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How to Oil Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

how to oil harbor breeze ceiling fan

Harbor breeze ceiling fans are available at Lowe’s in a number of colors, designs and styles. After installation, a ceiling fan from any brand usually needs minimal maintenance and cleaning occasionally. If your ceiling fan is making grinding or rubbing noises, one solution to solve this issue is to oil your harbor breeze ceiling fan. Therefore, go through this guide on how to oil a Harbor breeze ceiling fan.

There is an easy way to check whether your ceiling fan has an oil reservoir or not, if it does, you may need to do the maintenance on regular basis. A number of ceiling fans are made in such a way that they do not need oil. If your ceiling fan is making grinding or rubbing noises, you may need to oil the ceiling fan to avoid the damage.

How to check if the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan has Oil reservoir hole?

The oil reservoir hole is usually found on the top of the motor, near the downrod. If your ceiling fan comes with an oil reservoir, you will be able to find a small hole labeled as an oil hole. If you are unable to locate it, it means your ceiling fan does not need oiling. Checking for the oil hole is mandatory if your ceiling fan is making grinding or rubbing noises.

Follow these steps to Oil your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan:

Step 1

The first step is to climb the ladder, now locate the oil reservoir on your ceiling fan.

Step 2

Now add oil to reservoir, after doing so, test the fan operation to make sure the noise has stopped. If your Harbor Breeze does not have an oil reservoir, go to the next step.

Step 3

Move the blades slowly to rotate them by hand. Find the area where the rotating parts connect to the stationary parts to locate the bearings of the ceiling fan.

Step 4

Now, add a small amount of oil to the seam where the bearings are found. Give it some time to soak into the seam and repeat the same process every few inches around the seam and also give it time to soak in the oil. Now, start the ceiling fan to see whether the noise is fixed or not.

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