Where can I find the Hunter fan model number?

If you are here, it means you want to know where is the model number on your Hunter fan and we have covered it pretty well in this article. Just keep in mind that Hunter fan has a 5-digit number that may have a letter in it (at the end), for instance, 12345A.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this guide is not only for Hunter fans but also for other ceiling fan brands as well.

The location of the model number for all fans can be:

  • The instruction or installation manual that came with the package/box of your fan
  • It may be listed on the outside of the box
  • The fan itself may be engraved on it and it also depends on the type of the fan:

For Flush mount/low profile or Hugger fans: there will be an ID sticker on the mounting bracket. Find the number after “MOD”.

For Downrod fans: There will be an ID sticker on the top of the motor housing, check for the number after “MOD”

Obviously, you will be locating the model number once it is installed, so to make this process easier:

You can either use your phone to take a picture or hold a small mirror above the fan to see the sticker.

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