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Harbor Breeze Replacement Fan Blades

harbor breeze replacement fan blades

Before you get Harbor Breeze ceiling fan replacement blades, make sure that you have done the troubleshooting, if you have already done that, it means you need replacement fan blades for your fan.

Before buying this fan part for your ceiling fan:

  • If the ceiling fan is making clicking or humming noises, try troubleshooting it, have you done it?
  • Use a balancing kit for your blades, if you have used it, is your blade warped?
  • Check the distance of each blade from the ceiling to identify if the blade is warped. If so, the blade will be closer or further to the ceiling.

If you have completed the fixing using a blade balancing kit, and still you are facing the issue, you need to know whether your ceiling fan blades are warped or not.

Now measure the distance from the ceiling to the tip of each blade with the help of a measuring tape, the distance should be the same from the ceiling of each blade. At times, the dust is build up over the years of usage and it gathers on the top of the blades. If you do not maintain and clean the blades with all these years, your blades will warp a little bit due to usage. Therefore, you may find one blade is shorter or longer than the others from the ceiling while comparing them to one another.

After finding that blade, try to fix it using a balancing kit with small weights that attach to the blade.

To get a new Harbor breeze ceiling fan blade for your warped blade, you need to measure the length first to make sure it matches the blades. Secondly, you need to ensure that it matches the color and décor too, go through our listed replacement blades. If you didn’t get the desired blades, go through the website of Lowe’s. If everything fails, you can get a universal harbor breeze ceiling fan blade to take the place of your existing blade.

Harbor Breeze 5-Pack 52-in White Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan Blade

This Harbor Breeze blade comes in 5 pack and it is suitable for 52-inch ceiling fans. In addition, they can be used for indoor and outdoor use. The blades are available in white finish.

5-Pack 52-in Sienna-mink Reversible Ceiling Fan Blade

These beautiful Sienna mink blades can be used to replace the warped blades.

Harbor Breeze 5-Pack 20.6-in Dark Elm Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan Blade

These harbor breeze fan blades can fit most of the ceiling fans, they are reversible and in dark elm finish. It can also be used for indoor and outdoor use.

Harbor Breeze 5-Pack 18.6-in White/Oak Reversible Ceiling Fan Blade

This pack of blades is suitable for 42-inch and 52-inch Harbor breeze ceiling fans. It is also a 5-pack.

Finding a replacement for your blade is a hard nut to crack, you need to match the blades to the décor. We have added a number of Harbor Breeze replacement fan blades, in case you do not get the desired blades.

Follow these steps to Get More Options:

First of all, you can try searching the replacement blades on our website in the ceiling fan parts category.

Secondly, after doing research on our website, you can search “Harbor Breeze blades” on Harborbreezeoutlet.com.

Thirdly, you can also search the blades on Lowe’s Official website.

Fourthly, you can Google for more online stores to get the desired part. At times, when one store does not have that part, the second one does have it such as Amazon and Home Depot.

Lastly, you can also try using a universal ceiling fan blade kit.

There is a problem finding a universal ceiling fan blade, it comes with a number of blade colors. It is highly recommended to find the replacement of the same color, mismatched blades will not suit your fan as well as your home décor. It will also look weird but the good news is Harbor Breeze brand does not have too many color blades.

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