Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling fan: Review, Manual, Pricing

hunter 53091 builder deluxe ceiling fan

Are you looking for a ceiling fan that offers most of the features of a standard ceiling fan without costing a fortune?

If yes, Hunter Builder deluxe ceiling fan is our choice for you.

A ceiling fan is an important necessity for your home that you want to install in your home in vantage positions. This fan assists in the circulation of air to cool down the room and keep the room odor free. It is an aesthetic choice for your home and it adds a level of sophistication. And when you know that it does not cost too much, they cost pennies to run them in comparison with other HVAC systems, it does not require much mental effort to install it for your house.

When you want a suitable fan for your home, the hunter builder deluxe fan proves to be an ideal choice. The design of the fan is unique and will add beauty to your place. Apart from the beauty, it also provides superb and fresh air circulation, which you can adieu to your humid house.

Here is our Hunter Builder Deluxe 53091 Review, showing the pros and cons of the unit to know about the features before you install it in your house.

Hunter Builder Deluxe 53091 Review

Specifications of Hunter Builder Deluxe:

Light supportedYes, Dimmable LED
Blades diameter52-inch
Recommended useIndoors
Operating Voltage120V
Controller TypePull chain
Special featureWhisperWind motor with reversible feature

Styles and Sizes

The classic design is one of the attractive features of the Hunter Builder deluxe fan. The blades come with a woody accent with a nostalgic feeling to it. In addition, the vintage-inspired style makes this ceiling fan by Kichler an ideal household choice for your home, if you like such inspired items.

Hunter Builder Deluxe is manufactured for medium to large rooms with its 52-inch span of blades.

Hunter 53091 Builder deluxe can be installed in a central place such as a dining room or living room, to make your place noticeable. It is available in three different finishes that you can select from:

Things to Consider About Hunter Builder Deluxe Fan

In this review of Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe, you will find that it is replete with the things you will like it for.

1. Dark or White – It has Both

While purchasing a ceiling fan, it is an important factor to consider the color especially if you want to add an aesthetic element. Hunter builder deluxe ceiling fan is built in dark as well as white shades, making it unique and depending on the paint scheme of your house.

If your home has a light tone, you can go for the dark variety and vice versa. One wants to highlight the color shades contrast to add style and elegance to the ceiling fan in the area.

2. Reverse Feature Available

The reversible mode of this product makes it another best features to provide you the desired airflow mode. It has a reversible 3-speed motor that can generate ultra-powerful air movement that makes sure you get a constant supply of fresh air.

The reverse mode enables you to adjust the airflow direction between updraft and downdraft modes. The former mode can be used in summer to cool the area and the latter in winter to get better warm air circulation in the surroundings.

Hunter ceiling fan is a modern ceiling fan because the reversibility feature has become a standard feature for every ceiling fan, this item will not disappoint you in this regard.

3. Whisper-Quiet Performance

The ceiling fan also gets rid of another common problem of a ceiling fan that is, noise. It has a WhisperWind motor. Some models of ceiling fans make whistling or rattling sounds when they run, it can be pretty irritating when you want to take rest in a silent room. Hunter Builder Deluxe model will help you to enjoy the peace without any noise and it provides fresh air into your place.

4. Dimmable LED light Kit

It is available in a futuristic look with its vintage accent, it offers an LED bowl lighting kit. It means it offers two solutions at one time, powerful air movement and illumination. The LED light kits save the cost of energy because they are energy efficient and will not increase your electricity bill too much.

The LED bulbs feature dimmable option to enable you to have the brightness under your control to achieve the desired ambiance in your space. The LED light bulbs offer longer lifespan and will serve the purpose longer as compared with the traditional bulbs.

In addition, LED bowl distributes light effectively, it has the ability to generate lighting for the whole room.

5. Pull Chain Control Feature

Hunter Deluxe ceiling fan is user friendly and it has a pull chain control mechanism. The pull chain feature of the ceiling fan supports easy access. You can turn on/off the fan or change the speed settings with the help of this pull chain accordingly.

The lighting control is also supported by another pull chain. The user does not have to stress about when it comes to regulate the airflow and the lighting experience with the help of this chain mechanism. In addition, the two pull chains come with clear labeling. Hence, you can easily differentiate between the lighting and fan pull chain.

6. Can be used with or Without Lights

As we tell you it is a user friendly unit and it also offers the feature to use it with or without lights. You can use this hunter ceiling fan with or without lights, its your choice. This feature will help you if you have enough lighting in the room and do not want to use the light kits, or you do not like the lighting on the ceiling fan.

7. Ceiling Height

The height of the ceiling is the main consideration when it comes to installing a fan. Your task is to determine the exact height for installation to generate proper airflow.

Hunter Builder deluxe fan is packed with two downrods to make sure the right distance from the ceiling. The size of downrods is 2 and 3 inches, which you can choose when you fix the ceiling fan. If you need a longer hunter downrod, you can purchase them separately.

This deluxe model is perfect for ceiling heights of 8 feet or longer.

8. Three Mounting System

The mounting system of the item displays its versatility of it with its 3 mounting system. It includes low, angled and standard mounting options can be settled as you like it.

9. Blades Diameter

The blade span of the unit is 52-inch, that is sufficient length to generate ideal circulation when the fan rotates. They function smoothly in the mounting base to prevent the wobbling sound that can become a safety issue.

The pitch of the unit is 13-degree for its five blades to guarantee optimum performance.

10. Durability

Whenever one tries to buy a household appliance, he focuses on its durability in order to save oneself from replacement and repair costs. The sturdy structure of hunter builder, mostly designed with metal parts, ensure the long lasting life of the unit.

11. Reliability of Hunter Fan Company

While looking for a ceiling fan, the user also pays attention to the brand or company of the item. The reputable brand will serve you well, the same is the case with Hunter company.

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to determining the reputation of the company. The main concern is the quality of their products.

By paying attention to quality, Hunter manufactures a number of household accessories such as ceiling fans, lights and so on. All of them are designed with best quality.

Other features to consider are the price and warranty of the brand, all these things are reasonable to consider.

Hunter Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan Manual

Hunter builder deluxe ceiling fan manuals are available in PDF format which you can download below.

Download Hunter 53089 White Model Fan Manual

Hunter 53090 Brushed Nickel Manual Download

Download Hunter 53091 New Bronze Manual

Things to Consider Before Buying Hunter Builder Deluxe 53091

We have already discussed the best features of Hunter Builder Deluxe fan above that proved to be excellent. Now it is the time to look the other side of the coin, you need to keep these things in mind before you purchase this ceiling fan unit.

1. Globe Attracts the Bugs

Usually, the house lights attract the bugs, and the Hunter Builder Deluxe’s lighting seems to attract them. Many of the insects may remain away due to the rotation of the blades but many will be able to get in the light globe because the top of the globe is left opened by design. It is a hard nut to crack to clean the globe.

It requires the climbing of a ladder, uninstalling the globe, clean it then putting everything back is too much, especially when you know they are coming back again.

To get rid of Bugs, you can also use an air blower. Check how to clean the blades of the ceiling fan here.

2. Not Fit for Outdoors

Hunter Deluxe 53091 ceiling fan is a versatile unit when you install it in your living room, kitchen or bedroom. The con is, you can only install it indoors.

If you want a unit installed on your balcony or gazebo, the Deluxe fan is not a suitable choice. The weather elements may affect it negatively, causing wear and tear and even permanent damage to the fan. if you are looking for a Hunter outdoor ceiling fan, consider using Hunter Key Biscayne, it is the best option.

3. Lighting May Seem a Little Dim

The lighting feature may not be as bright as you like. You can adjust the settings of the light but you need to keep in mind that the energy saving bulbs that are available in the package usually do not enough light so you can use it as a primary source of light in your place. So you can still use the bulbs of the fan but as secondary lighting.

To improve the lighting/brightness, you need to clean the dirt on the light globe to avoid blocking of brightness.

There is another problem with the lighting that is, shadows that result in dark spots in your room. The shadows are a result of the configuration of the bulbs and their face is upwards. The dark spot may be more visible when the fan is stopped.

4. No Remote Control is in the Package

Another disadvantage of using this item is it does not have a remote control device in its package. You can turn on the fan or adjust its settings without moving with the help of a remote control.

However, if you do not have one, you can use the pull chain to set the desired settings by putting the extra effort. If you don’t want to put yourself in labor, you can get the device separately.

Warranty Information

The Hunter Builder Deluxe ceiling fan is available in friendly warranty policy. According to the policy, you can get a replacement without any charge if the motor becomes faulty because of manufacturing or workmanship error. The warranty is for the lifetime that covers the unit as long as you have it.

If you do not get a replacement part, you will get a full refund. Furthermore, if the ceiling fan fails to function during the one year from your purchase because of defective craftsmanship or defective materials, you will get free repairing for the fan.

How Does It Compare with Other Hunter Ceiling Fans?

Here is a comparison of this ceiling fan with other popular Hunter ceiling fans.

Hunter Fan ModelLight KitBlade DiameterRated ForCFMWatts
Hunter Builder DeluxeDimmable LED52 inchIndoors3525*37*
Hunter Key BiscayneCFL, included54 inchIndoors & Outdoors4170*46*
Hunter Builder PlusDimmable LED52 inchIndoors3038*38*

* As described on Hunter’s website.

Who Should Buy This Fan?

This ceiling fan is the perfect unit if you pay heed to the interior décor. It can offer a classic or vintage look to support your home. It is an elegant addition to complement vintage accessories including curtains, and cupboards with the same vintage style.

This household device is ideal for you if you install them in humid areas which can be stuffy. You should opt for this ceiling fan if you want to enjoy your sleep in peace due to the noiseless flow of air.

Final Words

After going through the whole review of Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe ceiling fan, you have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best household ceiling fans you may get for your home. It is replete with features like a unique design, noiseless operation, and the reverse feature to make it season-friendly for you. A friendly warranty policy is also offered for your convenience if the fan develops with any fault. When it comes to producing air in your house, you should get this unit.

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