventnor by Honeywell has a brighter and open center, central bulb holder.

The bright big bulb enables it to provide more light. Honeywell Ventnor’s light can be controlled using a remote control. You can set the brightness within increments of 10%, you can also enjoy the 20%, 60% and 80% of the brightness, it depends on the place, how you are going to use the space/place.

This feature is an ideal solution for bedroom and lounges due to its dual functionality. This Ventnor ceiling fan is a stylish fan due to its espresso colored pine blades, frosted glass holder and bronze effect highlights.

The motor of the fan is one of the quietest motors, so you can use it in your bedroom. The super quiet functional motor with the dimmable bulbs make it one of the best non-noisy ceiling fans for night time use.

Honeywell Ventnor ceiling fan has a tri mount fixture and it can be installed flush with the ceiling, suspended by a short rod or tilted to one side.

  • It has an extremely quiet motor (ideal for bedroom use)
  • Dimmable lights (in 10% increments)
  • Reverse airflow system with fast direction change
  • Remote control is not included in the package, you need to buy it separately.

7. Honeywell Glencrest 52-inch Ceiling Fan Fan

Honeywell Glencrest is a traditional style ceiling fan as compared with other ceiling fans from this company. It is designed in such a way to look like an older style candelabra light. The bulb holder of the ceiling fan is vivid rather than frosted, you can see them inside a three tiered faux candelabra with ease.

The vintage design of Honeywell Glencrest, with its dark wood blades and oil rubbed bronze finish, the clear bulb makes it awesome.

It may not be suitable for contemporary space but it is an ideal choice for wooden decks, elegant dining rooms and verandas.

The installation of this ceiling fan is possible both indoor and outdoor.

It is ETL damp rated that is why weather conditions including rain and humidity will not affect the performance of Glencrest ceiling fan. The blades of the fan, teak and walnut rotor blades are damp proofed.

It features 3-speed settings with a reversible motor that is moderately quiet, not as much noisy as compared with Honeywell Belmar, this unit from Honeywell is ideal for medium to large places.

The central bulb holder of the ceiling fan makes it our favorite. Usually, the Honeywell ceiling fan holder is not transparent. It features three bulbs inside that means a lot of illumination of about 450 lumens. The beam angle of the ceiling fan delivers 360% coverage.

It has the ability to light up the patio evenings, your office and can be hung over the dining room table.

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  • It features a big, clear bulb holder to provide 360% coverage
  • Vintage style design, it is warm and elegant
  • Resistant to rain, wind and even snow
  • Reversing direction switch is difficult to reach

8. Honeywell Duvall 52″ Tropical Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Duvall tropical ceiling fan is another Honeywell 52-inch ceiling fan that has five ETL damp-rated blades to make it weatherproof. Duvall ceiling fan offers 4-speed settings, it is not like other ceiling fans in this review list. It is suitable for medium to large spaces and is probably one of the best on the list to suit large areas.

There are some users who reviewed that it has a noisy motor, it can be a less of a concern when it can be used in outdoor spaces. We like its faux tropical beauty.

The design of the fan is similar to the classic holiday vacation fan you may see in a tropical lodge or resort. This ceiling fan has five broad, rounded blades with rattan-like texture to generate maximum airflow and efficiency.

It does not have an integrated light kit, however, you can purchase the bulb holder separately. It offers a sleek black motor housing and single pull chain feature. It has a simple design that offers neat looks. The users keep notice about this ceiling fan is that the motor housing’s small canopy size.

When you will replace your existing ceiling fan with Duvall fan, you may need a little extra DIY work. This is a point to consider whether the installation of the ceiling fan is as easy as claimed by the manufacturer.

While testing this unit, it was easy to affix it to the ceiling quickly but the integrated remote system is a bit difficult. You can purchase a remote control separately here but it must be installed with the ceiling fan.

9. Honeywell Xerxes 62-inch Large Ceiling Fan

Honeywell Xerxes ceiling fan is a 62-inch large fan with visually striking eight blades to make it eligible for the biggest interior spaces. Xerxes ceiling fan has a unique aesthetic that will not match everyone’s taste but it will excite those who pay attention to unusual designs.

The blades are longer as compared with any typical ceiling fan (longer than every ceiling fan in this list from Honeywell). It provides a contemporary edge to the traditional finish due to its bronze highlights.

Honeywell Xerxes indoor ceiling fan features an integrated LED lighting that not only emits enough light with dimmable glow but also energy efficient. It means that it is an ideal choice for evenings. It allows you to save money not only on energy bills but also for lighting while also giving away the massive airflow.

It has majestic dimensions, but still it is easy to install and you can control it via remote control. It comes with three adjustable speeds, the highest speed is much noisier than the other two levels. However, it is not the noisiest item on this list and we experienced that the most powerful setting was the least beneficial.

The other two speeds including low and medium were powerful enough to ventilate and improve the comfort level of your large space quickly. Being a bigger unit than Glencrest and Honeywell Glen Alden, there is no surprise this item comes with a heavy price tag. It features twice the price but generate powerful circulation to make itself a worthwhile investment for your place.

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  • It has a huge size, very long rotor blades
  • The design is unique and striking
  • Engineered with powerful motor (improves airflow in around 7 mins)
  • Oil rubbed bronze finish is not fully ‘authentic’

Are Honeywell Ceiling Fans Good?

By going through our Honeywell ceiling fan reviews above, you may have come to the conclusion that Honeywell ceiling fans are replete with variety of styles and sizes, you can expect the variation in quality. Usually, the products of the brands are well reviewed, the ceiling fans from Honeywell are praised for their quiet motors and attractive designs. They are also favored due to their affordable price tags.

The most common complaints they receive are with ceiling fan canopies (or brackets) and remote controls. There are some users who are of the view that installation is difficult and with smaller ceiling fans, a compact bracket can mean changing an old fixture turns into a DIY project along with patching and plastering needed. We agree that more Honeywell fans should have a remote control in the package.

Currently, Honeywell fans do not include a remote control as standard. You need to purchase the Honeywell ceiling fan remote separately. It is something you may want to consider.

Things to Consider for Buying Honeywell Ceiling Fans

Blade Number, Size and Style

With technological advancement, the number of ceiling fan blades on ceiling fans has become less important than before. These days, everyone pays attention to the power of the motor. A number of blades may have a small impact on the efficiency of the product, most of the times, it is a question of style and preference. When you are considering power and efficiency, consider the motor and not the blades.

Nowadays, two blades can be just as impressive as four blade designs. Items with longer blades such as Honeywell’s Xerxes ceiling fan still indicate that how fast one of the ceiling fan items can to ventilate a space. Fans that have fewer blades tend to provide contemporary look.

Indoor or Outdoor Ratings

There are three types of ratings for environments to manufacture any ceiling fan. It includes dry, damp and wet compatible items. Dry ceiling fans cannot be installed outdoors as they do not feature weatherproofed components. Damp rated ceiling fans can be installed outside but they cannot be used in covered locations where they will not be pressured by strong winds or not get saturated by rain 

Lastly, wet rated items are compatible with all weather conditions. They have weatherproofed blades to resist even snowy weather. You should ensure that you choose the right rating when buying ceiling fans. If you will install a ceiling fan in an unsuitable condition, it will null and void the warranty. It means you will not get a replacement if you place a damp rated ceiling fan in uncovered outdoor area and it breaks.

Low Profile or Not?

Honeywell low profile ceiling fans are the ceiling fans that hang no further than 15” from a ceiling mount. It includes the length of the down rod extension but the pull chain is not available. The benefits of flush mount ceiling fans are clear for particularly small rooms. They are suggested for interior spaces that have low ceilings, lower than 8 feet as a larger hanging design can be obstructive.

The difference in efficiency between full-sized ceiling fan from Honeywell and low profile is insignificant. It depends on the space and style. Low profile items can look beautiful and normally appear slightly more clean and contemporary in style.


Most of the Honeywell ceiling fans offer the option to add a remote control with the unit. The majority of the time, you must buy it separately. Keep this in mind while shopping. It is a point to consider even if you do not buy a remote control, some of the ceiling fans by Honeywell need to be removed to add a remote control later.

If you want to avoid this tricky experience, you need to read the product description carefully. So ensure that you select a model to use it without any additional control. We recommend that you get a remote control, if you are installing it in your bedroom. It is useful to get this option to remain in your comfort zone.


When looking for the affordable prices with unique and interesting designs, as displayed in our Honeywell ceiling fan reviews above, it is clear that Honeywell brand is an ideal choice for ceiling fans. There are a number of models that can be used in medium to large indoor locations and others can be put outdoors for installation. In short, Honeywell has fans to suit every environment and type of home décor.

Just go through the specifications of the product carefully to know about it, what you are getting. For example, consider the remote control purchase as soon as possible. Every home does not need that, but it will be a hard nut to crack to install it later. If you need efficiency, pay attention to the motor instead of number of blades.

So, this was our review on Top Honeywell ceiling fans. If you also prefer other ceiling fan brands, check out our more reviews on Harbor Breeze, Emerson, Quorum, Craftmade, Minka Aire, Hunter and Hampton bay.

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