How to Oil a Hunter Ceiling Fan

how to oil a hunter ceiling fan

The only ceiling fan Hunter manufactures that needs oiling is Hunter original ceiling fan, it needs oil to lubricate its bearings. It is designed with cast iron and the design dates to 1906. There are two types of hunter original models manufactured by the company: the ones for indoor use and another for outdoor use. When you put in a hunter original, you should add oil to the reservoir or it will result in the motor damage. You should move the hunter fan to another location, you may need to oil it again. The fan does not function as a vehicle so it does not use the oil the same way too, and rarely, if ever, will you need to add oil?

How to Oil Indoor Hunter Original Ceiling Fan

Step 1

To check the oil level in your indoor hunter original fan, make the pipe cleaner. Measure an inch from the end of the pipe cleaner, and make a 90-degree bend at the 1-inch mark. After bending, measure 1 inch, now make another 90-degree bend. The pipe cleaner should similar to a squared off-hook.

Step 2

The next step is to insert the pipe cleaner into the hunter oil reservoir to check the oil level in the unit. To get access to the reservoir, stand directly beneath the ceiling fan and insert the pipe cleaner up and over the top of the switch housing, right against the motor. The switch housing hangs from the bottom of the hunter fan and covers the speed switch for the motor.

Step 3

The next step is to pull the pipe cleaner located in the oil reservoir and inspect the end. After observing it, if oil is available on the tip of the pipe cleaner, then you do not have to oil the fan. You must oil your hunter ceiling fan if the pipe cleaner is dry and start following the below steps.

Step 4

The first thing to do is to spread newspapers on the floor underneath your fan to protect the floor and use the old sheets to protect your furniture.

Step 5

After doing so, now add SAE 10 nondetergent ceiling fan oil to the Hunter Original fan. The oil is easily available at home improvement, fan and lighting stores. Find the oil-fill hole available at the top of the motor to start the oiling process. Place the tip of the oil tube in the hole and draw the oil into the ceiling fan for more or less one minute. Do not squeeze the tube let the gravity draw oil.

Step 6

Now check the oil level of your hunter ceiling fan. Add more oil if necessary and after that switch on the fan to coat the bearings with oil.

How to Oil Outdoor Hunter Original Fan

Step 1

Unscrew the oil hole screw located on the side of the switch housing to check the oil level in your hunter original ceiling fan unit. If the oil does not flow from the hole, it means it needs oil, then you must add oil.

Step 2

The next thing to do is to spread newspapers on the floor underneath your hunter fan to protect the floor and use the old sheets to protect your furniture or tarp.

Step 3

Now remove the blade of the fan that sits directly above the oil-hole screw. Get rid of the screw and tilt the fan at an angle that allows you to add SAE 10 nondetergent ceiling fan oil. Let gravity do the job of dropping the oil from the tube for about 1 minute. Avoid squeezing the oil from the tube.

Step 4

Release the fan in order to recheck the oil level, and let it hang straight from the ceiling. Check if the oil flows from the oil hole. You need to add additional oil if nothing flows from the screw hole. Change the oil-hole screw and switch on the fan to coat the bearings of the hunter fan with oil.

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