Hunter Ceiling Fan Light Not Working – How to Fix?

hunter ceiling fan lights not working

Generally, the brand Hunter is considered reliable and trustworthy. And they are performing well than their fame. However, once in a blue moon, a Hunter fan can face issues.

In a scenario, when your hunter ceiling fan works but light does not, this article will help you what to do when the hunter ceiling fan light not working and how to troubleshoot it.  

The main cause of the light stopped working can be a faulty light kit, a malfunctioning control, remote problems, or due to a damaged lightbulb.

In this article, we are going to explore all the possible reasons, apart from that, we are going to troubleshoot these problems. So let’s get started.

Causes of the Malfunctioning Light

As we talked about it in the beginning, there are countless factors that play role in this irritating problem. We are going to discuss them in this article below.

Faulty Light Kit:

Hunter ceiling fans have assigned the lighting parts of the fan to a special unit. It is called the light kit.

If the lights have stopped working, the main reason of malfunction will be the light kit. It might not be working due to a simple malfunction or a defective light kit. A wattage limiter is also present in it and it can malfunction after a while.

Controller Stopped Working:

If a controller is malfunctioning, it will not send signals to the fan or the lighting kit to turn it ON or OFF.

If you have used it for a long time along with a bit of wear and tear, it is more likely that you will face this condition. So, if the Hunter ceiling fan works but light does not, it might be happening because the controller is failed.

Drained Remote Battery:

If you are using the remote control to switch on the lights, you must ensure that the batteries have enough power to perform the job.

The best step is to inspect the remote by putting new batteries in it before you move on to other troubleshooting methods. However, if the Hunter fan remote is not working, it is easier to troubleshoot it.

Damaged Lightbulb:

The cause can be the lightbulb rather than the fan. You need to ensure that the light bulbs used on the fan are compatible in terms of wattage rating with the fan of Hunter.

As we have stated in this article above, Hunter fans come with a wattage limiter inside their lighting fixture. As a result, the bulbs can get restricted which are exceeding the available limit to ensure the safety of the fan as well as the circuit.

Improper Installation:

Another possible reason can be the improper installation, it can be the fan itself or the lightbulbs. To get proper installation, you must be familiar with how to install a Hunter ceiling fan.

The circuits may be failing or damaged because of incorrect installation. They will not work as they are intended and resulting in the malfunctioning of the lightbulbs. It may also cause the frying the whole circuitry of the fan resulting in more damage than your expectations.

That is why it is necessary to pay attention to the process whenever you install an electrical appliance.

Troubleshooting Hunter Ceiling Fan Lights

The steps can be chosen keeping in view the problem with your Hunter fan and light. But the common troubleshooting steps include:

Replacing the Lightbulbs:

You can get light bulbs replacement, but before you do that, ensure that they do not exceed the wattage limit this time.

If they are working properly, you can say that the old light bulbs were not compatible with the lighting fixture. It happened because they were not in compliance with the wattage limiter.

Troubleshooting the Remote:

If you think there is a problem with the remote, you will have to find out the issue with the remote.

The troubleshooting methods can be replacing the batteries, cleaning the buttons, use them within the range.

Fixing the Light Kit:

The lighting fixture comes with a wattage limiter or a regulator to manage the bulbs installed in it. It is beneficial to remove it in many cases.

The steps required in it are:

  1. Open the light kit available on the fan.
  2. Use a voltage tester to find the hot wire.
  3. Inspect the voltage irregularities and find out the main reason.
  4. After determining the culprit, the next step is to remove or replacement.
  5. Switch off the power from the main panel.
  6. If you think the regulator is not working, change it.
  7. You can also remove it entirely but it is not suggested.
  8. Add the light kit back to your Hunter fan.
  9. Lastly, test the fan and the lights both at the same time to see whether they are functional or not.

Final Words

We hope that this helpful article helps you when you are going through the phase where your Hunter ceiling fan works but light does not.

After reading this, you may be able to understand that it is not a big problem and it can be solved easily and even you can do it. However, if you are still unable to determine the problem, our advice is to get professional help. Or you can also contact Hunter support about the problem if you think the defect is in their product.

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