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11 Best Casa Vieja Ceiling Fans Reviews


When it comes to the ceiling fans, Casa Vieja ceiling fans offer a pinnacle of designs. They have been in business for more or less 40 years.

Choosing a ceiling fan for your home is a hard nut to crack. People consider a number of things before buying a ceiling fan including its design, whether it has a light kit or not, rated for indoor or outdoor use, air circulation, and the size of the blades and so on.

While selecting this brand, you do not need to worry about anything. It is because the company also has a design in your own section to come up with a fan of your own choice. We have handpicked the best Casa Vieja ceiling fans with lights and without lights.

Casa Vieja Ceiling Fan Reviews

ImageProductRecommended ForPrice
Casa-Delta-Wing-Modern-Outdoor-Ceiling-Fan52″ Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling FanIndoorsCheck Price
Casa-Elite-Modern-Low-Profile-Ceiling-Fan52″ Casa Elite Modern Low Profile Ceiling FanIndoorsCheck Price
Casa Vieja Ancestry Hugger Ceiling FanCasa Vieja Ancestry Hugger Ceiling FanIndoorsCheck Price
Casa Arcus Modern LED Ceiling Fan52” Casa Arcus Modern LED Ceiling FanIndoorsCheck Price
Casa Esperanza Vintage Ceiling Fan56″ Casa Esperanza Vintage Ceiling FanIndoorsCheck Price
Casa Vieja Windspun Modern Hugger Ceiling Fan52″ Casa Vieja Windspun Modern Hugger Ceiling FanIndoorsCheck Price
Revue Modern Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan52″ Revue Modern Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan IndoorsCheck Price
Coastline Modern Ceiling Fan70″ Coastline Modern Ceiling FanIndoorsCheck Price
Casa Arcade Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan60″ Casa Arcade Modern Outdoor Ceiling FanOutdoorsCheck Price
Casa Arcade Bronze Damp Industrial Ceiling Fan84″ Casa Arcade Bronze Damp Industrial Ceiling FanIndoors and OutdoorsCheck Price

1. 52″ Casa Delta-Wing Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Casa Delta Wing ceiling fan is one of the 52-inch Casa vieja ceiling fans. It comes with 52-inch blades made of solid wood, the finishes of the blades are oil-rubbed bronze and walnut finish.

Additionally, this ceiling fan also comes with 66-inch blades to generate more airflow. The oil-rubbed bronze motor and three solid wood blades provide an integrated look and feel. The fan has 4.3 ratings out of 5 from 275 customers.

  • Generates 5723 Cubic feet per minute airflow
  • Electricity usage of 62 watts
  • 3-speed option (hi, medium and low)
  • Walnut blades
  • 6-inch downrod is also included
  • Handheld remote control is also available
  • It does not have a light kit
  • It is not suitable for humid conditions

2. 52″ Casa Elite Modern Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Casa Vieja Elite Modern Ceiling fan is one of Amazon’s choice ceiling fans by Casa Vieja due to its well-priced and high ratings.
This is one of the best selling products of this brand and it provides you the refreshing air as well as ambient lighting in your living space. It is available in brushed nickel finish, this Elite hugger style fan comes with an LED. Its four blades in the silver finish make it an energy-efficient item. The light kit is integrated with matte opal glass. A handheld remote is used to control the lighting and fan speed.
Features of Casa Elite Modern Hugger Ceiling Fan

  • Offers flush mount installation
  • Brushed nickel finish motor and liked by Amazon and customers
  • Energy efficient with 15 watts integrated light kit
  • Handheld remote is available to control the fan and lights (dimming light feature)
  • Suitable for living room and bedrooms
  • Matte opal glass
  • Four silver finish blades to generate 5082 CFPM airflow
  • N/A

3. Casa Vieja Ancestry Hugger Ceiling Fan

This fan is not only recommended by us but also suggested by Amazon. Amazon also highly rated this fan due to its reviews and well-priced feature. This beautiful 52-Inch hugger ceiling fan offers a French country style look.

The motor of the ceiling fan comes in a rubbed finish that is why it matches with rubbed white blades of the fan. This Casa Vieja fan comes with an integrated frosted glass light kit and two dimmable LED bulbs are also included in the package.

This country style fan has 4.6 stars ratings out of 5 from 128 customers.

Features of Ancestry Low Profile ceiling Fan:

  • 5 white finish blades with a 52-inch span with 14-degree blade pitch
  • Two 6 watts dimmable LED bulbs
  • A handheld remote that also controls or dims the lights
  • Lifetime motor warranty
  • Inspired by French style
  • Comes with wall control and frosted glass light kit
  • N/A

4. 56″ Sleuth Oiled Rubbed Bronze LED Ceiling Fan

This Ceiling Fan is not Available now

This 56 inch Casa Vieja Sleuth ceiling fan is an LED ceiling fan that is energy efficient. It comes with a handheld remote control to control the fan as well as light with a dimmable feature. This Sleuth LED ceiling fan adds a refreshing style to the décor of your home. The design is in oil rubbed bronze finish, it has molded ABS blades painted with kona finish. The integrated downlight provides ambient lighting and the remote control allows you to operate the lights with ease.

This contemporary style ceiling fan has 4.4 stars ratings out of 5 stars.

Features of Casa Vieja Sleuth Ceiling Fan:

  • Three painted kona molded ABS blades
  • The height of the fan is 12” ceiling to the blade with 4.5-inch downrod
  • A remote control is also included with dimmable feature
  • Generates airflow of 5062 cubic feet per minute
  • Integrated 17 watts LED light
  • N/A

5. 52” Casa Arcus Modern LED Ceiling Fan

This 52-inch Casa Vieja ceiling fan is a modern LED ceiling fan and it is available in brushed nickel finish. This sleek Casa Vieja Arcus fan is from one of the Casa Vieja Arcus collection to add contemporary style to your home décor. The blades are made of metal material with matching brushed nickel finish result in uniform look of your room. A frosted glass LED light is also included and it makes it energy efficient. A handheld remote is also available.

The ratings of Casa Arcus fan is 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

Features of Casa Arcus Modern LED Ceiling Fan:

  • 52 blade span with brushed nickel finish and 21-degree blade pitch
  • Handheld remote is also included in the package with on-off feature
  • Generates the airflow of 5678 CFPM
  • Modern ceiling fan with LED light kit
  • 3-speed features allow (Hi, Med and Low)
  • Frosted glass diffuser
  • N/A

6. 56″ Casa Esperanza Vintage Ceiling Fan

This 56-inch Casa Esperanza Vintage ceiling fan is designed beautifully by the brand. It has five blades with a shaded teak finish and the fan has a bronze and gold motor. It also has 4 ½” and 10” downrods. To add the glamorous look to the fan, it features two LED light bulbs that are energy efficient too. It does not have a dual mount feature.

Casa Vieja Esperanza Vintage Ceiling Fan has 4.3 stars ratings out of 5 stars from a number of customers who reviewed it.

Features of Casa Vieja Esperanza Ceiling Fan:

  • 52-inch five blades with shaded teak finish
  • It also has a handheld remote unit
  • Bronze and gold finish motor
  • 6-watt candelabra dimmable LED bulbs
  • Integrated light kit
  • It does not have a dual mount feature
  • The warranty is also not mentioned by the brand

7. 52″ Windspun Modern Hugger Ceiling Fan

Features of Windspun Modern Hugger Ceiling Fan:

  • Brushed nickel finish hugger motor
  • 165x16H DC motor
  • The height of the fan is 9 ½” ceiling to the bottom of the switch housing
  • Three natural finish solid carved blades
  • 52-inch blade span
  • Handheld remote with 5-speed features
  • It has 5 stars ratings out of 5 stars

8. 52″ Revue Modern Hugger Low Profile Ceiling Fan

This flush mount ceiling fan comes with walnut finish baldes and they are four in number. The oil-rubbed bronze finish adds modern look to your fan and home, cohesive lines of the fan add style and contemporary look to the unit. Apart from oil rubbed bronze finish, the motor of the fan also has oil rubbed bronze finish to provide a bold contrast. It has an LED opal glass light to make the room bright without costing enough energy bill. It generates the airflow of 4367 CFPM. The use of electricity is 58 watts excluding the lights. Handheld remote is also available for manual reverse airflow.

Casa Vieja Revue Modern Ceiling fan has 4.6 stars ratings out of 5 stars, it is considered as good rating.

Features of Revue Modern Hugger LED Ceiling Fan:

  • The motor, as well as the fan, comes with oil-rubbed bronze finish
  • Handheld remote to change the airflow manually
  • Modern Ceiling fan with LED light
  • 3-speed function (Hi, Med, and Low)
  • LED light is integrated with opal glass
  • N/A

9. 70″ Coastline Modern Ceiling Fan

Casa Vieja Coastline Modern ceiling fan is a 70-inch LED ceiling fan that offers DC motor. The DC motor has the ability to generate 5888 CFPM airflow. This ceiling fan of Casa Vieja is ideal for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. It comes with five walnut teak manufactured wood finish blades and the motor has oil rubbed bronze finish. The remote comes with 6-speed full functions. It has a 6” downrod and it also has an integrated LED light that makes an energy efficient unit.

Features of Casa Vieja 70-inch Coastline Modern Ceiling Fan:

  • Five reversible walnut-teak manufactured wood blades
  • 6-speed remote control, it also controls the reverse airflow
  • Comes with an integrated dimmable 17 watts LED module light
  • Modern ceiling fan
  • UL listed for indoor use
  • It has 4.7 stars ratings out of 5 stars.
  • N/A

10. 60″ Casa Arcade Modern Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This stunning Casa Arcade ceiling fan has six oil rubbed bronze finish blades that have the ability to generate 9310 CFPM airflow. In addition, it does not only create a refreshing breeze but also creates illumination with the help of its LED downlight. This 60-inch Arcade ceiling fan is UL listed for damp areas and it is not suitable for humid locations. It has a six-speed full function handheld remote with a 3-step dimming feature. This stylish ceiling fan has an oil rubbed bronze finish blades as well as a motor. The downlight adds ambient lighting to your place.

Features of Casa Arcade Ceiling Fan:

  • 6 blades with oil rubbed bronze finish DC motor
  • The 3-step dimming feature is also enabled in a handheld remote
  • LED module downlight is also included in the package
  • White diffuser
  • Industrial style modern outdoor ceiling fan
  • Incandescent bulbs
  • It has 5 stars ratings out of 5 stars
  • N/A

11. 84″ Casa Arcade Bronze Damp Industrial Ceiling Fan

This damp LED ceiling fan is one of the large ceiling fans by Casa Vieja. It has six aluminum blades along with an LED downlight. This 84-inch Casa Vieja ceiling fan offers style for your home décor, LED lighting adds illumination in your room as well. A full function remote control is also included in the package to control the operation of the fan.

Features of Casa Arcade Industrial Ceiling Fan:

  • Six aluminum blades with DC motor
  • The span of the blades is 84-inch, suitable for large rooms
  • Maximum slope is 24 degrees
  • Handheld remote to control the reverse airflow
  • UL listed for damp locations
  • Blades must be mounted at least 10 feet from the floor
  • It is not suitable for humid and salt water exposure

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Makes Casa Vieja Fans?

Lamps Plus is a company that manufactures Casa Vieja ceiling fans for almost 40 years and they are making top quality and innovative designs for their customers. This company is making more than 300 casa Vieja fans for shopping.

What is the Official Website of Casa Vieja Ceiling Fan?

Casa Vieja ceiling fans do not have an official brand website but the products of Casa Vieja are available on our website, Lamps plus’s site and also on Amazon.

Final Words

We hope that you liked the article on top Casa Vieja ceiling fan reviews, it will help you to select the ideal ceiling fan for your living place. Casa Vieja is the brand and Lamps Plus is the manufacturer of the fans.

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