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How to Clean Ceiling Fan Blades? Here Are 4 Ways to Do It

how to clean ceiling fan blades

Ceiling fans attract you unless they begin to catch dust, once they start doing it, you need to clean the ceiling fan to make it fresh and new. Here are the best ways to clean ceiling fan blades.

Ceiling fans are necessary appliances for your home. The first ceiling fan came into existence in 1882, it was invented by Philip Diehl. Since then they have become a great addition for household throughout the year all across the world. Now, ceiling fans are replete with features which is why we can call them they are multipurpose appliances. They have the ability to add an elegant touch to your place, reduce the cost of electricity and also be long-lasting.

If you own a ceiling fan that provides a comfortable breeze and adds ambiance during the summer, you will not want it to accumulate dirt or dust on it. There are few ways that can be used to keep your ceiling fan clean.

Without wasting more time, follow these great tips on how to clean ceiling fan blades.

#1: Use a Pillowcase

*This method is ideal for fans on a standard ceiling, a standard ceiling is 8-10 feet. 

To do this, you’ll need:

  • A pillowcase
  • Step ladder
  • Face mask/Bandana (optional)

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      Instructions –

      1. The first thing you need to do is to ensure your safety and it can be done by turning off the ceiling fan.
      2. If you will cover your face using a mask or bandana, now is the time to put it on, ensure that you have covered your mouth and nose. The process will restrict you from inhaling any dust or dirt. If you are allergic to dust, you have to be extra safe, it is an ideal way to prevent it.
      3. Place your step ladder right under the ceiling fan carefully and climb it. After reaching the point where you can access the fan easily, cover the fan blades fully using the pillow case.
      4. Apply some pressure and gradually pull the pillowcase back. When pulling it back, you can take your time to keep the dirt and dust inside it.
      5. Repeat the process of step 4, when you deal with the rest of the ceiling fan blades.
      6. After completing the step 5, double-check the blades to see if all the dust or dirt has been removed from them. If you see any remaining dust, wipe it with the help of a cloth.
      7. To remove the dust, shake the pillowcase, the ideal way to do it is by directly into the dustbin or outside. It will restrict the need of extra cleaning.
      8. Wash your pillowcase in hot water or you can put it in the washing machine.

      #2: Use a Ceiling Fan Duster

      *This method is ideal for fans on a high ceiling. A high ceiling is usually 10 ft or higher.

      To perform this, you’ll need:

      • Old sheet
      • Long Duster – with an extended arm (see the image below)
      • Bandana/Face mask

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        Instructions –

        1. First of all, ensure that your fan is turned off. After that, place the sheet on the floor below the ceiling fan. It will be helpful when you are cleaning the blades, this should help to catch any dust that falls on the floor.
        2. Put your face mask on directly, you need to ensure that you have covered your face and nose entirely. It is our recommendation that you use a bandana or face mask when using this method to clean as the dust will be swept directly into the air.
        3. Put the duster at the top of the unit, start to dust downwards. You might give preference to dust the motor housing. You need to ensure that you do it carefully, dust away from yourself to prevent being covered in dust.
        4. To dust the top of the fan blades, use the duster. After completing the dusting on the top of all the blades, repeat the process for the bottom of the fan blades too.
        5. After doing that, the next step is to pick up the sheet carefully that you placed under the fan and shake the dust into the dustbin or outside.
        6. Put the old sheet directly into the washing machine or you can also wash it in the warm water.

        Ceiling fans with lighting fixtures give extra lighting

        #3 Method: Use Baby Wipes

        * This method is perfect for fan blades that are dirty or greasy

        To do the job, you’ll need:

        • Baby wipes/Cloth
        • Step ladder
        • Old sheet
        • Face mask/ Bandana (optional)
        • Degreaser or mineral spirit (odorless mineral spirit is best)

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          Instructions –

          1. To be safe, ensure that the fan is turned off. If you want to wear a face mask or bandana, now is the time. You will have to cover your mouth and nose completely to restrict breathing in dirt or dust.
          2. Underneath the fan, put an old sheet to gather the excessive dirt.
          3. Position the step ladder in place to make it easy for you to access the ceiling fan.
          4. Climb the ladder, if the ceiling fan is not greasy but dirty simply wipe down the blades using the baby wipe. It will get rid of any dirt, keep in mind to clean the top as well as the bottom of the blades.
          5. If your unit is greasy, add a small amount of mineral spirit or degreaser onto a cloth or a baby wipe. The baby wipe or cloth needs to be damp, they should not be soaked. Now, start wiping the blades, ensure to wipe the top as well as the bottom of the blades and make sure that the grease disappears.
          6. Clean the cloth or dispose of the dirty baby wipes, pick up the used sheet under the fan and remove the dirt by shaking it into the trash or outside. After removing the dirt, wash the sheet in warm water.

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          #4 Method: Use a Vacuum Attachment

          *This method can be used if you don’t have a duster with an extended arm or a spare pillowcase

          To complete this method, you’ll require:

          • Step ladder
          • A good vacuum cleaner & extended attachment

          Instructions –

          1. Switch off the fan and put the step ladder under the unit so you can reach the fan easily.
          2. Attach the extended attachment to the vacuum and turn it on. Climb the ladder until you are compatible with the fan height.
          3. Pick up the dust from the fan blades by using the vacuum attachment and do it carefully. You have to run the attachment with the blade in a straight line to avoid mistakes.
          4. Repeat the same procedure for all the fan blades and clean them.
          5. Clean up any dust or dirt that has fallen on the floor by using the vacuum cleaner.

          Final Thoughts

          We hope you liked our tips on how to clean ceiling fan blades. By the end of this guide, you may be able to know how useful ceiling fans are and how easy it is to clean them. To keep the breeze in your home clean, you need to clean your ceiling fan and it will also make the life of your fan longer. Now you have read our simple article on how to clean a ceiling fan. No more excuses, it’s time to get your ceiling fan perfectly clean.

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