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Casablanca Fan Troubleshooting

casablanca fan troubleshooting

The company of Casablanca ceiling fans had been doing business since 1974 and they grew their business rapidly during the span of energy crisis in the seventies. The brand of Casablanca offers cross laminated blades with six layers of wood and furniture grade wood veener.

Instead of all the merits of this ceiling fan company, it is an electronic device that can cause problems and even fail to function in a proper way. If you are experiencing problems with the Casablanca fan, here is the guide to troubleshoot your problems and fix them.

Common Casablanca Ceiling Fans Problems

  • Casablanca ceiling Fan is not Working or Start
  • Fan is wobbling or shaking excessively
  • The fan is making noise while operating
  • Ceiling fan is unable to run at slow speed
  • Light is too dim
  • Remote control is not working correctly

We shall solve these problems step by step.

Fan is working fine but light isn’t: It means that either you have a defective motor or defective receiver or broken socket so change them.

Fan and light on full, unable to control: It is happening because of the defective receiver, change it.

Fan is ok but light is not dim: It is happening because of the defective receiver, change it.

6: Fan Starts working itself

It happens because of frequency interference; change the frequency.

7: Casablanca Remote Control Troubleshooting

If your Casablanca fan remote is not working:

  • First of all, check the batteries and if they are not working, replace them.
  • Check the light of remote control whether it is turning on or not.
  • Use alkaline batteries for the ideal battery life. Replace the current batteries with alkaline batteries.

8: Casablanca Fans Control Switches Troubleshooting

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