Hunter Ceiling Fan Wiring Diagram

hunter ceiling fan wiring diagram

Hunter Ceiling Fan Wiring

Do you want to install a new Hunter ceiling fan? Repairing an old hunter ceiling fan and having problem with Hunter ceiling fan wire colors in the home? if you are experiencing any of these cases, you need to do it yourself for your hunter model. It is very common to ask the hunter fan wiring colors question. What wire color represent what?

At times, people ask the question regarding the wire color of the ceiling fan,  if the ceiling fan is not made by hunter then here is our guide on ceiling fan wire colors code.

The main tip to know about wiring colors, whether these wires are for a ceiling fan or other, you need to know about a universal wire color structure. If you know the color code that the red is for positive, black is for negative, blue for remote and green will be for ground all the time etc. it will make sense every time and your life will be easier when it comes to dealing with wiring.

If you are one of those home owners who have installed a few ceiling fans, there are high chances that you may know about generic wiring color structure. If you are not familiar with the generic color structure, you should consider this guide on ceiling fan colors explanation.

Can you help me to find a Hunter wiring schematic?

As we have discussed earlier, locating a wiring schematic for your hunter fan should not be needed. We are sure that all the wire colors related to wiring schematics are mentioned in this guide and we almost covered all of them. The wiring diagram will also help you. Additionally, if you are having trouble with the wiring schematic, you can leave a comment. However, we highly suggest that you should go through this guide before leaving any comment related to the wiring issue. It is because the answer is available in the guide and it is necessary to have a hunter ceiling fan wiring information when you are dealing with the wiring as well as the installation of Hunter fan.

Generic Hunter Ceiling Fan Wire Colors Explained

Black wire – hot lead for fan motor

White wire – Neutral lead for both the light kit and motor

Blue/Red/Striped wire – hot lead for optional light kit

Green wire – ground for entire assembly

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