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Harbor Breeze Centreville Indoor Ceiling Fan – PDF Manual, Installation Guide and Reviews

harbor breeze centreville ceiling fan

It takes us hours to do the research and details about the model and after doing so we have come up with the detailed Harbor Breeze Centreville ceiling fan review with the relevant information that is up to the date, tips, customer reviews and Manual in PDF format. In this article, we are going to give you a PDF manual that can be accessible free of cost with information on replacement parts.

Harbor Breeze Centreville ceiling fan is available in four finishes Brushed Nickel, white, oil rubbed and antique brass. The size of the fan is available in 42-inch and 52-inch that is sufficient to cool a small and large room.

We have also added the link of downloadable PDF manual of Harbor Breeze Centreville in this guide. We have reviewed the model so that you can also get more information about the model and get an idea of parts.

Here is a table that shows the specification and main features of Harbor Breeze Centreville Indoor ceiling fan

Sr. NoFinishesModel NumberItem #Airflow
142 inch Brushed Nickel406898074291820
242 inch Oil Rubbed412397320821820
342 inch White406878074321820
442-inch Antique Brass406888074331820
552 inch Brushed Nickel407068074301980
652 inch Oil Rubbed415219558541980
752 inch White407058074351980
852 inch Antique Brass407048074341980

Harbor Breeze Centreville Ceiling Fan Manual & Installation Guide

The manuals for Centreville ceiling fan by Harbor Breeze are two in number because they are in two different sizes, so you should have an idea about the fan size. The manual comes with the installation guide with safety information, care and maintenance, troubleshooting, operating instructions, warranty and the list of replacement parts etc.

Harbor Breeze Centreville ceiling fan parts list will help you to determine which parts are available so you can order them without any hesitation.

We upload manuals in PDF format, so you need a PDF reader to read the manual. Download the manual below.

Download the Harbor Breeze 42 inch Ceiling Fan Manual in White, Brushed Nickel, Antique Bronze, or Oil Rubbed

Download the Harbor Breeze 52 inch Ceiling Fan Manual in Antique Bronze, Brushed Nickel, White or Oil Rubbed

Harbor Breeze Centreville Ceiling Fan Review

The main concern about this fan is the airflow. Even the bigger model of Centreville 52-inch fan the airflow is not sufficient. Even at the high speed if you stand under it, you will not be able to enjoy enough air which is required from this size of the fan.

Other than airflow, the ceiling fan is great in looks and in terms of installation. People have published good comments and remarks after buying this unit.

This Harbor Breeze ceiling fan comes with a light kit but you can also install it without the included light kit, you need a light cap for it. You need to purchase the cap separately.

If you want to enjoy good lighting then it is not a suitable fit for you. The light kits come with candelabra style which does not generate an ample amount of light. There is another problem you can experience that the bulbs burn out on a regular basis and it can be an inability to handle the electricity.

Harbor Breeze Centreville 42 inch Ceiling FanHarbor Breeze Centreville 52 inch Ceiling Fan
*Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
*90% of Customers Recommend this Ceiling Fan
* Overall Rating 4.6 stars
92% of Customers Recommend this Ceiling Fan
713 Customer Reviews704 Customer Reviews
5 stars – 5095 stars – 545
4 stars – 1194 stars – 94
3 stars – 303 stars – 19
2 stars – 172 stars – 19
1 star – 381 star – 27

This is a customer review chart and its comparison between Harbor Breeze Centreville 42-inch and Harbor Breeze Centreville 52-inch ceiling fan.

The comparison between the two shows 52-inch Centreville ceiling fan is more popular as compared with 42-inch Centreville ceiling fan.

It may be happening due to the airflow as it is obvious the bigger fan moves more amount of air than the 42 inch unit.

In a nutshell, it is a classy ceiling fan that comes at a great price. Keeping in view the models we highly recommend the 52-inch model instead of 42-inch model.

Check Harbor Breeze Centreville 52-inch Indoor ceiling fan here.

Harbor Breeze Centreville Ceiling Fan Installation Guide

Harbor Breeze Centreville ceiling fan installation instructions are available in the manual and you can download the manual above.

We recommend that you tighten all the screws twice a year for the care and maintenance of your unit. It is also recommended you clean the motor housing with a lint-free cloth as well as the blades at least twice a year.

Furthermore, halogen bulbs are not advised as replacement bulbs, we recommend you use 60 watt CFL, Incandescent, or LED bulbs as a replacement.

If you are looking for general installation instructions you need to read our post on: Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Installation Instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Can you use the Harbor Breeze Centreville Ceiling Fan without a light kit?

Yes, Harbor Breeze Centreville fan can be installed without a light kit, but you need to purchase a housing cap to cover the light kit area where it is affixed normally.

Can Centreville ceiling fan be hung with a downrod?

Harbor Breeze Centreville ceiling fan cannot be installed using a downrod. It is because it is one of the flush mount ceiling fans by Harbor Breeze and it is made to be fitted near the ceiling.

How much does the Harbor Breeze Centreville 42 inch Ceiling Fan Weigh?

The weight of Harbor breeze Centreville 42-inch ceiling fan is 17.3 pounds or 7.85 kg.

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