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Minka Aire Concept II Ceiling Fan Review (Is it worth it?)

minka aire concept ii ceiling fan

Do you want to buy this ceiling fan and not sure whether you should buy it or not, check our detailed Minka Aire concept ii ceiling fan review and comparison with other Minka Aire ceiling fans to know whether it is worth buying or not?

The company is based on California and highly praised for its elite ceiling fans manufacturing that check all the boxes when it comes to dealing with functionality and modernism at the same time.

The artistic designs are made to create a blend of contemporary and futuristic innovations to offer you the optimum experience you desire for.

Minka Aire provides premium quality and so it features with this Concept II ceiling fan model that is designed using durable materials and a powerful motor that does not make a noise. With its sleek design, it can add beauty to any interior space with its colors it can easily be blend with all the colors.

Available Styles and Sizes

Minka Aire offers impressive craftsmanship by mixing simple design with highly decorated, flush mount style on Concept II ceiling fan.

The sleek design is blended with the decorative materials and neutral colors such as glass can immediately make any interior more attractive while the luminous color polishes provide bright shining where you install it.

We get confused while doing research on this specific model, it happened because this specific Minka Aire ceiling fan is available in variety of models. That is why we have differentiated the models at the end of this post.

To be frank, we had to face a lot of confusion when researching about this product. Because this particular Minka Aire model comes in a variety of different models. Fortunately though, we were able to distinguish between these models at the end.

And here’s what we found.

ImageProductUse InPrice
minka aire concept ii ceiling fanMinka Aire Concept Ii F518L Ceiling FanIndoors onlyCheck Price
Minka-Aire F519L-ORB Concept II 52 Inch Ceiling FanMinka-Aire Concept II F519L Ceiling Fan Indoors OnlyCheck Price
Minka-Aire F474L-WH Concept IIMinka-Aire Concept II F474L Ceiling FanOutdoors and IndoorsCheck Price

Are these models confusing?

Model No.Blade DimensionLight KitUsage rating
Minka Aire Concept II F47452 inchesYes, non-light cap includedOutdoors (and indoors)
Minka Aire Concept II F51844 inchesYes, non-light cap includedIndoors only
Minka Aire Concept II F51944 & 52 inchesYes, non-light cap includedIndoors only

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Let’s clear your all doubts.

Each of these ceiling fans from Minka Aire is available in appealing colors that are eye-catching. It comes in basic white to vintage, classic shades including:

  • Polished Nickel
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Oil-rubbed bronze

So install this Minka Aire luxurious model in your rooms to get royal experience with the Concept II model.

Minka Aire Concept II Review: Specifications


Light supportedYes
Blades Span44 / 52 inch
Recommended forIndoors & Outdoors
Wattage29W (*)
Control TypeRemote, Smart WIFI
CFMGenerates upto 3783 CFM
Operating Voltage120V

*Estimated based on typical use, excluding light kits

Things to Consider About It

The adaptability feature of Minka Aire fans makes it unique from other brands in the market. The company pays attention to innovative functions and dreaming about new designs. In addition, it also constantly updating the old integrations and making them more accessible.

Concept II ceiling fan displays desirable features and new innovations that flaunts the symbol of its quality. We are going to include a few in this Minka Aire Concept II ceiling fan review below:

Dimmable LED

The company designs state of the art lighting fixtures that are attracting the humans now. The lighting fixtures are beautifully cases in the top quality glass and they are also skillfully placed in the centre of the ceiling fan. The dimmable feature is the deal maker for the fan.

Concept II ceiling fans are designed with integrated dimmable LED light to add a soft illumination to your aura. Whether you want to add a light to your room after dark or need a slight light to read, these ceiling fans come with pre-set features to offer illumination you want.

Select the temperature of the light with ease with the help of a remote control and change the brightness as you desire.

Remote control

Minka Aire ceiling fan remote control option is another sought after feature one can ask for. This feature enables you to switch the intensity of the light but it also allows you to control the speed from the comfort of your bed. It means that accessibility is at your fingertips.

Concept II ceiling fan has a 4-speed remote control allows you to switch the light temperature in your space as well as control the speed of the ceiling fan.

Changeable Downrods (flush mount applicable)

Whether your ceiling is high or low, Minka Aire downrods of different lengths are available for you. These rods are helpful when it comes to the installation process of Minka Aire Concept ii ceiling fan. You need to select the right length, and it will install this unit at the right height.

Minka Aire downrods are available in different sizes including 3.5, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 60 inches. The 6-inch size is available in this package. If you need any of the others you can purchase them here separately.

Reverse Feature

The coveted reverse function is another helpful feature of Minka-Aire Concept II. The fan is designed in such a way that enables it to support anticlockwise and clockwise rotations. This feature makes it useful for 1both warm and cold seasons.

Set this unit to rotate anti-clockwise during the summer season, and it will push air on your body that creates cooling experience. In winter, you need to do the opposite, set the unit to move clockwise and it will pull the cold air from the ground up towards the ceiling, the warmer air pushes on your body. This feature will make you feel fresher in winter season. In addition, it also reduces the cost of heating in cooler months.

After purchasing this Minka-Aire model, you will be able to get the double advantage.

Sleek Contemporary Design

Concept II ceiling fans by Minka-Aire offer airflow of sophistication and also adds beauty and elegance to your home. whether it does it using its artistic lusciousness with its compact and sleek design or adding a touch of classic magnificence to a place with polished blades.

Minka Aire ceiling fans are not only top choice but also at home in functionality, when it comes to dealing with overall beauty of any home décor, it is the ideal choice. Concept II fan comes with an extreme elegance with the basic shape and an LED light kit is also integrated to offer warm amber light in your interior. It provides an eye-catching view.

This unit is compatible with Wi-Fi

In this modern age, Minka Aire wants to remain in the market, therefore, they have introduced the most innovative and useful function that is, making it compatible with Wi-Fi. This ceiling fan unit is compatible with smart technology powered by smart bond and enables you to connect the ceiling fan with your device using a Wi-Fi.

It is an easy step to purchase a Smart Bond device, and then install the application of smart bond that is available on the Google play store and IOS store. The hub allows you to connect your network and enables you to adjust the settings of the ceiling fan with the smart devices including Google Home and Alexa.

You can control and activate the ceiling fan by using your voice.

Things to Consider Before Buying Minka-Aire Concept II

There are a few things you may want to think before making a decision to buy this item and get the most out of it and it will be satisfactory. There are some notable complaints about Minka-Aire Concept II buyers are discussed below.

Some People Experience Sound from blades

After doing research, we have come across a customer who was complaining that the Concept II fan blades produce a higher pitched whip-whip sound as they start. This sound is not noticeable when it is rotating at low speed, but in medium and high speed settings, you can notice it, especially if your ceilings are low. It may not be annoying if you want to install in a large room, but if you will install it right above your bed on a low ceiling, you may find it bothersome while sleeping.

Light does not dim very much, if it bothers you

Minka-Aire fans feature intense bright lighting with multiple settings to control the temperature of the light that bathes in your room however another problem with this unit is that it does not dim very much.

Minka-Aire Concept II fan light can be dimmable to a certain degree, but it does not have more options to dim the lights so if you are not a fan of bright lights or prefer a dark room, it can be a concern for you. The pre-installed lights do not allow you to lowered them than the default settings so you will always have a partially lit surroundings.

A slight space between the top collar and the ceiling

Minka-Aire Concept II installation is very easy, however, there are some examples where there is a minor but noticeable gap between the top collar and the ceiling, it depends on how the body of the unit mounts to the fixture ring on the ceiling fan box.

Although it does not have anything to do with the efficiency of the item or the way it functions but the ceiling fan looks slightly untidy even after the proper installation. This may not be a problem for most of the users.

Warranty Information

Minka-Aire ceiling fan are designed with sturdy, solid materials and are famous for their long lasting and durable performance and it also saves you from investing in the Minka Aire Concept II replacement parts purchasing. They give guarantee in terms of material and workmanship and it is valid for one year from the date of purchase. They also offer warranty on Minka Aire concept fan parts for 30 days to make sure you get the solid item.

The guarantee ensures a sense of security when you purchase a product from Minka Aire and you will be secured and assured that you are doing a safe investment.

Minka Aire Concept II Manual

In order to know better about this model, you may need the Minka Aire Concept II ceiling fan manual.

Minka Aire Concept II Manual

Minka Aire Concept II Wet Manual

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How to Compare Concept II with Other Minka Aire Fans?

Here is a complete comparison guide on popular Minka Aire ceiling fans in the market.

Minka Aire ModelLight KitBlades DiameterRated ForCFMWattage
Minka Aire Light WaveYes52 inchesIndoors3068*40*
Minka Aire ArtemisYes58 and 62 inchesIndoors4820*26*
Minka Aire Concept IIYes44 / 52 inchesIndoors & OutdoorsUp to 3783 CFM29*
Minka Aire JavaYes54 inchesIndoors & Outdoors4394 CFM*34*
Minka Aire WaveNo52 inchesIndoors3229*43*

Who Should Buy Minka Aire Concept II?

These elegant and sophisticated ceiling fans made by the company can be installed in any interior. The versatility of the fans enables them to available in a number of finishes and colors to make them adaptable with the home décor and give the desired experience.

You can buy Concept II ceiling fan if you are looking for a modern looking unit to make your space more refine. It is an ideal choice for study rooms due to integrated lights and they are also dimmable.

Minka Aire Concept II: Our Suggestion

Minka-Aire ceiling fans company is one of the top ceiling fans industries and they design their creative and innovative fans keeping in view the demand of the modern age and the smart features are pre-installed in the fan.

These units are designed with reliable materials to get rid of disturbing noise and wobbling and create a comfortable ambiance via lighting fixtures while the reverse function enables the users to rotate in the cool season too.

These ceiling fans are beautiful and fully functional that is why we have written this review.

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