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Honeywell Rio Ceiling Fan: Manual, Review, Pricing

honeywell rio ceiling fan

Honeywell Rio Ceiling Fan

The main purpose of installing a ceiling fan is to keep the place ventilated and the trapped air should be circulated in such a way that it can make the weather conditions favorable for the homeowners. It is an easy task to purchase the best ceiling fan for home, some of the things to consider while buying it, it includes the size of the room and blade of the fan, motor capacity, airflow, and so on. These factors are the main factors to consider before getting a ceiling fan. Keeping out of view the technical details, the main criteria to seek in the purchasing process is the proportion between the size of the blade and the room size. Honeywell Rio ceiling fan review will allow you to see the detailed description, pros and cons of the product before you make a decision of buying it.

Honeywell Rio 54-Inch Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Review

When it comes to the products of Honeywell company, the first feature that clicks our mind is the energy-efficient. Honeywell Rio 50195 ceiling fan is famous for keeping the place ventilated and comfortable for the users.  The fan comes with a powerful and extremely efficient reversible motor, operates the fan all year including winter rather than for only the summer season. The airflow of the Honeywell Rio 50195 ceiling fan is about 5736 Cubic feet per minute. This capacity is possible due to its 54-inch powerful blades with 15-degree blade pitch. It comes with a smart and sleek flush nickel finish body and matches with all the contemporary style of décor and its 3 matte-black blades add classic design to the space.

The remote control access of the Rio ceiling fan enables it to become a hassle-free and easy to use. Honeywell Rio 54-inch ceiling fan review will allow you to get the detailed description of the item. Is it worth buying?


  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • Sleek design with brushed nickel finish with 3 matte black blades
  • ideal blade pitch is 15 degree
  • Remote control is also included
  • Built-in light fixture
  • Versatile mounting support
  • Limited lifetime warranty

3-Speed reversible motor

It is one of the best selling ceiling fans by Honeywell that offers a reversible motor that has the ability to provide cool air during the summer season. In addition, it can also circulate the hot air during the winter months to keep the room comfortable. The powerful motor also offers 3-speeds settings to allow you to select the settings according to your requirements and needs.

Sleek Design with Brushed Nickel finish with 3 matte black blades

The design is also attractive along with its high performance features. Sleek design of this item by Honeywell makes it suitable for any type of room décor including contemporary and traditional. This brushed nickel Rio ceiling fan offers sleek and style design. In addition, it comes with 3-matte black blades to make it compatible with brushed nickel finish. The overall design is inspired by contemporary looks and designs, therefore, it will be ideal for classic and minimalist room décor too.

15-degree blade pitch

The blade pitch of a ceiling fan determines the airflow of the fan with the capacity of motor and blade size. The blade pitch is the angle of the blades in which they are affixed with the body of the fan. The particular angle with determine the efficiency of the ceiling fan, the more the blade pitch, the better the air will be. Honeywell Rio 54-inch ceiling fan has 15 degree blade pitch to ensure the great amount of air in your space.

Honeywell Rio Fan Remote control

It is one of the best selling ceiling fans on the market that is why it also comes with a remote control to offer hassle-free operation and easy access to the fan with the help of remote control and wall-mounted control. A remote control enables the user to access the ceiling fan from almost anywhere in the room if you are within the access range of the fan. The functionality of the remote includes adjustment of the fan speed and lighting brightness and it is very easy with a remote control feature.

Built-in light fixture

Honeywell 50195 ceiling fan keeps your space cool and comfortable, it adapts to the weather conditions. The white forsted glass cover encompasses the light to make the light safe, it spread a mellow vibe all over the place. A remote control is available to control the brightness of LED lights.

Versatile mounting support

There is no need to get an extremely strong unit with a number of ideal features if the mounting mechanism is not suitable for ceilings and walls. This Honeywell Rio fan comes with versatile mounting system to make it compatible with hanging on any kind of ceilings as well as on walls. With the help of close mount, angled and downrod mounting options, this ceiling fan from Honeywell is ideal for medium sized rooms with variable height.


This Honeywell 54-inch ceiling fan comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor like other great brands of ceiling fans. Whenever a motor shows any problem in functioning, you need to call the manufacturer, their technical team will take care of the issue.


Specification NameValue
Item Dimension9.7 X 11.5 X 24.7 Inches
Item Weight18.45 Pounds
Power Output120 Volts
Wattage53 Watts
Blade Pitch15-degree
Light TypeLed Light Inside Integrated Globe
Blade Diameter54 Inch
Air Flow Capacity5736 Cfm
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty
Model Number50195

Honeywell Rio 54-inch Ceiling fan Manual

Honeywell Rio 54-Inch Ceiling Fan Installation can be performed after going through the manual.

Click here to download the manual


  • A remote control with three speed settings
  • Compatible with Alexa for voice control
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer
  • Energy-efficient and easy to install
  • Powerful and reversible motor
  • Features Smart and sleek contemporary design
  • High blade pitch to provide better airflow
  • Down rod is included in package
  • Versatile tri-mount capacity
  • Three different speed levels
  • A bit costly

Final Words
To sum up the Honeywell Rio ceiling fan review, you must know that it has become one of the best models in the category of ceiling fans from Honeywell company. It can be installed in any of your places with its high airflow capacity, you can install it in medium to large size bedrooms, guestrooms and office and so on. The height of the room is not much of a concern due to its versatile mounting options. The matte black finish of the blades makes it attractive and elegant. Honeywell Rio Brushed Nickel ceiling fan is an energy-efficient ceiling fan and it gives you 100% satisfaction with its lifetime warranty feature. This easy to install unit from the company will keep your space cool for the years to come.

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