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Best Emerson Ceiling Fan Reviews

emerson ceiling fan reviews

When it comes to ceiling fans, Emerson is a reliable name in this field. Want to know about the quality of this ceiling fan brand?

Here are some of the best Emerson ceiling fan reviews to know about it.

Ceiling fans are an important piece that every room needs, especially in those locations where AC is not the standard in most of the apartments and houses. The problem one can experience is which ceiling fans will be the best option that they can purchase with their money, they do a comparison of what do some ceiling fans offer and other don’t? The first feature that makes ceiling fans unique is how many speed levels it is offered. Some of them come with multiple speed levels and some of them only support one.

Another feature one may consider while purchasing the top ceiling fan is the brand. A ceiling fan produced by a reputable brand in the market will offer quality and they also offer cheap as well as expensive units.

Speaking of brands, Emerson is one of the best and famous ceiling fan brands that click your mind. They offer durable, beautiful, functional ceiling fans, here is the list of best Emerson ceiling fan reviews to enable you to get one for yourself.

Best Emerson Ceiling Fan Reviews

1. Emerson CF542ORB Veranda 42-Inch Ceiling Fan

This 42-inch Emerson ceiling fan was made in a special unique way that it offers both settings including indoor as well as outdoor. This feature makes it eligible for people who are looking for a ceiling fan for their porch, so they can enjoy being outdoors despite the heat. In addition, the weight of the ceiling fan is only twenty pounds so installation is easy for this unit, one can lift it for installation with ease. This unit is primarily made for outdoor use, therefore, this unit does not offer a lighting kit on it, however, the unit is light kit adaptable that means it can bear a lighting fixture. If you want to install a fixture with the unit, the company includes it in the package, so you don’t have to purchase it separately.

Apart from the light kit, this Emerson fan is also compatible with remote control and the best thing is the user can control it from any separately sold remotes but still it has a pull cord or wall switch feature to get the job done for you. It contains five durable bronze blades that can withstand any weather conditions and the measurement is 42 x 42 x 13.8 inches, it ensures that the unit is replete with abilities to fulfill your requirement. it builds confidence in you when you are getting a ceiling fan and it comes with safety as well as a cool breeze even on patio or porches.

2. Emerson CF712ORB Pro Series 50-Inch Fan

This 50-inch Emerson ceiling fan is designed in a breathtaking bronze color with its five reversible blades. The blades feature two colors, on the one side of the blade the color is medium oak and the other side of the blade has dark cherry color on it. The lights are hidden behind a frosted glass dome that conceals the three light bulbs. Each of these bulbs uses 60 watts and candelabra style.

When we measure it the size of the unit up to be 50 x 50 x 50 inches and it has two cords, one of them controls the rotation of the fan and the other one controls the light and you do not always have to use them because the manufacturers also feature a remote control for your convenience so you can adjust the speed from your seat.

You do not need a perfectly flat ceiling to mount this unit to your ceiling. If you want to mount this ceiling fan to a sloped ceiling, you need to purchase an additional rod extension to get the job done. If you do not know how to mount a ceiling fan or do not want to do it by yourself, you can hire a professional to do the job.

The overall reviews of this ceiling fan are positive, the customers reviewed it 4.6 stars out of 5 stars from four hundred and thirty-nine posted reviews at the time of writing this. In case you do not like the unit, it offers a limited lifetime warranty.

3. Emerson CF905ORB 52-Inch Prima Snugger

The intention to design this ceiling fan is to provide a stylish, unique, discrete ceiling fan to serve its purpose. The measuring of the fan is 52-inches and one key feature that this ceiling fan offers to make itself discrete is that it does not hang as low into the room as other ceiling fans do. The point from the base of the fan to the lowest hang point of the blades is about 7 inches long. It is suitable for people who want to install this fan in their home library, office or anywhere else to avoid the risk of hitting anything.

The amount of the air circulation can be personalized with the reversible feature, the blades contain the color of oil rubbed bronze and the frame of the fan is also bronze. This set of color will be an eye catching addition to your place displaying pieces of dark wood furniture so it will be compatible with the décor as well.

The fan is about 52 x 52 x 52 inches in measurement and weights about 17.8 pounds. This unit by Emerson does not have a built-in lighting fixture but the ceiling fan is quite adaptable to the light kit. If you are looking for adding one, you need to purchase it separately from the fan.

4. Emerson HF1160BQ 60-Inch Industrial Fan

This unit from the company is not much different from the previous ones in the list. It is designed to cut through the heat and provide the cool breeze. The main difference we can evaluate in this ceiling fan is that it was designed for indoor use only. That is why it is the perfect option for use in places including warehouses, where employees perform their manual labor and fulfill their need to cool down.

This ceiling fan contains three blades instead of the standard five blades so it is different from other fans. Three blades are not reversible therefore, the variety is limited in which the fan generates the air. There is another feature you need to keep in mind about this unit that is, it does not have cords to slow down or speed up the fan. This Emerson model does not have cords to turn on and off it so you need a wall control to do it.

The ceiling fan has a diameter of 60-inches to make it a larger unit, but it will serve you better, larger blades come with more air circulation so good for you.

It is a perfect choice for industrial environment because of its durability. Each blade is constructed with chemical resistant material so any chemicals available in your area will not affect it. Even so, it is recommended to keep the unit to dry places.

5. Emerson CF500AP 56-Inch Euclid Pewter Fan

This ceiling fan is a mixture of both antique and modern aesthetics due to the given colors to this unique design ceiling fan. It contains five blades to offer different shades of wood. The most common color is dark grey and the center of the base looks like a large metal gear that attracts the eyes due to its unique look.

Another feature of this ceiling fan that you need to consider is that it does not have two or three-speed levels like typical fans. On the contrary, it provides 4-speed levels so it enables you to have more options when it comes to control the speed settings or air circulation of the unit. The fan will generate air ranging from the slight breeze to a strong cooling air to cool down your space in the scorching days of summer. The size of the fan is about 54-inches and the capacity of the unit gets 120 volts for the sake of rotation at its maximum level. The usage of watts of the fan is more or less seventy watts.

The lighting fixture is not preinstalled in the unit, but the package contains a complimentary light kit which you can install by yourself. If you do not have knowledge of attaching the light kit to the fan, you should hire a professional by paying extra money while ordering the unit so they will install it for you. In addition, they will also help you with the ceiling fan installation so it will prevent any damage.

6. Emerson CF955LWW 54-Inch Midway Fan

The next fan in this Emerson fans list is Emerson CF955LWW 54-inch Midway ceiling fan. The unit is made in white that is why it attracts us while writing these Emerson ceiling fan reviews. Furthermore, it contains a contemporary look that is why it is considered a great fan for bedrooms. This ceiling fan is designed with a minimalistic vision while others were made to cool down the larger and very hot spaces. The midway fan is one of the most energy-efficient ceiling fans in this list and this is due to its small size. The ceiling fan has 54-inches blade span in diameter and the weight of the unit is mere 25.7 pounds which not only helps in energy efficiency but also it is very easy to install too.

When you compare this fan with larger size ceiling fans which take more or less 50-60 watts of wattage to rotate whereas this fan only uses 30 watts. The ceiling fan is designed in an eye-catching white to easily adaptable with other home appliances and also contains an LED light kit. This LED light kit can be controlled with the help of a any remote control and receivers from different manufacturers.

The ceiling fan has beautifully designed blades which are tilt at the angle of 29 degrees. This angle helps the fan to generate air more efficiently by using the right amount of aerodynamics. Further, the process also allows the ceiling fan to generate enough airflow to cool down your space. The unit also rotates at very fast speed that you can notice the temperature difference easily.

7. Emerson CF621VNB 52-Inch Batalie Breeze Fan

This Batalie Breeze fan is entirely designed for outdoor use. The unique design of the fan enables it to fit in any outdoor patio décor to attract the visitors. The ceiling fan is designed with five Venetian Bronze blades and the shape of the blades is similar to the plant leaves. When you look at them closely, you will see an intricate pattern carved on each of them which is like a wicker basket.

The main point to consider about this ceiling fan is the options to control it. The first point to consider in terms of controls is its speed levels which are three in number to ensure that you get the quality airflow according to your choice. Another particular feature is the reversible motor of the unit so you can also control the direction of the blades. This feature may not impress you but it plays the vital role in terms of cooling the space where you will install the fan.

The ratings of this ceiling fan seems to be very impressive among the users as it has got 158 reviews and most of them are satisfied with its features, that is why the overall rating is four point eight out of five stars.

It is an outdoor ceiling fan that does not contain a lighting fixture but you can buy one separately for the unit. There is another downside of this fan that is, it does not consume very much power for the complete 75 watts that is why it is working very well.

Are Emerson Ceiling Fans Good

Keeping in view the diversity of this brand that is offered while purchasing it, based on the positive customers reviews created by the users, we conclude that Emerson ceiling fans are safe options for the users and overall the brand is also good in terms of buying a ceiling fan.

What to expect from Emerson

You can expect excellent customer service as well as consistent presence of good quality products from Emerson company. Furthermore, they have also given several tips which are replete with information on their website as well as on Amazon products listings. The purpose of giving away the pieces of information is to inform the users about how their ceiling fans work and what are the options they offering with their items. It is the best way to know about the product you are going to purchase from them.

Whether you are making a purchase for your office, your home or any other place, you can do it safely because their first priority is to satisfy their customers and they offer their expertise and willingness to help for it, therefore, it is worth buying. The products of the company are available in decent price, therefore, you are always in a sense that you are getting your money’s worth because the company designs the ceiling fans for its customers to fulfill their needs fully.

While other brands in the market may want to keep the information general for their items in order to attract the wider audience, whereas Emerson offers the detail to ensure that its customers know exactly what they are purchasing. They have specific fans for each type of weather locations in terms of light fixtures, speed options, dimensions and everything that can help the users to finalize the decision whether the ceiling fan is ideal choice for their space or not.

Emerson ceiling fans handpicked by us are proud of themselves because they are clean yet good looking fans. The best part is they come up with units that look very attractive without any unusual designs opposite to what Minka Aire does with their ceiling fans.


We are optimistic and think that you have liked our Emerson ceiling fan reviews. The list contains a few ceiling fans that you can keep in your mind while purchasing for this brand’s fan that fulfill your needs. This guide will help you to understand the company’s commitment and you will end up with one of the previously listed ceiling fans. by going through the previous list, you will come to know how different ceiling fans can be and why it is necessary to select one that suits your needs.

If you are looking for other brands than Emerson, you can go through our top rated ceiling fans from reputable brands including Harbor Breeze, Honeywell and Hunter.

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