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harbor breeze downrod

Harbor Breeze replacement downrod is another accessory you may need for your fan. After purchasing a Harbor Breeze product, one may need a downrod to attach the fan to the ceiling. The downrod has the ability to maintain the motion and it keeps the fan balanced as well as centered while the fan is running. However, you do not need to worry about downrod, get a flush mount ceiling fan for your room.

You will not a downrod if you will choose a hugger fan for your room. Harbor Breeze offers low profile fans that enable you to mount the fan directly to the ceiling. If you don’t have enough clearance from the ceiling, you may go for this option.

The users who have low ceilings will not use a standard downrod mounted fan, they will give preference to low profile fans.

A downrod by Harbor Breeze is another replacement part that can attach the ceiling fan from the ceiling. However, if your fan is making a wobbling sound, making loud vibrating noise, you may want to change your downrod.

Harbor Breeze Downrod Sizes:

  • 4-inch
  • 6-inch
  • 12-inch
  • 24-inch
  • 36-inch

Harbor Breeze 4-in Bronze Steel Indoor Ceiling Fan Downrod

This is one of the best-rated downrod on Amazon, it is available in a brushed finish.

Harbor Breeze 4-in Brushed Nickel Steel Indoor Ceiling Fan Downrod

This 4-inch Harbor Breeze downrod comes in a brushed nickel finish and it is a universal style. It has 4.8 stars ratings out of 5 stars from 71 customers.

Harbor Breeze 12-in White Steel Ceiling Fan Downrod

This white 12-inch downrod by Harbor Breeze is suitable for a number of fans.

Harbor Breeze 12-in Brushed Nickel Steel Ceiling Fan Downrod

This downrod is available in a brushed nickel finish and it has astonishing ratings 5 stars out of 5 stars.

Harbor Breeze 18-in Aged Bronze Steel Indoor Ceiling Fan Downrod

This beautiful Aged Bronze finish downrod can also solve your problem.

Harbor Breeze 24-in Aged Bronze Steel Indoor Ceiling Fan Downrod

This Downrod will is in antique finish and it is suitable for indoor use.

Harbor Breeze 36-in Aged Bronze Steel Ceiling Fan Downrod

36-inch Harbor Breeze downrod comes with an Aged bronze finish to match your décor.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Ceiling Fan Downrods Universal?

Yes, there are some downrods that can be interchangeable with other fans, if they are made by the same manufacturer. It means that Harbor Breeze ceiling fans downrod can be compatible with other ceiling fans as well.

What is the suitable downrod size for my ceiling fan?

You need to make sure that your ceiling fan should be at least seven feet off the ground – it is bylaws. Harbor breeze downrod size ranges from 4-inch to 36-inch. So make sure that ceiling fan runs 7 feet from ground.

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