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Best Craftmade Ceiling Fans Reviews

craftmade ceiling fans reviews

Craftmade is another ceiling fan brand in the market and it is a very reliable brand. If you are finding the best match ceiling fan for your home, you need to go through this Craftmade ceiling fans reviews to get the desired fan.

It is the best feeling to get a high-quality ceiling fan for your home during the summer season that is made to provide you cool air. In addition, a high quality ceiling fan can also save the energy bills and provides efficient airflow, it is due to the fact that they are extremely energy efficient even at high speeds. Do you want to buy the top ceiling fans from Craftmade?

Whether you want to buy the Craftmade ceiling fans for the first time or looking forward to replace an existing unit, Craftmade offers your desired ceiling fan units.

Keeping in view the strong desire to produce top quality ceiling fans, it is considered as the leader in the ceiling fan industry, they offer strong design and technology.

So have a look at our best Craftmade ceiling fans reviews before you make a decision to buy one.

Craftmade Ceiling Fans Reviews

Without any delay, here is the list of top Craftmade ceiling fans with reviews.

1. Craftmade Targas Triple Mount 52 Inch Ceiling Fan

Main Features:

  • It offers 4-speeds feature to provide easy customization.
  • Hard-wired wall control offers a dual-speed and dimming setting.
  • The direction of the airflow is controlled by a reverse switch.

Craftmade TG52BNK3 is one of the best and stylish Craftmade ceiling fans, it is rated for indoor locations

The fan offers 3-blade design with a satin nickel to give rise to style and strength. In addition, it also has three plywood blades. They are available in walnut/dark oak finish makes it a beautiful addition to your home.

It generates the airflow of 5433 cubic feet per minute, allows it to give a cooling experience in average-sized bedrooms. It also has a quiet motor to provide quiet operation.

TG52BNK3 Targas Triple mount ceiling fan has a 16-watt LED light, it is dimmable so you can set the light according to your own desire.

2. Craftmade Velocity Black 58 Inch Ceiling Fan

Main Features:

  • Dual-mount design allows you to install the ceiling fan on a flat or vaulted ceiling.
  • The UL-certified design guarantees the safety.
  • ABS blended blades expand the lifespan of the blades in different kinds of weather.

If you are looking for a Craftmade ceiling fan without lights, we recommend this unit that is VE58FB3 Craftmade ceiling fan.

It measures 21.25” from the ceiling to the bottom, comes with a 12” downrod, you can also choose the longer down rod depends on your preference.

This ceiling fan also has a canopy base that offers a 4.75” diameter. You can choose this unit if you are looking for a fan that last longer due to its stainless steel build.

In addition, it is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a ceiling fan that is easy to control. It features a non-reversible quiet AC motor to secure constant airflow. The wall control feature enables you to control its ABS blades that has 4-speed levels. This model of Craftmade can generate the airflow of about 7731 cubic feet per minute. It happens due to its quiet and heavy-duty motor.

3. Craftmade Knightsbridge 52-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Main Features:

  • The fan is capable of delivering 5513 cubic feet per minute.
  • Light dimming function is available to customize the light preferances of the LEDs.
  • It features a traditional style due to its Aged bronze finish.
  • Silicon steel material adds strength

Do you consider a ceiling fan great if it is designed for indoor and outdoor use? If yes, we recommend this KM52ABZ5LKRCI Knightsbridge Craftmade ceiling fan. The unit makes it spot in this Craftmade ceiling fan reviews due to its excellent build quality and elegant touch.

This ceiling fan is available 52-inch span with a height of almost 26.5 from the ceiling to the bottom. In addition, it also has a 10-inch downrod with a 29.7lbs weight. The unit can be installed in outdoor settings due to its five outdoor approved aged bronze fan blades. Furthermore, this fan is a perfect choice for damp areas due to its UL approved design.

KM52ABZ5LKRCI knightsbridge ceiling fan is silicone steel made and the finish is aged bronze brushed to highlight it. The model has 3 LEDs that consumes more or less 120 watts energy. The dimmable feature is available to suit your mood and preference. Additionally, the fan speed can be customized with the handheld remote control that customizes the 3 speeds. The reversing feature is another advantage of the fan that enables you to change the airflow direction.

4. Craftmade Braxton Brushed Copper 52 Inch Fan

Main Features:

  • Copper body provides strength and style.
  • Three speed levels to ensure versatility.
  • Five dark chestnut/cedar plywoods
  • An integrated 19-watt LED lighting fixture

Craftmade BRX52BCP5 is a high-quality ceiling fan designed in a brushed copper body. The fan has five blades in dark cedar/chestnut plywood that is not only running but also attractive in nature. Furthermore, a 19-watt dimmable integrated LED light kit is also present. The lighting fixture contains an incandescent that is equal to 86 watts making it eye-catching wherever you install it. It is a ceiling fan that is very easy to use due to its ICS remote control and wall control feature so if you are looking for a easy to use ceiling fan, buy this one.

In addition, the unit is suitable for rooms with different temperatures due to the 3-speed levels of the unit. BRX25BCP5 Craftmade is 15.07-inches from the ceiling to the bottom. Other than that, it contains a 6” down rod and a dual mount adapter to make the mounting easy on flat as well as on angled ceilings. You can also use a 45 AD-FB that you need to purchase separately.

5. Craftmade Bordeaux 52 Inch Ceiling Fan

Main Features:

  • Wall control features 3-speed settings.
  • A manual reversing switch on the motor.
  • 3 transparent acrylic blades.
  • A 6” Down rod to make installation easy

The next unit on the list is BRD52PLN3 Bordeaux Craftmade ceiling fan. This unit is 15.51” from the ceiling to the blades with a 5.85” diameter ceiling fan mount canopy. This model offers a 17 watts integrated LED dimmable light. Additionally, a white frost glass cap for non light use is also present. You can opt for this model when you are looking for a ceiling fan that is easy to mount due to the 6-inch down rod.

Apart from that, this unit is a perfect selection for a ceiling fan that is functional and attractive at the same time, with its 3 acrylic fan blades. It is rated at 3786 CFM that means it can be installed in average sized rooms. A wall control is available with 3-speed settings of the fan to make the customization of airflow easy for you. BRD52PLN3 Bordeaux ceiling fan is constructed from silicone steel and polished nickel finish to add style and strength. Further, it is UL approved, potentially safe to use in indoor areas.

6. Craftmade Limerick 60-Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Main Features:

  • The fan is rated for 2934CFM airflow
  • 3 speed levels to make the airflow customization easy.
  • A light dimming feature to allow easy customization of the brightness.

Craftmade Limerick has an unusual design but it is a good looking ceiling fan due to its blade design similar to Minka Aire ceiling fans. This outdoor unit contains a 60” diameter. The height of the fan is 13.89” from the ceiling to the bottom. In addition, it features a 6” down rod and comes with a 13.69lbs weight. The ceiling fan features a 17 watt LED light kit. The light kit has a dimmable feature that means the brightness can be customized according to the condition. Limerick Craftmade ceiling fan is ideal for outdoor use due to its outdoor approved Greywood ABS blades.

The unit contains a hand-held remote to ensure the easy operation. The airflow direction can be changed with its reversing function so you can set it as per your liking. In addition, the fan is ETL approved so you can use it in damp location. The model comes with an aged galvanized finish to make it an ideal choice for a ceiling fan that can last for years.

7. Craftmade Laval Espresso 44” Bedroom Fan

Main Features:

  • Features a stylish look with its white glass light.
  • Easy operation of the lighting with on/off light pull chain.
  • Customization of the airflow is possible through 3-speed pull chains.
  • Change the airflow direction with the reverse switch on the motor.

The Craftmade Laval Espresso is a 44-inch ceiling fan is an ideal ceiling fan well suited for bedrooms. Craftmade seems to be following the footsteps of another famous brand Emerson, as the ceiling fan provides an aesthetic appeal to the viewers. Craftmade LAV44ESP4LK-LED ceiling fan is designed to add contemporary style to home decors. It is an Espresso unit that contains a halogen 100-watt dimmable E11 light bulb. It adds a stylish look with its plywood blades that are designed with dark walnut finish. The ceiling fan has four reversible blades to customize the direction of the airflow effectively.

In addition, it is silicone steel made to make it full of strength. You can opt for this model if you are looking for a ceiling fan that is easy to use. The main reason is the 3-speed pull chain that enables you to adjust its wooden blades as well as control them. The fan is also an ideal choice when finding a ceiling fan that is easy to mount. It offers a dual mount design that enables you to install the unit on vaulted and flat ceiling.

The measurement of the four blades is 15.5-inches from the ceiling to the bottom. In addition, the fan attributes a 5.12-inches canopy diameter and the weight is 18.7lbs. A 6-inch down rod included, you can mount the unit with ease. Further, the reversible 3-speed AC motor is constructed to give an even and constant airflow up to 4545 CFM.

What to look for when buying Craftmade ceiling fans

1. Size

The size of the unit is the part and parcel of a unit when it comes to determining the efficiency of the model. Craftmade ceiling fans are available in different sizes ranging from 29-inches to 60-inches in size. In addition, these models are available in unique heights allowing you to choose the ideal fan for your house. You need to measure the floor to the ceiling height so you will be able to determine the mount type. The next thing to measure is the size of the room to find out whether you are looking for a fan that is made for small or big rooms. Also, remember the length of the down rod based on the height of the ceiling to ensure the safety and efficiency in terms of aerating.

2. Blades

Craftmade ceiling fans are designed with 4, 5 or 6 blades. However, the products are balanced and weighed in such a manner to guarantee that you get the best quality. The material and number of blades depend on your own preference and fashion sense, since all ceiling fans are tested to make sure of their effectiveness.

3. Light Kits

Craftmade also offers ceiling fans with light kits. Although the selection of these models depends on personal choice, you will end up with the appropriate unit when opting for the models that contain a light kit to get the ideal look. So you need to explore the different options of light kits to ensure a better look at your space.

4. Colors, styles, and finishes

Craftmade ceiling fans are also available in different colors, styles and finishes. Again, it depends on your personal choice. So go through the various designs of fans to hand-pick the unit that matches your taste as well as the style of the room. Furthermore, you need to consider the durability of the finishes too while selecting.

5. Consider the Motor

The motor of the ceiling fan shows the efficiency of the unit, amount of cooling costs and life span. We suggest you should go for the fans that have high capacity motors integrated into them so you get better airflow, longer life and better efficiency. Furthermore, choose the unit that uses low wattage since they are the devices that help you to minimize the cost of energy bills.

6. Location

Do you want to buy an indoor or outdoor Craftmade ceiling fan? You need to keep in mind that indoor ceiling fans cannot be installed outside; that is why you need to purchase a ceiling fan that is rated for outdoors. If you are finding the best outdoor ceiling fan in this category, you need to read the descriptions to make sure you get the unit that can resist outdoor weather elements. Furthermore, opt for the fans with a UL rating and damp rated since they are made to withstand moisture and humidity.

7. Control Type

Is it convenient for you to operate the ceiling fan with remote control? Or do you consider any other control type easier? If you are looking for the easiest way, we recommend a ceiling fan with a remote. A portable remote enables you to set the speed, brightness, airflow direction without leaving your seat.

Apart from remote control fans, you can also opt for the second option that is the wall control feature. This feature can be used after installation and works as a switch that you need to put extra effort to stand up and operate the unit. The third option is a pull chain, but you need to check the ceiling height before choosing this preference. You can also get the reverse rotation control that is ideal for seasonal changes and climate control.


We hope that you have liked our Craftmade ceiling fan reviews and they helped you to make a purchase. Craftmade is creating the best designs to give their users better experience and energy efficiency of their fans. Moreover, the company also gives preference to style for functionality, allowing you to get stylish ceiling fans suitable for modern decors. So purchase any of the listed products based on whether you are obtaining a ceiling fan for small or large rooms or one that is made for indoors or outdoors.

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