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Minka Aire Artemis Ceiling Fan Review (Should You Buy It?)

minka aire artemis ceiling fan review

If the normal ceiling fan designs do not attract you anymore, get this Minka Aire Artemis model for you. It has a unique look and it will definitely attract you and your visitors and they are going to look over and over at it.

Ceiling fans are a part and parcel of household accessories. Ceiling fans facilitate the rooms with a cool fresh breeze or wherever you install them. Nowadays, ceiling fans add luxury and comfort to our living places. They not only provide a cooling experience but also provide sources of illumination, and add a statement to your interior home décor and it also displays the taste and style of the homeowner.

From its interesting shape, rich in features and it is in distressed bronze finish, Minka-Aire Artemis is a wonderful piece of art. This fan is designed with 5 blades of seamless wood-like finishing leaves astonishing signature on everyone’s mind.

Minka Aire Artemis Ceiling Fan Review – Overview


Light Kit SupportedYes, Dimmable LED
Blades Span58 and 62 inch
Rated ForIndoors
Operating Voltage120
Control TypeRemote Control, Wall
Special FeatureReversible motor

Styles and Sizes

It is not available in one style and size, the other sizes are equally attractive and beautiful. This ceiling fan offers three different colors:

  • Distressed Koa
  • Silver
  • and White

Minka Aire Artemis is recommended for indoor use and the minimum ceiling height should be 9ft. The size of the unit has two variations:

  • 58 inch
  • 62 inch

Minka Aire Artemis 62 inch ceiling fan is suitable for wider rooms because of its wide length. For smaller rooms, Minka Aire F803-DK Artemis 58” LED ceiling fan is ideal choice. It is a smaller fan unit that comes with 3 shorter blades of length and width, the difference between the two units is of 4 inches.

Both ceiling fan units of this company can be installed in ceilings of 9 ft. or more than this height, optional downrods can be used to install this fan.

Things to Consider About Minka Aire Artemis Ceiling Fan

1. Dimmable LED Light

Artemis ceiling fan comes with an integrated 17-watt LED downlight that is covered with a tinted glass. The LED lighting fixture can be controlled using a remote control, it allows you to maximize control over the light easily. The remote control can dim and brighten the lighting to your desired settings.

The dimmer changes the light intensity from faint and dull to a soft white shine light, it varies from the lowest to the highest intensity. If you are familiar with the overhead lights, the lighting fixture from the ceiling fan can be insufficient as it is not designed to provide primary illumination in a room. However, for the sake of ceiling light, a number of light intensities are sufficient.

2. 6-Speed Remote Control Settings

Minka Aire Artemis 62-inch has a remote that features an inventive ease of access and control of the fan. The remote control feature enables quick and effective change between the speed control as opposed to a wall switch settings. The fan is intended to smoothly speed up or slow down the unit once its setting is changed.

In addition, the unit is designed with a reverse feature. Minka Aire Artemis 62” unit slows down, stops and almost immediately starts its reverse rotation smoothly unlike other ceiling fans that take so long to stop, slow down or start to move in the opposite direction.

It has another great feature that is, it offers large volumes of air regardless of its speed settings, even at its lowest speed (speed 1 setting). It means that you do not have to speed up the fan to get the fully aerated and cool experience during the scorching hot days of summer. This Minka Aire fan is replete with features and gets the job done seamlessly.

3. Noiseless Operation (Quiet)

Minka Aire Artemis 62-inch ceiling fan operates quietly unlike traditional ceiling fans, even at its highest speeds. Switching between the speed settings or on and off commands are unheard of. No unpleasant noise or sounds can be experienced. You can get a night of sound sleep, watch your favorite shows and make a conversation on your phone when the ceiling fan is rotating.

4. The Design is Very Unique and Modern

The stylish design of the unit with its distressed kola finish makes it an ideal choice. It features a unique aesthetic appeal after installation and this unit inspired us so that is why we have written this Minka Aire Artemis fan review for you, our customers as well as readers. It is replete with ‘realism’ and comes with a standard perfection. The wave of the ceiling fan blades also attracts your attention. It is available in different blade pitches, which is another cool thing to consider and amazed at.

Just by paying attention, you will know that it will be a great addition to the beauty of your home décor. Such creative, unique and modern designs from reliable brands keeps our hope up that ceiling fans are not going to be outdated soon, ceiling fans have become a great accessory to install in modern homes for many more years to come.

5. Great Performance

This unit from Minka Aire offers great airflow capacity up to an estimate of 4820 – 8289 CFM. It can be changed with the speed settings. This makes it energy efficient and if you use this unit for let’s say 6 hours a day, it will only cost you 7$ yearly as the Minka Aire claims.

Read our Guide on how to calculate the cost of running ceiling fans.

Points to Consider Before Buying the Minka Aire Artemis Unit

1. The blades are not made of real wood

The distressed Koa finish blades are not made of real wood as opposed to most users’ expectations, it is made of plastic. When you install it, it will give you the look of real wood. One can recognize its made if that person gets close and careful look at it. However, keeping in view the cost of the unit you may expect the unit to contain more valuable material than simple plastic.

2. Special mounting kit is needed if you want to install it on slanted ceiling

You cannot install Minka-Aire Artemis 62” fan on a slanted ceiling. You will have to get a Minka-Aire mounting kit separately (as an additional expense) that will enable you to mount the ceiling fan. The main issue is that it is not expressed in the manufacturer’s guide, so we are helping you in this regard.

3. The unit does not work if there is a dimmer mechanism on the same circuit

It is another important and necessary detail that the manufacturer did not mention. The circuit to which this Minka-Aire unit is connected should not come with a light with a dimmer. If the dimmer is there, it will result in the malfunction of the ceiling fan and in worse case, it leads to complete non-performance.

Warranty Information

When you purchase Minka Aire Artemis from Amazon, it offers 1 year warranty. It includes all the malfunctioning of the unit and its components excluding the damage, theft, loss, finish deterioration due to UV rays, customer abuse and coastal exposure etc.

In addition, a 30 day replacement parts return policy is offered, the users can ask for replacements if the original parts malfunctioned on delivery. The company is famous for being quick to respond and they are also cooperative when it comes to sending replacement parts on request with proof of malfunction.

Minka Aire Artemis Ceiling Fan Manual

Minka Aire Artemis XL5 Manual

How to Compare This Model with Other Minka Aire Ceiling Fans?

Here is a complete comparison guide on popular Minka Aire ceiling fans in the market.

Minka Aire ModelLight KitBlade DiameterRated forRemote Supported
Minka Aire Concept IIDimmable LED44 / 52 inchIndoorsYes
Minka Aire Light WaveDimmable LED52 inchIndoorsYes
Minka Aire ArtemisDimmable LED58 / 62 inchIndoorsYes

Who Should Buy It?

After reading this Minka Aire Artemis review, you may have come to know that ceiling fans are pricey as well as luxurious. Fans can be an ideal choice for aesthetics and those who want energy efficient units by getting a multi-purpose ceiling fan unit. The high investment can be justified due to its very unique design, ease of control and high end functionality.

Those who look for unique master pieces for their home décor will consider this piece of unit worth of fortune. Both models can be controlled using a remote control and it is an ideal choice for those who do not want to get maximum control with the least movement. However, Minka Aire 58” ceiling fan has a remote control that is affixed to the wall. If you love the ceiling fan unit that comes with an old-fashioned wall socket mechanism, and you can get up to switch on/off the fan, this can be a great unit for you. However, if you want to buy a standard remote control, you need to do some investment to buy a new one for Minka-Aire 58-inch model, purchase it separately here.

Final Words

Keeping in view the good and bad about the fan, we hope that you are able to understand the Minka Aire Artemis ceiling fan review, that this unit is pricey but provides value for money for those who want to add a statement to the home décor instead of a conventional unit. In a nutshell, it is a 3-in 1 ceiling fan that offers cool breeze in your living place but it also features LED light to provide sufficient lighting and works as a showpiece to any room. It is durable, functional and stylish in nature. The appearance is hardy and it ensures long-lasting performance. This unit generates a lot of airflows even rotating on its lowest speed settings.

We can only hope that with such a great made the manufacturer will add the sufficient information in the user manuals to help the users to avoid any unexpected expense, inconvenience and waste of time while buying and installing this unit.

What’s Upcoming?

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