Best Hunter Ceiling Fans Reviews 2024

hunter ceiling fans

In our opinion, there is no other brand is leading the market like this ceiling fan brand, Hunter. If you want to buy a hunter ceiling fan, read our best hunter ceiling fan reviews to opt for the top choice. It will also enable you to make the right decision.

Do you want to purchase a ceiling fan that is designed to provide energy efficient experience along with excellent airflow? If yes, we recommend buy hunter ceiling fans. If you are familiar with this brand, you cannot deny the fact that hunter is one of the well-established manufacturers that offer budget friendly price.

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Hunter ceiling fans design their ceiling fans with WhisperWind motors to provide the powerful airflow without creating a lot of noise. In addition, they are also energy star certified, it means that it prevents you from getting worried for high energy costs. Having said that, lets have a look at the top hunter ceiling fans list we have made for you, it includes the features of the products, you should check the specs before you buy our reviewed fans.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Reviews

1. Hunter Dempsey 44″ Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Main Features:

  • An integrated light kit with a cased white glass to add beauty.
  • LED bulbs with dimmable feature, it means that full control over the lighting.
  • The fan functions quietly.
  • A remote control is included to make operation easy.

Do you want to get a hunter flush mount ceiling fan for low ceilings? If yes, we recommend this unit, Hunter Dempsey 44-inch low profile ceiling fan. The fan has a 44-inch blade span with a low profile making to make it an ideal choice for low ceilings. Apart from size, it features a Whisperwind motor. The WhisperWind motor generates ultra powerful air without making a noise so you can enjoy it with peace.

One considers this ceiling fan unit when it comes to buy a hunter ceiling fan that is easy to operate. The handheld remote control feature is the reason that allows you to get smooth operation. In addition, this model is an ideal choice for modern spaces. It is due to the clean and beautiful finish made to offer an inspired and contemporary look. Hunter Dempsey 44-inch low profile ceiling fan comes with a reversible motor. This ceiling fan enables you to switch to the downdraft mode or updraft mode so that you can use the model not only in summer but also in winter.

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2. Hunter Builder Deluxe 52 Inch Fan

Main Features:

  • The fan can be installed with or without a light kit.
  • The LED bulbs offer dimmable feature, allow you to control the ambiance of your room.
  • The bulbs are LED that is why they are brighter and come with longlasting lifespan as compared with traditional bulbs.
  • It has pull chain included to offer easy on/off and fast speed adjustments.
  • A Handheld remote or wall control enables the user to use the dimming feature.

Are you finding a ceiling fan from Hunter that is made for both summer and winter seasons? If yes, we suggest Hunter Builder Deluxe 52 inch ceiling fan. The motor of this unit has the ability to run in reversible direction. It means that you can use the downdraft mode in summer and updraft mode for winter use. LED light kit is another most considerable feature of this ceiling fan. The lighting kit has two 60 watt candelabra incandescent bulbs to ensure energy efficient performance.

In addition, it features two downrods, one is 3” downrod and the other one is 2” in size. With its downrod feature, it allows you to mount it in different ceiling heights to make sure that you get a proper distance from the ceiling. Hunter builder deluxe ceiling fan also has a WhisperWind motor to generate air. This motor is a specialty of these ceiling fans to generate ultra powerful air movement without making a noise to ensure peaceful experience. Apart from the above pros, a 12 degree blade pitch, it is designed to guarantee perfect air movement for your convenience.

We have written a detailed Hunter Builder Deluxe 53091 Review here in a separate article so you can know about this model thoroughly.

3. Hunter Builder 52 Inch Ceiling Fan

Main Features:

  • The fan comprises of five reversible composite blades.
  • Ideal for winter and summer seasons.
  • Comes in great packaging and it is very easy to install.

Hunter Builder 52 inch ceiling fan is a flexible model from Hunter brand, it is created to fit any space. It can be installed with or without light kit making it ideal choice for every room and space. It is available in traditional and casual style that can compliment your room with ease.

The features like low profile, light kit with its beautiful design force us to include this ceiling fan in our best hunter ceiling fans reviews list.

In addition, this 52 inch hunter ceiling fan delivers the ideal airflow due to its 13 degree pitch optimized blade design. This ceiling fan also has a WhisperWind motor to generate ultra powerful airflow with whisper quiet functioning. The motor offers a reversible feature to enable you to change the direction of the fan so you can use it in updraft as well as downdraft mode according to the season.

4. Hunter 54 inch Contemporary Matte Silver Fan

Main Features:

  • A three-position mounting system makes the installation easy for you.
  • 3 inch and 2 inch Downrods makes it available for different ceiling heights.
  • It has an integrated LED light kit that uses two LED bulbs.
  • Comes in Sleek, elegant, and contemporary design.
  • The fan gives whisper free operation.
  • Easy to install.

Hunter contemporary matte silver ceiling fan is one of the best ceiling fan units from Hunter that offer high quality with whisper quiet performance without compromising style. The fan is available in matte silver finish with five grey oak/bleached grey pine blades. This way, it can add a contemporary style to the modern home décor and add beauty to them.

Additionally, it has a WhisperWind motor. This WhisperWind motor offers ultra powerful air movement with whisper quiet function enable you to get the cooling space without making any noise. This model is suitable for you whether it is summer or winter. It is happening due to its reversible motor, it means that you can change its direction whenever you want. The downdraft mode for summer season and updraft mode for winter season, ideal for both.

5. Hunter Nautical 54-Inch Biscayne Collection Fan

Main Features:

  • It has stainless steel hardware to resist rust for long lifespan.
  • This model is easy to install.
  • It generates air quietly.
  • Three speeds feature for the sake of easy customization.

The next ceiling fan in top hunter ceiling fans list is Hunter Nautical Biscayne 54-inch ceiling fan from Biscayne collection. It is similar to the most of the previous reviewed ceiling fans, this ceiling fan also has a WhisperWind motor. The motor generates ultra powerful airflow without making enough noise due to its whisper quiet performance. As a consequence, you can expect the cooling experience without any noise. Another requirement one can look for is the reversible feature in the motor, the good news is, this unit has this feature. It means that you can change its direction whenever you want. The downdraft mode for summer season and updraft mode for winter season, ideal for both seasons right?

Hunter Nautical 54-inch ceiling fan is ETL damp rated, this feature makes it an ideal choice for patios, sunrooms and porches. Apart from these features, it also has 3-position mounting system. Because of 3-mounting system, you can standard mount, angle mount or low mount the ceiling fan according to your choice. The pull chain feature is also included to enable you to on/off the unit quickly. In addition, there is an integrated lighting fixture enclosed in white glass to ensure the stylish look of the unit.

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6. Hunter Cassius 52 Inch Fan

Main Features:

  • The mounting system is designed for the standard, low, or angled mounting options.
  • A pull chain enables you to on/off and easy speed adjustments.
  • Cassius ceiling fan is easy to install.

Do you want to save money after buying a Hunter ceiling fan? If yes, this option, Hunter Cassius 52-inch ceiling fan is the ideal option for you. The unit has an energy-star certified motor to make sure the optimum powerful performance with energy efficiency. It is also ETL damp rated along with the above features. This shows that it can be installed outdoor too, to enjoy its airflow in porches, patios and sunrooms.

Another unique feature of Hunter fan is Whisper Wind motor and it is made with this motor. This type of fan delivers whisper quiet performance due to the motor and generates ultra-powerful airflow without making sound. Furthermore, the motor offers a reversible feature to enable you to change the direction of the ceiling fan from downdraft to updraft mode that makes it ideal for both seasons, summer and winter.

7. Hunter Mill Valley 52 Inch Fan

Main Features:

  • The 13-degree blade pitch generates an ideal airflow and best performance.
  • A pull chain feature is supported for fast speed adjustments with on/off feature.
  • This unit can be flush-mounted, making it an ideal ceiling fan for low ceilings.
  • It is stylish in design and installation is also easy.
  • It is whisper quiet.

If you are looking for an outdoor hunter ceiling fan, then Hunter Mill Valley ceiling fan is a perfect choice for you. It can be used in outdoor use, it includes patios, porches and it is capable of get over humid conditions. Apart from that, it also has a whisperwind motor like hunter Cassius fan, similarly, it is also damp rated. The whisper wind motor allows you to be in a state of peace due to its noiseless operation.

The fan can be used in both seasons, summer as well as winter. It is due to its reversible motor function that enables you to switch modes during the summer and winter. In addition, it can be flush mounted so if you have low ceilings, buy this unit. It is another low profile ceiling fan from Hunter, designed to flush fit in low ceilings.

8. Hunter Transitional 52″ Matheston Collection Fan

Main Features:

  • The 13-degree blade pitch features the top performance and an ideal airflow.
  • Fan operates quietly due to whisper wind motor.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It has a stylish and classy design.

Hunter Transitional ceiling fan is from Matheston collection and it is made for outdoor use that is why it is ETL damp rated, that makes it ideal for patios, sunrooms and covered porches. This hunter fan supports whisper wind motor. This motor is famous for delivering powerful airflow with its noiseless operation so you can enjoy your sleep without disturbed by any useless noise. The motor comes with a reversible feature to enable the house owners to change the direction of the unit. You can change the downdraft mode to updraft mode during the winter and updraft mode to downdraft mode for summer use.

It is packed with two downrods, you can expect two downrods of 3” and 2” to make sure you maintain a proper distance from the ceiling and get the optimum airflow. In addition, it features a pull chain to enable the users to adjust the speed of the fan along with on/off settings.

9. Hunter Builder Plus 52 inch Ceiling Fan

Main Features:

  • The fan has a lighting fixture but can also be installed without a light kit.
  • It is an ideal choice for large rooms up to 485 square feet.
  • It features 3-position mounting system to make it suitable for low, standard, or angled mounting.
  • The unit offers dust-armor blade coating to withstand dust build-up.

It is another ceiling fan that is recommended by us in this category of hunter ceiling fans reviews. Hunter Builder Plus 52 inch ceiling fan can be used in offices as well as at home. It has a whisperwind motor with reversible feature to switch the direction of the unit from downdraft to updraft mode and vice versa. Apart from that, it has exclusive motor technology of hunter company.

The hanging system along with the motor technology guarantees that the unit delivers quiet and wobble-free operation for years to come. Three different mounting options are available to mount it in three positions. Furthermore, the speed of the fan can also be controlled as you like. It is capable of delivering three speeds including low, high and medium.

10. Hunter Indoor Low Profile III Ceiling Fan

Main Features:

  • Indoor ceiling fan that is ideal for low ceilings
  • Pull chain feature for speed adjustments
  • Multi speed reversible motor to generate ultra powerful airflow quiet performance

It is another ceiling fan unit from Hunter that has a flush mount design that generates plenty of airflow without spending much energy. It is the number one choice when it comes to dealing with low ceilings, the unit can keep the room cool up to 485 square feet in size.

It has a stylish design that features 52-inch blades and deliver a comfortable airflow throughout the year with its powerful motor. The motor has the capacity to generate 2852 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) airflow and the efficiency is 44 CFM per watt. In addition, the fan does not make a noise and rotate wobble free even at its highest speed.

This multi-speed fan set the blades free in three different speed settings such as low, medium and high. You can adjust the airflow by using the reversible feature to enjoy the airflow throughout the year. It is available in white finish that can compliment a number of décor at home.

Additionally, it is a budget friendly unit available in the market and it does not have a remote control or lighting fixture. However, you can purchase a universal hunter remote and a light kit can also be mounted. To conclude, Hunter guarantees the motor for lifetime, and the warranty on the parts is 1 year.

11. Hunter 52090 Watson Indoor Ceiling Fan

Main Features:

  • Classic style ceiling fan with LED lighting fixture
  • Multi speed reversible motor to generate ultra powerful airflow quiet performance
  • Pull chains are available for speed adjustments
  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • 3 position mounting options

Hunter Watson ceiling fan is a stylish ceiling fan and well built fan that delivers quality performance whenever you buy it. The elegant look of Watson capable of complimenting any home décor with its silent and wobble free rotation. If you are looking for a hunter ceiling fan that can cut down the cooling expenses up to 47%, this unit is handpicked for you. There are five blades on the fan in walnut finish with the span of 34 inches in size.

Additionally, the powerful motor with five blades can deliver 3516 CFM air movement when moves at the highest speed. The reverse mode feature of the motor enables it to rotate clockwise as well as counter clockwise, you can change it according to the season. It means you can enjoy the cool air during the summer and warm air during the winter with the same unit, using the reversible function of the unit.

It comes with a pull chain feature to operate the fan and it has 3-speed settings including high, medium and low. You can also operate the light kit using the pull chains, light kit is dimmable and LED to save the cost. The stylish glass covers the light that has 2 bulbs of 60W. This unit offers three-position mounting options including low, angled and standard up to 45 degrees. As usual, this unit from Hunter also offers a lifetime warranty on the motor and one year warranty on the pieces.

14. Hunter Builder Elite Indoor Ceiling Fan

Main Features:

  • ETL rated for indoor use including home, bedrooms, offices etc
  • Pull chain controller type to adjust the fan speed and control the lights
  • 3-speed reversible motor with Whisper Wind technology to offer quiet performance

This ceiling fan is an elegant and elite fan and it is also top-rated among Amazon’s customers. This sturdy fan has five reversible blades in mahogany color. Although it does not have a light kit in the package but you can purchase a universal hunter light kit here to mount it.

The motor is designed with Whisper Wind technology to generate 5049 CFM air movement without making any noise. Despite its power, it does not make a noise even when it is running at the highest speed. In addition, the motor is capable of reverse mode that makes it ideal for both summer and winter seasons, deliver cool and warm air.

The three speed settings are low, medium and high levels and you can operate the fan from these speeds using a pull chain. If you do not want to use this controller, you can always buy a universal remote from Hunter at reasonable price here.

The two downrods are also in the package to make the mounting easy whether it is standard, flush mount or angled. It is another energy efficient unit from Hunter that delivers maximum airflow without spending too much electricity.

Notably, it is one of the best hunter ceiling fans and cost-effective too, the less energy consumption makes it the apple of the eyes of the customers. If your requirements are fulfilled without a lighting fixture, and you want to add an energy efficient fixture to your home, we prefer Hunter Builder Elite ceiling fan. This elite fan comes with a lifetime motor warranty and 1 year warranty on all pieces.

Are Hunter Ceiling Fans Good?

Are you worried about your investment in hunter fans? If yes, do not worry once you have purchased it your life will be at ease. It is because hunter fans are designed with Whisper Wind motor that delivers quiet and powerful performance and they are stylish and attractive too.

Furthermore, Hunter ceiling fans are also reliable not only in summers but throughout the year, you can purchase their fans keeping in mind that you are at peace for all year. So buy a hunter ceiling fan without any doubt.

Are Hunter Ceiling Fans Made in USA?

The answer is no, as of late 2002, hunter ceiling fans are no longer American made and they are also not making the cast iron motor. if you want to see the ceiling fans made in USA check this post

Do Hunter Ceiling Fans need to be oiled?

Usually, some hunter ceiling fans do not need to be oiled, it is due to the unique motor developed in hunter original that comes with oil bath lubrication system, but there are some units that do not need oiling so check our post on how to oil hunter ceiling fan.

Things to Consider When Purchasing hunter Ceiling Fans 

1. Controller Type of Fan

Hunter ceiling fans are designed with different control options to control the speed of the fan or turn it on and off. Do you need a ceiling fan that is simple to operate or anything sophisticated? The simple system works with a wall switch so you can switch on or off the fan using a wall socket. Furthermore, hunter fans also come with pull chains to enable you to adjust the speed settings. When it comes to sophisticated models, they come with a handheld remote to control the fan as well as the lights. Furthermore, these units can also use wall control feature, that is meant to be mounted inside the wall switch. Before you consider buying a unit from Hunter, ensure the type of control you are familiar or comfortable with.

2. Energy Efficiency

Hunter ceiling fans are energy efficient and cost saving. It is due to the fact they come with energy start certification so you can enjoy the cooling air with reliable units without having a big hole in your pocket. That is why if you are looking for an energy efficiency, you need to select an energy star certified fan.

3. Hunter Original

When you consider buying a hunter ceiling fan, keep in mind that you buy a Hunter Original® fan. The reason to consider this feature is that it has a heavy duty cast iron body that minimizes wobbling, and take away the heat that is generated from the parts of the motor. in addition, the motor of the fan is larger than other fans, enable them to deliver power as well as great airflow with minimum noise.

4. Blade Span of Fan

To increase the comfort zone and energy efficiency, you need to select the right size of the fan. In addition, a bigger fan may not be able to deliver much air even on a low ceiling. That is why start measuring the size of your room, then match the area to a considerable blade span. You can use a blade span of 30” to 48”, if your room is up to 100 sq ft. A room that covers the area of 100-400 square feet in size, get a ceiling fan from 50” to 54” blade span. Lastly, the blade span of 56” is designed for the rooms bigger than 400 sq ft.

5. Damp rating for outdoor ceiling fans

If you are looking for Hunter outdoor ceiling fan for outdoor use, you should consider a unit that is ETL damp rated. It is because they can withstand outdoor conditions, keeps you free from tensions about malfunctioning due to humid and other factors.

Last words 

Hunter ceiling fans are designed with durability and quality in mind. Furthermore, these hunter ceiling fan reviews will allow you to get affordable price units with a reasonable warranty so that you can get the most out of your investment. So get a ceiling fan from the hunter ceiling fans list above and you will save the cost of energy bills with powerful airflow throughout the year.

What is Next?

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